1. Ishrub

    Rocket III BIG Blue bike lift for sale in Midland, Perth, Western Australia.

    I think these have ceased production and this is a bargain at Au$800 (US$550) as they were much more than this landed in OZ. Midland, Perth, Western Australia. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/midland/motorcycle-scooter-accessories/motorcycle-lift-ramp-hoist/1292871057
  2. Jabbo

    Eazyrizer Big Blue Lift - Question about mount

    My Big Blue lift was delivered. The assembly of the lift was straightforward, but I am struggling with the Rocket 3 mount. If anyone has this lift for a 2020+ model, will you post some pictures of your assembled mount, please?
  3. dandiego

    Back the Blue ride: Tampa (July 11, 2020)

    Met up with a few hundred other riders yesterday to support local law enforcement at the annual Back the Blue rally. We met at Tropicana Field and rode to St. Pete PD, Bradenton PD, then to Sarasota PD for lunch. Fun facts: Almost all of the bikes I saw were HDs on one sort or another.p, at...
  4. Quickie69

    New R3T owner

    Just traded my 15 Scout for a gorgeous 09 R3T in 2 tone blue. Rides and handles great! Just cracked 8000 miles today. What a beast!! It has a set of TOR's on it and a 120hp tune. I have the ram air kit but have not installed it yet. Looking forward to many miles on this beauty!! Thanks for the...
  5. VABird

    Blue Ridge British Bike Rally

    Blue Ridge British Bike Rally 3 Friday 9/21/18 through Saturday, 9/22/18 Rally start both days will be at Peaks of Otter Visitor center (NOT the lodge); milepost 86 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Kickstands up @ 10:00 A.M. Sorry this took so long, guys & gals, but I had to struggle with either...
  6. scot in exile

    Who wants to win a Blue Peter Badge

    Start naming off what is wrong in this video.
  7. Navigator

    New Pacific Blue Radiator Shrouds

    I just received and installed my Pacific Blue radiator shrouds that I bought on ebay for $60 plus $12.95 shipping. They are a much darker blue than the color in the pic that the vendor sent to me which made me most pleasantly surprised. He has one set remaining. The paint job is flawless...
  8. Ishrub

    For Sale R3 Classic rear guard Pacific Blue and Aluminium Silver - New Condition

    Comes with tail light etc. Came from a bloke who made up Rocket trikes so appears new unfitted. And yes I got the other bits too and more;):D Brand new swing arm and diff, starter motor etc. Can remove lights before shipping if not wanted. Any interest?
  9. Ishrub

    Anybody got a Pacific Blue R3?

    Full color Pacific Blue NEW coordinated kit. Bargain on US eBay Price: US $67.00 or Best Offer Triumph Radiator Cowl kit for Rocket III Roadster - Pacific Blue | eBay
  10. Allan S

    High headlight beam blue light

    I changed my headlamps for LEDs in January and all works fine. When I wash my bike I start it and drive it away from the wet area about 40 feet. Everything is normal. When I finish drying it and start it again the blue high beam light comes on. The switch will work from high to low beam as...
  11. rocketjohn

    Blue Ridge British Bike Rally

    The 1st Annual Blue Ridge British Bike Rally (BRBBR) - Jack-Be-Quick
  12. rocketjohn

    Mark your calendar. Blue Ridge British Bike Rally

    The 1st Annual Blue Ridge British Bike Rally (BRBBR) - Jack-Be-Quick
  13. xlr8tion

    For Sale Blue Cortech Latigo RR Gaunlet Gloves...New with tags......$80

    Do not confuse these with the Latigo RR 2's which are a cheapened variant that replaced the Latigo RR's-which are now equivalent to the Cortech Adrenalines in build quality..... Here are the features of the RR...These gloves are New With Tags and are 80 dollars shipped USA CONUS. Grade A...
  14. Delaware rider

    Blue Ridge Parkway

    Well just booked my room in Waynesboro for me and the wife, gonna do the blue ridge parkway well at least part of it . Me and a couple of friends where supposed to do the dragons tail but they wussed out!! So I figured that at least part of the park way is better than none. Just put my new avons...
  15. Blue Smoke

    I was out for a ride yesterday on my 2012 Rocket 3 Tourer which has only 9000 miles on it and my buddy riding behind me says when I cranked the throttle to get to highway speed quickly on the highway on ramp he saw a puff of blue smoke coming from my exhaust. Anyone know why that would happen?
  16. Jabo75

    Bluetooth OBD2 connector that works with TuneECU

    For anyone interested, I purchased this OBD2 connector from Amazon for $24. I have used it on other cars, so I decided to try it on my Rocket3 using TuneECU for Android. I have not messed with the mapping yet since I am trying to troubleshoot a speedometer issue that I have ( error code:P1500 -...
  17. plongmire

    My Blue Highway Ride-fifth ride on new bike

    I wanted to share my blue highway ride. If you ever find yourself in Texas and want to hook up and ride look me up. I am out all the time riding and usually can gather four to seven other guys to join us on a ride. I am off this week so I decided to take my new 2012 R3T out for a spin. I will...
  18. Miss riding blues....

    I have one thing to say: UP YOURS WINTER! :):):)
  19. steelboss

    Gearbox Blues... :(

    So if you have not hear it before, I live in China and my options for maintenance and repair are seriously limited. I bought my 2008-R3T in 2012 and sold 3 other bikes the same year including my Ninja. The R3T is my commuter...my only way to get to work. 3 Months ago my clutch cable snapped and...