1. Chariot

    Advice wanted on good steering damper to fit to a 2016 R Trike

    I want to upgrade the steering damper on my trike. Not sure what I have as it hasn't got a manufacturers name on it, only 5 clicks adjustment. Was thinking of Hyperpro or possibly Ohlins. What mounting clamp etc. I have just ordered a Hyperpro 140 with offset 35 degree clamp. Hoping this will...
  2. Devildawg

    Newbie... Steering the Dragon

    Hello all! I am recent 17 Rocket III Roadster owner. This bike is a lot of fun to ride! I have noticed (especially) at lower speeds that when I turn the dragon it feels like the front wheel/handlebars want to oversteer into whichever direction I am turning. I have also noticed that if I hit...
  3. phar2slo

    Near disaster before week away.

    WeLl getting bike ready for a week away leaving for work in the morning and away at 2 pm do run 450kms, and farting around with the GoPro looking to attach to the screen with suction cup and I looked at the nut at the steering clamp and thought I give it a twist and to my horror it turned...
  4. ozrider

    Steering Head Bearing & Seal Number or Sizes please

    Hi Guys, About to do abit of maintenance and am going to replace the steering head bearings and seals. Would appreciate if someone has the sizes or bearing numbers Thanks in advance
  5. Claviger

    Steering Damper Report

    NHK ODM 3000 E is the family of Damper I'm playing around with. I finally had a chance to get out and ride since my exhaust came back. I wish I could say... WOW WHAT A DIFFERENCE. I rode with set at full tight, 4 clicks in, and 0 clicks in (7 total positions, 6 clicks). Full loose to full...
  6. Rock It

    Tyre Profile

    Hi has anyone tried a 140 profile on the front of their Rocket instead of the standard 150 profile? Just wondering if there is any improvement in the steering without affecting high speed stability. Cheers Marco