Tennessee to ban big trucks on the Dragon

As a truck driver and multiple time dragon rider I think there should be signs that this road is banned to trucks. If they pass these signs there should be a hefty fine. Any driver that would intentionally drive that road is an idiot. Btw. SWIFT= Slow Wagon In Fast Traffic!!!!!
I think the driver was a learner as he or she was hardly ever driving in the right lane . Im sure there would have been places the truck could have pulled over to let the build of traffic past. .just a self centered drop kick:sneaky: I didn't see a pilot vechile .
I can't believe the truck companies would allow their drivers to use 129 given the liability issues.
Screw the law - hit the owners where it counts.
All trucking companies possible in TN, NC and beyond should be notified of the danger and potential liability in their trucks passing over this roadway.
I think most of the problem with the trucking industry is, most of the trucker are independent and get paid by the load and not by the hour.

I know this is true with dump truck drivers around my area.
The more loads = more$$$
Problem is they overload their trucks drive like a holes and when they wreck it's a disaster 80,000lbs driven like a sports car is a recipe for disaster.
I'm not bashing the truckers, I'm bashing the rules.
When people are paid by the hour and work for a company that promotes safety and good driving everyone is safer!
Please don't make those kinds of general bashing statements. Most long haul OTR company drivers such as Swift are paid by the mile now days. Overloading the long haul trucks is not as common as it is with the short haul regional loads moved in the Northeast. I know from 36 years in trucking.
I have been up and down the dragon more times than I can count and I have seen some big trucks on that road have also been impressed with the drivers skills on such a twisty road, but say what you want about the trucks I have seen a lot more piss poor riders on that road who should also be banned from ever riding it again.