1. Tal

    1st Service

    Dropped my Triple Black into the dealers this morning for its first service...Amsoil going in....rear brake check just in case...they lent me this wee baby to get home on...its surprisingly nifty!..albeit a bit small for my long legs...but I was smiling all the way home.!..
  2. Cotriple

    Oil leak after service

    Hello all. New member first post. Have a 2020 R3. Noticed the much mentioned oil leak from bolt on top front of engine. The thing is that it only started leaking after my 600 mile service. Oil overfilled?
  3. Southeast

    Front Brakes Gone After Recall Service

    Does anyone know enough about the rear brake recall procedure and whether that work can impact the front brakes? After the service I now have to pump the hand brake for it to work. Dealer says there is no way what they did could have impacted the front brakes.
  4. Riding with these in the wet.

    anyone have any experience of the kn cone filters in the rain on a 2.3 roadster
  5. sonny

    Service the lawn mower.

    The freaking thing has a Kawasaki engine. Hustler brand i guess. Took about 1/2 hour including valve adjustments. Where was this engine back around when i was a kid stealing lawn mowers and making two wheeled wonders. Man i got took being born way to early. No wonder she keeps the thing locked...
  6. Dave Cadden

    10,000 mile service?

    Well I have gone from knowing nothing to knowing enough to think I know something in less than a year. COVID has put me 7k miles on my bike in 45 days (no work). Anything to worry about.(10k service) I am planning to take her to the local Triumph dealer with whom I have no relationship. BTW...
  7. air_odie

    for the 2020 rocket service manual

    hello, I am looking for a 2020 r3 service manual I know about the owners' manual link and triumphinstructions.com... I'm looking for the service manual if anyone has its part number or link to it TIA
  8. RocketTFC20

    Rocket 3 TFC Initial Service

    Hi everyone! I just dropped off the Rocket TFC for the 600 miles initial service. What is the typical cost of initial service? My neighborhood dealer is asking $342.00 for the service...seems kind of steep to me. What are your thoughts on it? Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.
  9. Lamonster

    DealerTool - Resetting service on 2.5L

    I've been working with the guys from DealerTool and I got to say they are some great guys to work with. I bought their control cable and software hoping to be able to reset my service intervals on the cluster and to get rid of the wrench on the screen. When I bought the reader they weren't sure...
  10. Reset service light

    Hi. Is there already a tuner/tool. To reset the service light. Or another way Thanks
  11. Mr Mike


    Disconnected battery to install harness for charger. First start sequence, noted Service wrench “service due now” Fortunately, after resetting clock and date, wrench went away. Nice to know.
  12. Lemieuxfan

    spotty service on my 2014 R3R

    ok question to group; my original issue was resolved so this thread remained empty but here is something i'm interested in the responses. So R3R (original version) 1st picture is on right side where we clearly see the two pieces on right muffler clean with no gap. However, on the second the...
  13. Mrbuickstage1

    2020 service Manuel

    Just got my 2020 gt love it still I like my 07 as well but the handling of the GT is like no other what a change my dealer sent me connectivity module and luggage brackets no direction ,did good on figuring out panniers there’s nothing out there On the internet on removing tank and clocks need...
  14. dandiego

    Is it just my imagination or...? (60k mile R3T service)

    Seems like I just hit 50k miles a couple months ago, but here I am, at the 60,000 mile mark. I asked fellow Rocketeer PreStaged if he’d help me do the service and he said, “Come on over!” He really does have a great garage. We went by the book, for the most part, and knocked out the oil and...
  15. BillyIndiana

    Service Manuals for Rockets?

    I have the workshop manual for the Rocket, but it seems to lack detail. I am looking at what else is available and found this one. Anyone have this and does it give more instruction on performing tasks? Triumph Rocket 3 Workshop Service Repair Manual
  16. Mhboldt

    Front and Rear Brake Pad Replacement Service

    Fellow Captains, I've recently replaced my front brake pads, using the EBC HH pads. Part#FA236HH. Rears are FA209/2HH. I watched videos and read instructions, and most of them had the calipers off the bike. I did the work without removing the caliper, and wanted to check my work with you...
  17. Jim Wissmiller

    For Sale service manual

    The service manual was sold to Jabol, the first guy that responded. Thanks again and you guys have fun on your rockets. Jim
  18. Jim Wissmiller

    For Sale pics of service manual

    A few pics of the above service manual
  19. mexican

    service at 45k?

    My Rocket has pretty much original everything since 2004, everything still works as it should, what should i start replacing as preventive maintnence? I would hate to ride it to Nebraska and from there to Sterns and have something break down and ruin my trip:)
  20. goncallf

    Free Service Manual PDF download

    As the title says where can i download for free the service manual for the rocket 3 2010?