1. PeterM

    YSS shocks

    Hi everyone, are the YSS rear shocks any good, lve been looking at the ones with a 36mm piston.
  2. Stillserving

    YSS shocks

    From another thread: Anybody got the best place/price for these lately? Best I've still been able to find is still from WRS in italy. (originally linked by an old post by @Journeyman28778 . The price has gone down a little since then (not too much). Looks like @ $365 shipped to the US before...
  3. chrisw

    YSS Shock mod - risers

    Hi When I was deciding on rear shocks I was looking at options for variable length. Most shocks had limited options for increasing length. The YSS offered +- 5 from stock. However I noticed on a video that the bottom unscrewed completely I then searched on ebay for male to female extender...
  4. Mikethepie

    yss shocks arrived

    So, the new shocks have arrived, quick question, can I fit them one at a time without having to put a jack under the bike (I don't have one as yet) whilst its on the side stand, or will this end in tears?
  5. Journeyman

    New YSS Shocks - Sharing Deal Information $375

    My back started getting the message at just over 30,000 miles from my '11 Roadster. It's time to get new shocks! I put together a list of options: Hagon, Progressive, Icon, Wilber (ouch!), and YSS. I searched for deals and found some Progressive 444s on Amazon that were open box for about half...