1. vicvet

    Thunderbird seat on rocket roadster

    Looking for a long haul seat but unable to find any rocket specific ones. Would a thunderbird one fit?... Wife wants a wider and softer seat.
  2. zimtuff

    New Thunderbird

    Is there any new or updated info on a new model T/bird? I heard something about the name and engine size had been re registered with some US dept which suggested another may be on the way. Im hoping it will be as eye catching as the new R3
  3. Jay

    Risers: OEM vs Thunderbird vs Rivco

    I finally found a set of Rivco risers and compared the rise and pull back of the three. The Rivco is about 1/2”” more rise than the Thunderbird risers. When on the top yolk they are actually the same lift, but move the bars that 1/2” closer to the rider. I went for a ride this evening to test...
  4. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale **SOLD** 1998 ThunderBird Sport

    SOLD 8/5/2020. Full Price. Husband and Wife. Husband wanted TBS. Wife saw my Moto Guzzi and fell in love. They bought my MG 1200 Sport too. Selling my 1998 Thunderbird Sport 900. I have owned it for 10 years. Well cared for during my ownership and recently updated with a major service...
  5. Ishrub

    Thunderbird Leather sissy bar bags fit R3 Tourings and R3 Classics/ Roadsters

    Here fitted flat to back of an R3 Classic. That Leather bag is the small version for the Thunderbird Storm etc, and is meant for sissy bar /rack mount as used on the 'Longhaul' type rack pattern found on R3Ts, Americas and Thunderbirds, but in different widths and part numbers not all...
  6. Jay

    For Sale Rocket and Thunderbird Passenger Backrest Pad

    For those who are looking for a Passenger Backrest Pad to fit the round bar, here is one on eBay NEW Triumph Thunderbird Backrest And Bracket T2335993, T2335994 BLACK | eBay
  7. TXtriple

    Thunderbird Sissy Bar And Rack On A Roadster...with Pics

    So, I bought the factory sissy bar and rack for the Roadster and after getting it all mounted up I stepped back and looked at it. :( The side brackets were too wide for the sissy bar...the tubing was square (I think it's the only square parts on the bike)...and that pad was a joke. There had to...
  8. MikeCR

    Thunderbird Rear Light Dimensions

    Hi guys, Does anyone have a Thunderbird or a Thunderbird rear light? I'm not a fan of the chrome... frame?... around the R3 rear light and the Thunderbird seems to have the same 3 mounting holes and general teardrop shape the R3 does. If anyone knows the dimensions, or even better has a...
  9. tux

    thunderbird storm shocks on roadster

    hey people just put a set of 2012 thunderbird storm shocks on the back of my 2014 roadster .Now the right side fit straight on but the left bottom eyelet is to big so u will have to modify the new eyelet bottom rubber .I drilled out the thunderbird rubber at the bottom and pushed the standard...
  10. 40mmrrsmith

    Harley Dealer offering retail on trade.

    I stopped by a Harley dealer 2 days ago just looking around. Ran into a Triumph/Ducati Salesman that I had previously;spoke to about selling my Thunderbird (Outright no trade). He was now working at HD. So here's the deal. They will write me a check $9,000 for the 'BIRD if I finance a bike. I'm...
  11. Y62

    Rocket vs Thunderbird

    This is for all of you who have experience from both. My wife rides a Sportster but want to ride a Thunderbird Night Storm instead. How would you describe the diffences between Thunderbird and Rocket. I´m asking because its difficault to find a Thunderbird to test but I have a Rocket. TIA
  12. rocketbill

    Thunderbird storm top speed in 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

    Out today and decided I would find out the top speed in 1st gear and after that I decided to do 2nd and 3rd also. First topped out at 50mph which I thought was pretty good for a cruiser (tall 1st for a cruiser). Second was 75 hit the rev limiter at 6,500. Third was 97. Not bad as it pulls well...
  13. Thunderbird seat

    Does anyone know if a thumderbird seat will fit on a r3t
  14. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Should I Trade My Thunderbird Sport for A Speedmaster ?

    I am thinking about trading my 1998 Thunderbird Sport for a 2005 Speedmaster. What do you guys think ? What am I giving up ? What am I gaining ?
  15. johnreeder

    Thunderbird Wheels

    Will Thunderbird wheels fit the Rocket Touring?
  16. rash_powder

    Thunderbird ECU Tune

    A coworker of mine rides a Thunderbird Storm and also has Tune ECU for his bike. He has installed aftermarket silencers and loaded the correct ECU tune for those, but is now looking to do an airbox elimination kit. There is not a tune on the Tune ECU site for aftermarket silencers and pod...
  17. Boog

    TTS Supercharger for Thunderbird

    I saw this on FaceBook and looked up a youtube video of the dyno run. 140#TQ, I like it. And another: On...
  18. slidderhd

    Thunderbird accessories for R3T

    At my CMA Rally where I ran into my twin R3T, he said his floorboards and Speedo visor was from a Thunderbird.
  19. cr0ft

    Thunderbird Commander on a dyno (video)

    Granted, the video isn't scintillating or an action movie, but still moderately interesting to get hard numbers on how badly we kick Thunderbird butt with our Rockets. :)
  20. JoseyR3Wales

    For Sale 2011 Triumph Thunderbird Storm $9550

    The Storm stays at home. No longer for sale. How do you delete an ad ?