1. Chariot

    Chariot leading link front forks.

    Trike coming home tomorrow, my son has a 6 hour ride. Hope its not too cold lol. Lovely paint job too! Anyone out there with a trike know how to improve the rear brakes? My back end is Ford Sierra.
  2. Chariot

    Trike leading link front forks.

    Conversion is being test ridden today, still quite a lot to finish off. Here is a short video and some pics of where we're at.
  3. Chariot

    Chariot leading link forks.

    Bit delayed because of this weather but my buddy Mark is taking the trike down to Somerset Saturday 6th. A 400mile hack down the motorway so not much fun. Will get away at 5am and take the train back at 2:30pm. I owe him big time! Paul (Lumley Engineering) says I won't have to pay VAT (tax...
  4. Zutt

    Click sound upon turning the front end to the right

    So I just received the bike, looks awesome except for some scratches. Still no keys as they were mailed separately with title and paperwork, and I think the package may be lost. I was repositioning the bike in the garage and noticed that when the the front wheel is turned fully to the left, as...
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