1. Journeyman28778

    Killer Deal on Triumph Heated Grips for 2.5 Rockets

    Just wanted to share. I found the Triumph heated grips at a shop in Italy, called Pogliani, for $234 Euros, including shipping. My bank charged me $233. I ordered just three days ago and here they are today in a factory sealed Triumph box. They go for $300 - 310 in the states. Heated Kit...
  2. BacBull

    Had 2009 R3, just done a deal to trade it on new R3 GT

    Hi R3 owners
  3. Bob R

    Today's Deal on Woot. NOCO Boost XL (1500A 12v) 1/6/2020

    One of the deals today on Woot is the NOCO boost. Marked down from 189 to 99.99 (100 dollars). The site does one day deals and will be gone at 2200 PST. If these guys are selling it for 99.99 I am sure you can find it at other places for a similar amount. NOCO Boost XL Jump Starter - $99.99 -...
  4. scot in exile

    What a Deal

  5. JJA Guns

    Good deal????

    I ended up not buying from these guys, but it was the best deal I found on a new 2018 R3R, they had two black and red and quite a few matte. The black and red were 10999, and the matte were 11299 I think. Not associated with them in any way they were just super responsive, helpful, everything...
  6. Journeyman28778

    New YSS Shocks - Sharing Deal Information $375

    My back started getting the message at just over 30,000 miles from my '11 Roadster. It's time to get new shocks! I put together a list of options: Hagon, Progressive, Icon, Wilber (ouch!), and YSS. I searched for deals and found some Progressive 444s on Amazon that were open box for about half...
  7. Claviger

    Stupid Good Deal on AGV K3 SV Helmet

    motorcyclecloseouts.com had some Rossi Imola helmets for dumb prices, $150! Looks like I'm going AGV this time :) Looking through SHARP testing and reading about SHARP vs SNELL, I admit, the SHARP tests seem more consistent with the way people crash in real life, for the most part. $150 lid...
  8. xlr8tion

    Deal or No Deal? 2017 R3 Roadster.

    Hey guys.... Buying another Rocket....This time a Roadster. Been looking at 17 and 18s... Found a 17 with under 500 miles on it(Phantom Black. Is 11K a good deal considering it is stock? Also...whats the warranty....I thought it was 3/36 and I was told it was two years...Whiskey Tango? I...
  9. slidderhd

    R3 deal

    After 4 years of tinkering, I sold my 2008 black/red R3T because my wife just couldn't take the cruiser seat anymore. Ended up with a Victory Vision. Ugly and under powered, but great riding bike. I am looking to get back on an R3. Found a used 2011 Blacked out R3 at local dealer with 12k...
  10. germ79

    Good deal?

    Ok, I'm on a roll with posts this morning as I'm trying to make sure I know what I need to know before I buy...so thought I'd just ask you fellas about this: I'm looking at a 2014 Rocket Roadster in matte black - not at a dealer. It has all the accessories I want - Triumph bags (leather)...