1. flash

    Thinking of supercharging.

    Hi for those that dont know me i have fitted a rocket 3 into my farm quad bike . Bike goes great with plenty of power but im thinking of making her a bit more theatrical by fitting on a supercharger. I have room at the front being a quad so was thinking along the lines of a m62 eaton or a sc14...

    Color for saddlebags? What do you think? '11 R3R.

    Need removable bags.. probably going to go with these: MUTAZU Motorcycle Trunks Bike is metallic flake gloss black... if I get the Matazu gloss black it won't be EXACTLY the same.. think that'll matter or should I look at flat-black? Other recommendations? Opinions are OK! John
  3. FR56

    What do you guys think of this rumored BMW?

    Sorry if already discussed. But this is what is rumored to replace the production line for the venerable K1300 IL-4 BMW. I've ridden the current K1600 IL-6 tourer. It's 800+ pounds, smooth as silk, goes like stink, and handles to boot. Not the brick through a plate glass window power and torque...
  4. Filthy Phil

    Tinting indicators/ blinkers/ turn signals...whatever you want to call them.

    I read on another website somewhere that instead of buying smoked indicators, you could use black RIT clothing dye. Boil a pot of water, add the dye & indicators and simmer for between 10 & 20 minutes depending on how dark you wanted them. Then rinse them in warm water & let them dry.I done them...
  5. Lenny

    Thinking about a T-bird

    Hummm, after my accident with the r3 now i am looking to replace it. I love the r3 but do to my wrist injury i dont think i will be able to handle such of big heavy bike. In a perfect world i will get another r3 but passing that thru the wife its almost impossible(atleast for now). I got a few...
  6. 1BigDog

    I am not much of a drinker but.....

    Hard Root Beer - Coney Island Brewing Company I tried this stuff a few weeks ago and now I am addicted. Maybe I am biased because I was born in Coney Island but I think this stuff is great. I pour it into a tall ice filled mug and slurp away. Goes great with meat or pizza. No fru fru sushi...
  7. Bedifferent

    What do you think?....Hand wind deflectors

    I'm at it again....I've seen some pretty ugly wind defector for helping to keep your hands warm here on the forum. I made these using some Camco RV Awning De-Flapper Brackets (the knobs were not used), some 1/2" round aluminum rod, and an old windshield I had laying around. I actually thought...
  8. Thinking about buying a Rocket

    I currently own an M109R. I love the bike for one-up riding, but it's not a good two-up rider. I put a backrest on the bike for my wife, but it's still not comfortable on the back according to my wife. She said she will ride with me if I get a more comfortable bike. Being the performance junky I...
  9. 1BigDog

    Pretty cool website link

    http://www.mygaragestore.com/detail.aspx?ID=1908 OK, so the link is for a garage Triumph clock but poke around the site. It has some pretty cool gearhead garage stuff in it.
  10. Steve8319

    All parts present and correct ( i think)

    All the bits have now arrived, last bit (the free flow 1 - 2) came in from Oz today. Looking forward to grazed knuckles, swearing, losing screws, swearing, not being able to find that spanner i know i've got, swearing etc..... TORS, Free flow crossover, RAM Air kit, PC5, Secondary throttle...
  11. Wrecka

    Blinker Lens

    Cut a short story shorter the bike fell off the side stand this morning , combination of me being tired ( 330 am ) and not having the stand full extended. Damage done so far from what i could see in the dark is clutch lever goner and blinker lens rooted. Have already ordered a groovy set of...
  12. MikeDeY

    Thinking about this:

    So, I'm considering replacing my Jardines with one of these. Either mounted to the Jardine headers, or the stock ones. I'd like your opinions. http://tailgunnerexhaust.com/?product=topgunner
  13. 1olbull

    Fair Dinkum?

    Would this be a definition of fair dinkum? A man asked a waiter to take a bottle of Merlot to an unusually attractive woman sitting alone at a table in a cozy little restaurant. So the waiter took the Merlot to the woman and said, "This is from the gentleman who is seated over there"...and...
  14. 40mmrrsmith

    New member, would like to know what you thinkk about new law in Texas?

    Hello I am new here and to forums in general. I have learned a lot from you guys' past threads even before I got the R3. Thank You. Since I got the R3 I have not even started my new TBird (2 months) & would like to sell it if I didn't have to take such a big hit. I don't know what the proper...
  15. Wrecka

    I dont think so........

    ......... i wont be riding home in this sheit , looks like i'll be stuck at work till it passes over.
  16. R3Tex

    So I think I want a blower on my Rocket

    First off...not that kind of blower Jim :p:p I've almost made up my mind to put a TTS Stage 3 Blower Kit on my Roadster and the warranty be d@mned. I've probably jacked it up already anyway. So a few questions for those in the know... 1.) Do I just go with their kit for everything...
  17. albertaduke

    thinking more than ever of getting a 2014 roadster

    since my JD special is in limbo ( in need of new bearings ) and since the moto shop is busy at this time of the year I am looking at at least a month before I can go riding I love my green bike and with the new stuff it will be just as good as a new one BUT a month without it is in this...
  18. Radical

    Gear Noise I think

    I just completed 350km run on my Roadster. Just before I arrived home I heard a whirring sound when I accelerated (especially in the corners) It sounded like it was coming from the rear. It was not constant but seemed more at the 100 to 110kph. The bike has 5,000km on it. I am going to...
  19. afishinado

    Thinking I have to have a Rocket III in my toy box.. Questions coming

    Hello Everyone Dyed in the wool Harley guy here, looking to add to the toy box something bad azz... Had 8 different Harleys so far (if I remember correctly) and a Honda which was my trainer. But I AM NOT a brand loyal idiot, unless someone gives me something for free! Live in Florida...