1. Ishrub

    Rocket III BIG Blue bike lift for sale in Midland, Perth, Western Australia.

    I think these have ceased production and this is a bargain at Au$800 (US$550) as they were much more than this landed in OZ. Midland, Perth, Western Australia. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/midland/motorcycle-scooter-accessories/motorcycle-lift-ramp-hoist/1292871057
  2. Hi from Perth, Western Australia

    Hi there, first time Triumph owner, just picket up my Rocket 3 GT last week. Should have bought one years ago! Would love any info on modifications anyone has done and are particularly happy with. Especially starting with an exhaust! Can't wait to unleash some noise from her!
  3. Ishrub

    For Sale Perth, Bunbury, Devonport , WA, Australia cash and carry only

    TRIUMPH ACCESSORIES CLEARANCE! COST PRICE!!! | Motorcycle & Scooter Accessories | Gumtree Australia Bunbury Area - Davenport | 1220725815 Millard Marine & Motorcycle Centre 13 Halifax Drive Davenport, WA 6230 Quite a few other Triumph bits but these are R3 ones. Note: R3 Pillion backrests are...
  4. Pumbaa

    Bike Trailer - PERTH

    Calling all Perth Rocket Pilots, Does anyone have a trailer I can Beg, Borrow or Steal (on Friday 08/12/17) I need to get my Girl up to "Uncle Dave" in Toodyay and have done some damage to myself that will make the ride up there a bit dodgy.. Thanks in Advance (name your poison) Cheers
  5. Pumbaa

    Help wanted to load a HansO Tune

    G'day Boy's and Girl's HansO has kindly sent me a new Tune for my Girl, (apparently it's gonna blow her Knickers Off) is there anyone in the Perth area that might have a cable and the ECU software that would be willing to lend a hand and help me load this? I have heard that it is pretty...
  6. hi everyone ,daryn from perth .

    hi everyone 2007 rocket111 ,couple of goodies on her tuneboy,ramair filters,jardine exhaust with either long exhausts or custom 3/1 shorty reverse cone, burleigh bars which where a nightmare to fit ,got them on ,,,goes well .will try to download some pics
  7. Pumbaa

    Perth Mechanics/Tuning

    With the recent demise of Lloyd Chapman Motorcycles (where I bought my R3R) I am now looking for a decent mechanic that can take care of my Girl. I have heard all sorts of things about JCS (some good, some bad) I have heard that there is someone in the Canningvale area that is a bit of a GURU...
  8. Pumbaa

    Rocket 3 - Perth Australia

    G'day Have owned my 2015 Roadster from new, I was always a sports bike man, but as I got a bit older and heavier I thought I would slow down and get a cruiser, so I did the sensible thing and got on a Rocket (yeah that's how I sold it to the wife).. I am just a big kid at heart, Originally...
  9. BigKel

    Perth Ride Sunday 18th

    Anyone else from here going on the BAR ride on Sunday? About 370 Triumphs are registered so far, should be a good day.
  10. Seanii Plunkett

    Perth and Back

    ....in 25 minutes or less. :whitstling:
  11. MacGyver

    Introduction to R3 owners

    Hi from Chidlow, Perth, Western Australia. New owner of a 2013 Rocket Roadster. Waiting to pick it up next week. Heard about the bike from a friend selling a 2006 and thought I would look for a newer model. Test rode what I would call a luxury tractor and absolutely loved the scale and feel of...