rocket lll

  1. Bigjaype

    Rocket to Rugged

    So, I've made a deal with my long standing dealer to trade my Rocket for a 2013 R1200GS. As much as I enjoyed the power on tap, the GS suits what I want now in a motorcycle. So now I''l have two of them but I have some customizing plans for the old one. I think I may stick around on this forum...
  2. albertaduke

    For Sale rocket lll roadster 2012

    end of the line for me ... up for sale .rocket lll 2012 for clarity I will list under performance what I have added in power and under convenience everything else bike has 20 000 miles or 32 000kms is a 7 out of 10 in appearance .all black . been maintained by a triumph dealer nearby for...
  3. XB12X


    Others on here must have seen the links which suggest a new Rocket III may be in production next year. I've posted this here because the bike looks more like the Roadster in that the foot pegs are mid-placed. I tried to download a photo, but the link wouldn't let me. The best article is MCN's...
  4. RacerX74

    Rocket lll X

    Any one know the part number of a Rocket x or later roadster type seat or where I might find one ? looking for the rider part not pillion Cheers ;)
  5. RacerX74

    Rocket lll Exhausting Exhaust thread

    I think like me being a R3 owner you may be a little bit exhaust obsessed ....(no just me then !) I'm saving hard to have a custom made complete system and have found some local guys I think are up to the job all they do is make stainless steel headers and systems for almost anything