1. Jeremy

    Road Trip

    i have thrown out several posts today and hopefully this is the last one. We are leaving at the end of june from iowa to around sturgis SD. Couple questions. 1. Any experts or veterans on the r3t in the event i have an issue or need anything, as this will be an 8 hour trip? 2. This is my...
  2. DeerHunter

    Road Spray 2.5L 3 R

    My pillion is being deluged by road spray. Clearly the rear hugger/mudguard arrangement is inadequate. Anyone else noticed this?
  3. Boog

    Road Safety Thread

    Because this forum has world wide reach, and some of us are riding everyday. I thought it would be good to start a thread on general safety. Here we go with a message from the West Bury Constable: Feel free to add any safety related message, video or poster.
  4. D

    just got a free rocket and getting it on the road.

    Hi all. I'm james dean. I usually ride a 03 honda shadow spirit 750 that I absolutely dog out. had to sell it after I wore it out. did some dog sitting and ended up with a free Rocket. it's been sitting a while and needed some love. still waiting on money to get a new back tire...
  5. xrays

    Road trip to Zion NP on the GT

    My wife (Indian Scout), son (Harley FLSTN) and I (R3 GT) road from Las Vegas, NV to Zion National Park i n Utah for a quick day road trip this past weekend. The pannier racks are back-ordered so I had to make do with an aftermarket tail bag and the triumph tank bag for storage - which really...
  6. CCjon

    Rules of the Road???

    UNWRITTEN RULES FOR MOTORCYCLISTS? Just like any sport or hobby, riding a motorcycle comes with two sets of rules—the written and the unwritten, a recent article suggested these are the unwritten rules. 1). Don’t Ask to Ride Someone Else’s Bike 2). Always Alert Fellow Riders of Hazards
  7. HxNutMike

    Canadian Road Suggestions--Ontario to New Brunswick

    Here's a winter project for our Canadian rocketeers--and any others who know some good roads up there--in Ontario, Quebec, or New Brunswick. Can you suggest some good twisties in any of those provinces, places to head to next summer? I've seen plenty of pictures of good looking roads in...
  8. vindex1963

    First road trip

    Right in the middle of my first road trip on the Rocket. 300+ miles and zero discomfort. The bike rides and handles so good for a big fat tire bike. 40mpg is amazing having a 2.3L engine. My wife is with me on her 2012 Spyder RT. My tune I loaded is working very good and as the miles go by it's...
  9. rainman

    Spotted something rare in the road today

    Me and Wendy was coming back from supper in Madisonville and spotted a blue and white rocket caught up to them in Sweetwater at the red light NC tags that say bigbike Wendy talked to them for a few seconds before the light change so hopefully they will join the r3 sight some of y'all that lives...
  10. S

    Not new to Rockets, or this bike either, but new back on the road.

    Bought my first rocket (a 2005) as my welcome back home gift from Iraq in early 2007. A sweet silver ride. Cruised on is between trips to SW Asia (contractor for Gen Dynamics). Came back in 2012. Fell in love and got married (again) Oct 2014. My bride decided she liked the east coast better...
  11. C

    Small Road Trip

    Doing this on Monday, super excited!! 740 miles of some amazing roads. 14 hours total estimated... Haha yeah right.
  12. goncallf

    Change Roadster 2010 to HD Road King Classic EFI 1999

    Hi guy, I have 2 Roadsters, one of 2010 (48000kms) and one 2015 Roadster X. I pretend to sell old one and stay with the X. I was contacted by a guy with a 1999 Road King Classic 88 Inch EFI with 35000km whether I want to make the change because he can´t follow his friends on tour lololol...
  13. Journeyman28778

    Road trip, new PB crossover, camcover gasket replacement....

    Finally, work has slacked off and I'm getting a much needed but short road trip in. Staying in a favorite campsite on the New River near Galax, VA. Traveling solo- s'ok! Test ride- Changed the valve cover gasket (what a fiddley s$!t that thing is!) and put on my new @Paul Bryant crossover pipe-...
  14. Ted Biggie

    Add me to the club - one less Rocket on the road

    Tuesday evening, I was on my way to our weekly bike night and got rear ended by a young lady too busy texting to see slowing traffic. Got knocked off bike and went bouncing along the top of her car before taking a ride on the asphalt. I was geared up so no road salsa, but did a number on my...
  15. RocketmanBristol

    Rocket on the road

    Just a few pics from my recent road trip to Montelivet and Normandy beaches in France.
  16. RocketmanBristol

    Thanks to everyone and back on the road

    Having some great weather in most of the UK, so very frustrating that the Rocket was off the road. Mainly down to another senior moment like putting the fork seals in backwards! So we are back together and now the seals aren’t leaking all the shiny new oil it’s riding a lot better...
  17. JSHRAM

    Many thanks to members... my Rocket is back on the road.

    After over a year of agony repairing the girl when she spit-out a valve destroying pistons and head, and before working relentlessly to figure out a poor-running issue (ended up being plugged injectors from it sitting so long) among other things.. I pulled her out on her maiden voyage...
  18. Spawn

    Putting her on the road!

    Lets see what shes made of. This will be a true test. Im going on an extended road trip with rhe classic. Btw, the viking bags sissy bar bag wasn't as big as I thought.
  19. Tal

    For Sale Wilbers 640 TS Road

    Looking to sell my Wilbers. I bought them new and have only been on the bike for around 1000kms. Asking $NZ1600.00 plus postage.Cost me just short of $NZ2000.00. with govt duty and G.S.T. Preload set at 8mm. Real nice shocks but our roads have alot of earthquake related damage and the spring...

    Real Canadian Road Rage...

    This could have been so much worse....;)
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