1. Son_Of_Dog

    New Flood Lights, Turn Signal Strobes

    I've been working on adding beefed-up turn signals and some flood lights onto the bike over the last few days, and think I've finally got everything installed and functioning. I thought I'd run my installation past you guys just for a sanity check, even though sanity may be in short supply here...
  2. J

    turn signal trouble

    i have a rocket III and the turn signals will turn on but will not flash anyone have an idea what's wrong with it?
  3. brsmits

    New turn signal LEDs, no flicker issue

    Figured it was time to get LED turn signals. I heard about the flicker issue without adding a resistor but figured I'd deal with that when I got to it. I ordered these: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072XH5GND They installed and functioned perfectly. No flicker or anything. Just thought I'd...
  4. vindex1963

    LED turn signal relay

    Anyone use this? I like the fact you don't have to cut anything, my only concern is going from three pin to two pin....does it matter? LED Turn Signal Flasher Relay for Triumph Rocket III Roadster and Classic Models (on Amazon)
  5. Plow Horse

    Signal minder

    I am finding myself in need of self cancelling turn signals, (forgetting to cancel them way to often) I’m going to get myself rubbed out if I don’t correct this. Seen at lot of good comments about the Signal Minder unit. Are there any caveats to using this unit? Thank you in advance for your reply.
  6. Tripps

    Turn signal dash indicators on

    Weird, after towing it to Florida, when I fired up the bike, both turn signal indicator lights on the dash were on steady. I'm thinking water in the switch maybe, as we rode through heavy rain on the way down. Went off sometimes when I clutched in, and was out and turn signals worked...
  7. Son_Of_Dog

    Want to Buy Mirrors, Dresser Bars, potentially more...

    Laid the skunk down last Friday, was lucky enough to get away with just cosmetic damage. The list of stuff I'm currently looking for leads on is as follows: (08 R3T) Mirrors Front dresser bars Rear dresser bars Front fender embellisher Front signal light lenses Panniers or repairs to...
  8. Son_Of_Dog

    Self-cancelling turn signal

    Has anyone installed one of these? Any tips on making the install easy? Link: Signal Dynamics Self Canceling Turn Signal Module - RevZilla
  9. johnreeder

    Signal Minder

    Can a Signal Minder be used on a R3T? I had one on my 05 standard, but my 08 Touring doesn't have a flasher (at least I can't find one).
  10. Tripps

    Tach signal r3t?

    So I'm having a problem with my bike misfiring when it gets hot, it's fine for the first half hour, and seems to get worse when it rains, though that could be a red herring. If you let it cool off it seems to be ok for a while. Last time I was out it got bad enough that one cylinder wasn't...
  11. canecorso

    signal lights for forks

    Does any one have the signal light that just wrap around the front forks? any pictures? if so how do you like them? are they bright? and where did you get them? I cant seem to find them for the Rocket 111.
  12. Jwjhoover

    Signal Light Flasher OEM or compatible

    My signal lights have stopped working, so I am assuming it's the flasher relay. The one I have appears to be an aftermarket part that I can't seem to find a replacement for, so I would appreciate if some of you can suggest a compatible flasher for a 08 Classic. I'm in Canada, so something in...
  13. Ishrub

    Groovy Quick detach LED turn signal blinkers.

    CLICKnRIDE Quick Release Turn Signals - RevZilla
  14. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Front Left Turn Signal Snapped Off

    Just cleaning while lightly rubbing the spray polish off and it just snapped right off. Buggers ! :mad: Have any of you guys had this happen ? I have it held on with some silver duct tape at the moment. Works good ... looks like poo. I'm going to try to fix it with a small piece of aluminum...
  15. BigNorm

    Left rear turn signal

    My left rear turn signal has stopped working . I checked the bulb and it still works. Replaced the bulb with the opposite side bulb and still no flash. The indicator and the front bulb flash quickly which was my first indicatind that there was a problem. Where is a good place to start looking...
  16. CrzystghndKC

    Want to Buy Right hand front turn signal

    I bet someone has an OEM for a 2011 Roadster laying around. Let my clumsiness be your gain.
  17. Lanivdw

    R3T Turn Signal Wiring

    On a R3T what is the wiring colour for Front Left and Right turn signals. I have Green/White and Green/Red wired.
  18. jake shaw

    Converting Tour Pack lights to signal lights

    Can anyone shed some light on converting my tour pack lights to operate as signal lights, along with the Running and Brake lights they are presently wired for.
  19. Robert Stodghill

    Signal lights not working

    Does anyone know how the contacts should be once you remove the turn signal bulb or have a picture of the turn signal bulb socket?

    clear turn signal lens

    were can i find clear lens covers front and rear. and led inserts? thank you
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