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  1. Happy

    I need help, I really am starting to hate my new Rocket GT

    Hello Rocket lovers..... I do count myself in with you all and have recently purchased my new Rocket 3 GT. It is actually my 4th Rocket overall having owned the touring model, the base model, the R model, and now the GT model. The bike is beautiful, there is nothing more to say about that...
  2. Blairbiker

    Fitting tyres on a rocket GT

    i have ordered a pair of avon cobra chromes from National bike tyres uk £306 plus £20 postage, my dealer was quoting a special price of £442.00,he says that fitting them is a complex procedure, is that correct? and what is it that makes it complex. i'm worried my local tyre fitter may not have...
  3. Hello all! Just purchased 2022 Rocket GT Triple Black.

    My last bike was a Thunder Mountain Spitfire chopper. Talk about one extreme to another! I'm looking forward to making mods and making it my own.
  4. kevin S

    Original blinkers/turn signal for Rocket GT!

    Does anyone know where I can purchase the original blinker/turn signal light (front and rear). In North America they have the ugly round style! Thanks!
  5. ConanRocket

    Salutations from Kansas City

    Just signed up for the group, never even looked at the posts before! Just got a 2020 Rocket GT this past summer, love the heck out of it!
  6. Penner

    Free Full Power custom map for Rocket GT

    You will find it at the bottom of this page Cheers Ulf
  7. C4B29092-C48A-4BF4-AB4C-E9008AE8375E.jpeg


    Scoter Tramp Scotty Strugis 2020
  8. Larry_M

    Difference/s between TFC, R and GT

    Does anyone *know* exactly what separates the TFC from the R/GT engine and power-wise? Besides the exhaust. IMO the difference in power would not be too hard to accomplish "electronically", but some say the internals differ mechanically. No one seems to actually know though?