1. BacBull

    Had 2009 R3, just done a deal to trade it on new R3 GT

    Hi R3 owners
  2. mikec

    New R3 on the way!

    Hey all, have been lusting after the new Rocket 3 for a while, managed to get a test ride on the R and the GT back to back this week which helped me decide. GT infinitely more comfortable and better suited to my 6'2" frame. So bit the bullet, they only had one in black, and on Tuesday it will be...
  3. Buzitisn

    First triumph motorcycle

    Finally made the jump over and traded in my Suzuki m109r for a 2020 rocket 3 gt yesterday. Just got insurance today and am going to hit the roads tomorrow!
  4. hvasir

    New R3 Proud Owner

    Hello all bought my 2013 R3 Roadster with 5000 miles on it. Took a 100 mile ride last weekend the bike is amazing. Like my girlfriend described it, the thing just cuts through air. Have a quick question if any one could answer? I am trying to reduce the weight of the bike a bit. So first...
  5. JPHDT

    A new seat for my new R3 GT

    This Rocket 3 GT is fantastic but the rear shock absorber... It was exactly the same with my previous Rocket 3 in 2007. As I cannot change or adjust softer the shock absorber, I looked how to improve the comfort of the saddle. CORBIN offers a dual saddle with expected better comfort for rider...
  6. JPHDT

    Previous and new R3

    My first Rocket 2.3 - 2007 candy red with painted design. My new Rocket 2.5 -2020 candy red, done by same "artist" plus hydro dipping. Target: 2 tones classic paint when the bike is seen 10 feet away and a lot of details when we are close to the bike. I got the R3 three days ago and...
  7. ChicagoRocket

    Thinking about getting a new R3 GT...

    Hi Gang, Been awhile. I am seriously considering getting a new R3GT. The one I am going to look at has heated grips, cruise. No quickshifter. I would be trading my 2020 BMW R1250RS Exclusive. I love the beemer, but I miss having a cruiser. I have a 2016 Honda Repsol 1000RR as well, so I...
  8. Mark Olson

    2.5L R3 pannier problem

    Hey fellow Rocket riders, got a new problem I need some help with. One of my new panniers won't unlock now that I put in my own code to open it. Put the same code into both bags, followed the instructions and both seemed fine. Now my right bag won't open and won't let me reset it to enter a new...
  9. Wildy

    Securing new R3

    Picking up my new R3 in a couple of weeks. Curious to know how best to secure the bike to a ground anchor inside a garage. Looking at the bike there doesn’t appear to be a lot of space to get a chain through.
  10. John M

    New R3 GT

    Hi everyone. Brand new to this forum, and to Rockets. Really enjoying both. Just got my GT a week ago, which is my first triple ever. Started riding at 15 and just turned 75. Have had every other engine configuration over the years, and currently own a Speed Twin and a 1200 Scrambler XE. Only...
  11. Micksan

    Need input on the new R3

    I was on this forum some time ago when I had a 06 R3. It was very helpful. Love the Aussie input. Direct to the point and NOT politically correct. I found out I was the third buyer and the two previous owners had put their fingers in without knowing what they were doing. When I had it running...
  12. Bull

    New R3 has helical cut gears (with pics)

    A good friend of mine is getting trained on servicing the new R3 engine and sent me these shots of the engines gear pack. Hopefully this will alleviate some of the tranny issues.
  13. phar2slo

    Christchurch New Zealand has the new R3

    Got a txt / SMS of the new R3 having arrived at the shop today complete with picture But I'm a hundred miles away on holiday. Hopefully @Tal will be in the shop tomorrow getting the down low on it. I won't be back in town for another week :banghead::banghead:. Could always sneak away for a...
  14. Wadejesu

    New R3 accessories

    Anybody got a link to what will be available ?
  15. BillyIndiana

    First Impression

    OK I only got to sit on her for a minute, but OMG the balance on this bike is incredible and she is lite. I mean I leaned her over far enough that I would not have been able to recover my R3T. This really scared me. People are going to get on this thing and not respect the power. On the...
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