1. danbsimpson

    For Sale Two Rockets - Must sell ASAP

    I was in an accident, paralyzed. Out of work, must sell ASAP both my 2015 Rocket 3 roadster ABS and 21 Triumph Rocket 3 GT Any help from guys good at selling these, please email me etc... 2015 Rocket 3 roadster ABS, 12xxx miles, LED lights, heated grips, good tires.... $8000 obo 2021 Triumph...
  2. danbsimpson

    I've been posting and commenting.... When do we get allowed to post... I broke my spine must sell my r3

    Is there a certain number of comments I must do... I thought it was unlocked but just went to make a forum post and no luck
  3. Oz Knight

    Anyone have this part to sell - ROCKET III - Backrest, Adjustable Rider Kit?

    Hi Looking for this part ROCKET III - Backrest, Adjustable Rider Kit (Triumph part number A9708158) Anyone have one or know where i can get one? Cheers.
  4. Mateo

    hola from Socal

    i have an 05 i bought as a dealer demo back in 06. A few years ago i blacked alot of the back and went with a zard exhaust. For sale I have the factory luggage rack with badge and pad with the flashing and trimlok, shocks and exhaust with catalyst collection box but sans header with about 8k...
  5. Bigjaype

    Rocket to Rugged

    So, I've made a deal with my long standing dealer to trade my Rocket for a 2013 R1200GS. As much as I enjoyed the power on tap, the GS suits what I want now in a motorcycle. So now I''l have two of them but I have some customizing plans for the old one. I think I may stick around on this forum...
  6. davidr2023

    **SOLD** Fc17 forward controls

    Fc17 forward controls for roadster stronger version 300 plus postage
  7. PWGR3

    Want to sell or trade rumble seat.

    I have a Corbin rumble seat I'd like to sell or trade for a fast gun seat if someone were willing. It's got some blemishes, the plastic part has some scratches and a gas from the what I guess is the back rest hitting it. I let my friend and his wife ride it for a day and that was there. Asking...
  8. rocketrod

    For Sale Rocket III Touring Quick release Boulevard peak shield

    Perfect condition. Hard to find Triumph accessory. $95.00 rcbryant79@att.net
  9. Douglas

    Sell my Roadster...?

    NOT ON YOUR LIFE!! I thought I would provide an update on my Rocket issues for those interested in such topics, and to let @DEcosse know again how much I appreciate the help he and others provided. The title of my thread comes from the attitude and response of a few locals (the service manager...
  10. English Tim

    Wind Deflectors Stop Cold Hands

    A big thank you to fellow R3 owner and member of this group - Bedifferent He makes and sells a really neat set of wind deflectors that fit very easily onto your touring screen. A bit of experimentation to ensure the correct mounting height will stop the windchill effect on your hands. I have...
  11. Dale914

    Want to Buy Anyone want to sell their sidewinder?

    Looking to get myself into the Carpenter game. If anyone is toying with the idea of selling their sidewinder, let me know.
  12. Ishrub


    Not often these come up but the cheapest C$150.00 sea /surface post from Canada to Oz is just too much for me. I do not think these will last long now! This covers the later R3s, Tourings and Roadster Price: C $250.00 Approximately US $199.47 TRIUMPH ROCKET 111 CHROME OIL TANK VIN.# 280584...
  13. Allan S

    Anyone have one of these or similar to sell?- found one thanks

    Rivco 3010 - For a '16 Roadster? any finish or condition - I'm gonna powder-coat it
  14. A3rik

    Maybe a long shot, but did anyone recently sell/ trade-in an R3 in Wisconsin?

    I've finally received the R3 I bought from a dealership in WI, and it's had a fair bit of work done to it. I figure it'd be great to get more info if the previous owner happened to be a member. Anyone recognize their old bike in this pic?
  15. Phil R

    Needing to sell my Rocket :-(

    Due to medical bills, I'm needing to sell my Fat Bottomed Girl. She's a blue and silver 2008 Classic with Jardines (with corrected tune) the tuning cable, GIpro ATRE, I have the Eastern Beaver harness but haven't installed it yet, and gel seats for rider and pillion. Passenger floorboards, sissy...