service manual

  1. tino19625

    2020 Rocket 3 GT/R service manual

    I just added a post to resources for the service manual - it's a downloadable link and I'll keep it up for as long as I can; I didn't see it anywhere so hope the effort isn't duplicated.
  2. air_odie

    for the 2020 rocket service manual

    hello, I am looking for a 2020 r3 service manual I know about the owners' manual link and I'm looking for the service manual if anyone has its part number or link to it TIA
  3. Mrbuickstage1

    2020 service Manuel

    Just got my 2020 gt love it still I like my 07 as well but the handling of the GT is like no other what a change my dealer sent me connectivity module and luggage brackets no direction ,did good on figuring out panniers there’s nothing out there On the internet on removing tank and clocks need...
  4. Jim Wissmiller

    For Sale service manual

    The service manual was sold to Jabol, the first guy that responded. Thanks again and you guys have fun on your rockets. Jim
  5. Jim Wissmiller

    For Sale pics of service manual

    A few pics of the above service manual
  6. goncallf

    Free Service Manual PDF download

    As the title says where can i download for free the service manual for the rocket 3 2010?
  7. lionel

    Rocket 3 Service manual for sale.

    Workshop manual covering - Rocket III Rocket III Classic Rocket III Touring Also workshop manual for the Thunderbird 1600. Sold Rocket and Thunderbird so no longer required. Both in very good condition. Located in Oxford.
  8. sonny

    Service manual

    Just got hard copy of service manual from bike bandit. Wow sweet. Heavy grade paper, three ring binder and section tabs included. Very nice . Harley Davidson could take some lessons from Triumph on preparing and creating service manuals. The Harley Manual is a cheap book with no tabs for...
  9. JoDon

    For Sale Service Manual & Clutch Cable for Sale

    I sold my 2013 Rocket Roadster and have a hard copy service manual, new clutch cable and new Titanium Lean Angle Sensors for sale on eBay. The item number for the manual is 231700508246. You can search on that and look at other items in the store and see the cable. Also have a headlight bulb...
  10. alpental

    '14 R3R Shop Service Manual

    Got my first service coming up and was thinking of tackling it myself. Anyone got a digital service manual you could PM me? Or a hard copy I could buy off you for less than the MSRP? If you've tackled this service yourself, does it fall more on the time consuming side or the PITA side?
  11. Joesmoe

    Have service manual - how to find, then purchase parts ?

    How to find part numbers ? Is there an on-line parts fiche, with exploded diagrams ? Paper version ? Once found, is there a reasonable alternative to the local dealer ?
  12. R3T Service Manual Link?

    I need a link to a service manual for a 2011 R3 Touring. Thanks.
  13. GreenmanAZ

    Want to Buy Service manual for 2006 Classic

    Please let me know if you have one, or a link to a pdf might be nice. Thanks!
  14. service manual

    Is there a link or site where a service manual can be downloaded? Sorry if this is one of those threads or topics again. The initial oil change is going to be coming up and I'd like to know which plugs to drain. The dealership never said I had to bring it to them for the first one. Thanks in...
  15. Dunnspeed

    Is there a SERVICE manual?

    So I've found and seen the Touring owners manual but I'm looking for a Shop or Service manual for my 08 R3T. I've searched ebay, google, and the forums and can't seem to even fine if a shop manual exists. I'd love a link if anyone could help me out. Thanks in advance!
  16. nolton

    Triumph pdf service manual free download

    Triumph Rocket scroll down just below the Tech. Spec.
  17. 3ngin33r1

    Service Manual - Standard, Classic & Touring

    Someone mailed me a CD with the newer manual that includes the Touring. I don't know who it was, it just showed up in the mail, thank you. I have combined all of the files into one and OCR'ed the whole thing so it's searchable and I have updated the link in my signature to point only to the...
  18. laraza

    Link to R3T service manual?

    Does anyone know if there is a link to an online R3T service manual anywhere? Have found a few for the R3's but as almost everything is different on the Touring I'm assuming there's a separate manual for it? :confused: