1. Adriano

    Thunderbird handlebar risers on R3T

    In case anyone is looking for R3T risers, there is an alternative! I believe it has been brought up on this forum in an older post. I just got a pair of Rivco risers that were for Thunderbird. Part # TB017. Went on, no issues. Used the OEM bolts. Brake hose rerouted
  2. Wajhi

    Rivco risers for 2015 roadster, where to buy them in US?

    I am trying to buy Rivco risers for 2015 roadster? Could not find them for sale anywhere, anyone has a clue?
  3. Another One looking for Risers

    Preferably in AUS Looking for handlebar risers to fit my 08 Classic ???
  4. Rivco Risers

    Howdy all Im after a set of Rivco handlebar risers to fit my 08 Classic Can anyone suggest where to look ?
  5. SteelBeard

    Any risers other than out of production Rivcos?

    Looking for a 2005 standard. Want to buy Rivcos, or please let me know if you have any other recommendations.
  6. Walking Tall

    Rivco Risers install issues

    What I thought was going to be an easy upgrade has apparently been incredibly difficult. My '18 R3R has been in the shop since I high sided it back in November of last year. I asked them to install the Rivco's for me while the bike was there. Yesterday I got a call from the Service Department...
  7. Handlebar risers

    Has anyone tried installing RoxSpeed 4" risers on Rocket?
  8. Stevemax

    Are these risers stock?

    Can anyone tell me if these risers are stock? Im guessing they aren't, in which case im guessing I can't just remove them without the original mounts?
  9. Mr G


    Am looking at a set of Rivco risers TR3017 for my roadster 2014 . Can the tank still be lifted with the risers and handle bars in place . I know the clocks need to be removed but I thought I should ask about the bars .
  10. Adriano

    Touring handlebar risers

    I found those guys on eBay... Has anyone tried them? https://www.ebay.com/itm/353332857160
  11. toolittletime

    Is this the Rivco Risers?

    Not sure if these are original or the Rivco aftermarket........how to tell? Tim
  12. mickm7

    rivco risers on a classsic

    looking for some info on rivco risers, have installed a set on my 08 classic, there is no mention of relocating clutch cable from front of trees to behind, there is for throttle cables, found that on right hand full lock cable gets tight, has anyone had this problem? thanks in advance for any...
  13. Skelton Hogs

    Touring risers available

    Hey tourer's. I thought I'd better share this.. As you may or not know, the risers made by rivco are hard to come by these days. I found set in Montreal Canada for myself (1 set left) but with my search, I found another set. This company in the US is saying they have the rivco risers for the...
  14. maurice

    Risers for the GT

    Because of a little arthritis in my left shoulder, the bars back a little would help. Does anyone know what risers would work on this bike without cable changes? thanks in advance!
  15. Skelton Hogs

    Touring risers incognito

    Hello touring crew :) Searching and searching for risers and coming up with nothing that fits the 1" up / 2" back set up that is supposed to fit the touring without changing cables.. My back is killing me and I don't want to ride! Since rivco disc them, who's the new supplier? ALl I keep...
  16. Mr G

    Barback risers on a roadster

    Hey all , I was looking at this as an easy install instead of the Rivco risers anyone done this . Wondering if it will impede lifting the tank or fitting the clocks back on to the risers with the bracket . I know they are for bars 1-1/8th but thought I may be able to put a shim in to bring it...
  17. Devildawg

    Remove Top Triple Tree (Rivco Risers)

    Hey! I am trying to put risers on a 17 Roadster. The brake cable is routed through the front and needs to be behind the top triple tree. I would prefer to not disconnect the brake line. Is pulling the top triple tree off a viable option (so the brake does not have to be disconnected), if it is...
  18. John M

    Rox Risers for R or TFC

    I saw a posting from Wadejesu about installing 2” Rox Risers on his TFC. He mentioned that 2” is the max possible and in fact the picture he posted appears to show very little if any slack to both clutch and brake cables. I would like to hear more from him, or anyone else who has tried this...
  19. chrisw

    YSS Shock mod - risers

    Hi When I was deciding on rear shocks I was looking at options for variable length. Most shocks had limited options for increasing length. The YSS offered +- 5 from stock. However I noticed on a video that the bottom unscrewed completely I then searched on ebay for male to female extender...
  20. Waz

    Rivco Touring Risers on Rocket 3 Roadster

    Hey guys, bought some Rivco Risers on eBay second hand, only to find out they're the ones for the Touring... will they still fit my R3R?