1. Lb10

    Gday Gents new to the site R3T rider when home Down Under

    Currently riding pulsar 200 whilst abroad Counting the months to be back Down Under on the R3T 2008
  2. Rocket 3 for moderately experienced rider?

    Hi everyone, I've been riding for 4 years now, with the first year being on a Honda Rebel and the past 3 on a Honda Shadow 750. I'm looking at upgrading to a more powerful bike, and have been enthralled by the Rocket 3. So I'm here to ask if you all think that the massive engine size is too big...
  3. Starfleet

    Longtime Rider, Short-time Rocketeer

    A grand hello to my fellow Rocket owners! I’ve been riding since 1980, but a first time Triumph owner since May 2021. I have questions that I’ll post later. My favorite bike was my 2008 M109. Loved the styling. Loved the power. Loved the torque. The new generation Rocket is all that and so much...
  4. aju

    Seat for Tall Rider

    Hey folks, I have a 2015 R3T and struggle with my seat. I bought the bike in 2017 and shortly thereafter bought a Corbin dual tour saddle. I asked for extra height and to move the pocket back, gave my dimensions, etc. The seat is great, but my hips are still a bit below my knees and I find...
  5. Antek

    How to make a '20+ Rocket 3 fit a 6'5" (1.95m) tall rider

    Anyone here as tall or taller as me? Need your input and help figuring out what and if can be done to make a GT(or R) fit my height. I currently have two bikes a 2014 VROD Muscle and a 2021 Road Glide Limited so I am used to heavy bikes which made the GT really fun to ride because of all that...