1. Journeyman

    Tail of the Dragon on new 3R

    Lucky to have an unusually clear path on a Saturday in March with warm weather and a chance to play with the camera and editing. This is during the break-in period just after the first oil change and, duh, riding in "road" mode- I'm still not used to this fancy stuff. This is not my favorite...
  2. SemperRocket

    Tail of the Dragon Pics

    Some photos of my trip. I've been meaning to post these for some time.
  3. Journeyman

    Tail of the Dragon - Alternative Suggestions

    Tail of the Dragon: Slow down or get a ticket if you're driving through this 11-mile strip Sharing an article from today's paper. I figure some of you have plans for The Dragon this summer. Most of us locals can point you to much better options (see below), but possibly without T-shirts or...
  4. Devildawg

    Newbie... Steering the Dragon

    Hello all! I am recent 17 Rocket III Roadster owner. This bike is a lot of fun to ride! I have noticed (especially) at lower speeds that when I turn the dragon it feels like the front wheel/handlebars want to oversteer into whichever direction I am turning. I have also noticed that if I hit...
  5. Journeyman

    Sympathy for the Devil aka Poot, Poot, the (magic) Dragon

    I knew better than to use the Dragon as part of route to see my buddy in Crossville, TN. There was a car show Saturday and it was a complete zoo. One nice new car (Lexus?) overtook a turn and went straight across the road into a tree- totaled. Just glad that I or someone else wasn’t in that...
  6. Sparky59

    Jay's group thru The Tail of The Dragon. June 21

    I was Really Busy today, Found the group ride led by Jay on friday the 21st on multiple sites: www.Killboy.com 11:56am and another camera @ 11:58 www.129photos.com 12:01 pm www.xtremesportsphotography.com 12:01pm www.Moonshinephoto.com 12:07pm also 1 more site? cant make sense of my...
  7. dandiego

    Decisions, decisions... (BRP, Cherohala Skyway, Tail of the Dragon)

    So me and a couple friends are riding the Blue Ridge Parkway, from top to bottom, in June. We’re adding the Tail of the Dragon and the Cherohala Skyway to the end. I’ve done the entire BRP a few years back on another bike so I wanted to try something different. So the best bike to do this ride...
  8. rainman

    back of the dragon

    here is a short slide show showing a small portion of the back of the dragon in VA
  9. Jvheli

    Tail of the Dragon

    Wifey (2011 Roadster)and I (2016 Roadster) just returned from a week on the Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap NC. I wasn't sure how the Rocket Roadster would tackle these very twisty roads, but I must say I am very impressed (and so were a few others)! Some observations about this bike: the...
  10. 1olbull


    Somewhat long in the tooth - but well worth watching if you have not seen it. Both of these guys are on motobago Goldwings! Wish I was near this good . . .
  11. Snakeplisken

    New Dragon 2015

    All I have to say is Holy crap! I picked up my brand new 2015 Roadster Rocket 3 and this thing is a total beast. Drove it for about an hour on the way home. Didn't open it up above 140 KM/h as it is brand new. Moved the license plate up already and no windshield or bug screen. Other than the...

    Tennessee to ban big trucks on the Dragon

    I've been down the Dragon twice it's about time....:cautious: http://www.newsday.com/travel/tennessee-to-ban-big-trucks-on-the-dragon-1.9679842

    Tail of the Dragon...

    Finally got my high res pics posted... still one ugly bastard...
  14. bruce aussie

    Valentines day at the Bearded Dragon.

    Julie(mrs Aussie) Trevor (Tom Cat) Bruce(Aussie) Mitch(the Evil one, yes he did offer to stab someone in the throat with a rusty fork) Donny, Les(Ozrider) Helen(mrs Ozrider) and Pete(Gothlander) Peter K. And Debbie had gone home.
  15. ksquared

    An R3T On the Dragon

    Don't know how many of you guys have seen this - I just saw it for the first time this morning. The rider is VERY conservative! He uses almost none of the available lean angle and doesn't apex most of the turns - just tracks around them - mostly straight up. I know he's 2-up, but there's...

    Tale of the Dragon

    I've been to the Dragon twice, i can't fathom running into an eighteen wheeler..:eek:
  17. Kyrocket

    Dragon ride today

    Yesterday I left Henderson, ky in route to Eastern TN which is about a 5 hr trip. I learned that I need a new seat before anymore long trips. Today I rode from Maryville, tn down 321 to the foothills parkway to jump on 129 "the dragon". For a big bike my rocket handled pretty well in the turns...
  18. JoDon

    Dragon Raid

    I am heading up the Dragon Raid The Dragon Raid this week and was wondering if others from the forum are attending. I did not see any other posts regarding it but seems to be a pretty big Triumph event in the Southeast. This is my first year attending, but there are many from the local RAT...
  19. cadconversions

    Skyway, Dragon, and the Great Smoky Mountains

    Heading out today with a group of 12 from the church I pastor to ride the Skyway, the Dragon, and every curvy twisty road we can find. Going to be a great weekend. 5 states in about 800 miles. Have a great weekend and I'll catch you on the other side! If you are in the area - send me a PM...
  20. Kyrocket

    The Dragon

    I am wanting to ride the Dragon. I will be in the area the 2nd week in September. Is it still ok to ride then? Is it so crowded you can't move, because riding season is almost over? I am familiar with the area, my wife grew up there, and I fly fish there quite often. I have never had a bike down...