1. golly

    Avon Cobra Chrome tyres

    Any one changed these yet, either due to preference or wear? I have over 4.5k miles on mine and I think it will need replacement in the next 1k miles. I usually get 8k miles out of sport-touring tyres like roadsmarts so I was wondering if 5k is good or bad from these Avons.
  2. legsroses

    tyres choice

    Hi, I'd like "Pilot Power 3" by Michelin. I would opt for them 240/45/ZR17 82W. However it isn't done for 16" wheel. So I don't know if it fit, so neither difficulty or nor hurt me seriously. It doesn't even our size for front tyre too, so I thought 160/70/ZR17 69W. It's designed yet for rear...
  3. Tal

    ...was talking tyres....

    we had gathered at our meeting point prior to our ride yesterday and were standing around having coffee and telling lies. I mentioned to a fellow Rocket rider that i had just had to put a new tyre on the back...he looked down and said "How much for that?"...i told him its a Bridgestone Exedra...
  4. scot in exile

    New tyres on my 2014

    $617 installed balanced out the door ,not to bad a price rides nice and smooth.
  5. scot in exile

    Rear Tyres

    At last People we might have a Real solution to the rear tyre problem, I have been in contact with L-Futon they are a retread company the Only retreads they do are for bikes, they have Only been in business for about a year. prices are Low he said about $65.00 for a Rocket rear. do not know to...
  6. markc

    best price on avon tyres?

    who has the best price on avon tires?
  7. Jeffro

    Wet weather tyres

    Sorry for another tyre [tire] thread but a search didn't bring up any information. Michelin Commander II's Anyone running these on R3 Touring & have problems when damp? I've had the arse step out accelerating top gear overtaking 2 up around 80kmph. Backed off hit it again & same thing, just a...
  8. dave64


    has anyone tried the Pirrelli night dragon 140/80 front Tyre? Is the Exedra Max still the rear choice ?
  9. Rock It

    Tyre Profile

    Hi has anyone tried a 140 profile on the front of their Rocket instead of the standard 150 profile? Just wondering if there is any improvement in the steering without affecting high speed stability. Cheers Marco
  10. Rock It

    Tyres in South Australia

    Hi, does anyone know of a good tyre supplier and fitter in South Australia?
  11. GaryA

    New tyres fitting, should it be difficult?

    I went to get new tyres fitted on the weekend. Before I arrived the bloke said the rear is a pain, bad rim design with no well for the tyre bead to drop in to for fitting the tyre. Anyway, on arrival there was more warning that the tyre may rip, and sure enough it did! So back on went the old...
  12. MacLarenLad

    Hi fellow Rocketeers

    Just realised how camp that subject sounds, never mind, loving my new ride, but seeking advice on replacement tyres....
  13. TheRedBaron

    For Sale Part Worn Metzeler Tyres

    Selling as a pair of part worn Metzeler tyres, front and rear, for collection from Cannock, Staffordshire. The Rear has a pop rivet spline in it still, so will need plugging. Under 600 miles of use. The Front has no issues. Under 1,000 miles of use. Any interest?
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