1. masterchief

    Garage door opener

    Hi All, Got my TR3 GT yesterday and wow what a bike, its everything i wanted and way more, however the first this I though of was how do I shut and open my garage door without taking off my gloves and getting my keys out of my pockets and fiddling about with it to open the door, I guess I wont...
  2. ArizonaKid

    PowerBronze Accessories

    When I was shopping for a suitable windscreen for my R3GT I came across other accessories from PowerBronze and ended up buying their front fender extender and their rear hugger fender (pics attached). I’ve bought and installed other fender extenders before and they help tremendously with keeping...
  3. Rocket Plate Customisation

    So I don't like how the licence plate sits on the rocket and really want to change it. This page has a great alternative that im going with. can anyone else recommend any other adjustments I can make to the rocket. Im scouring the internet...
  4. R3RM

    Accessories for the new R3 ?

    I can imagine that it is just a question of time before the after-market resellers will include in their catalog several accessories that Triumph will not offer and especially regarding protection items.. Even before I've ordered my R, I simply could not believe that Triumph has not included...
  5. Ben S


    I had an 06 Roadster but sold it this past fall. I still have a brand new chrome studded Corbin seat an matching passenger backrest still wrapped in plastic I'd like to sell. Was $800 originally, still have the paperwork. I have it listed on ebay, would take $500 or as close as someone can get
  6. rocketbill

    Getting the accessories on

    Today I was able to get my Madstad windscreen and lowers installed. Really like the quality of these. Best is when you don't want the screen or lowers the are quick detach. Also got the sissy bar on the bike. waiting for a backpad from Lamm as it did not come with one. and my old rocket...
  7. Wadejesu

    New R3 accessories

    Anybody got a link to what will be available ?
  8. Ishrub

    What are the rarest Unicorn accessories for Rockets? I want to see them all!

    My first nomination. RAASK adjustable foot rails - yep I'm boasting I just got a set.;):D Last seen: Swedish RAASK product from a Japanese seller. R-Pro-Company アールプロ : トライアンフ ロケット3 移動式バックステップKit RAASK Mobile Backstep Kit Fits: TRIUMPH ROCKET 3 after 2004 * Please understand that problems...
  9. tails

    For Sale ROADSTER Accessories for sale - UK only

    set of tors including aussie decat link pipe,touring screen,440,shoxs etc uk. see previous ads.
  10. Ishrub


    Front end fixing kit is required to fit windshield to Roadster and Classic. Just US$27 TRIUMPH ACCESSORIES FRONT END FIXING KIT Front End Fixing Kit from Triumph Accessories
  11. Ishrub


    Fixed Highway Peg Mounts from Triumph Accessories TRIUMPH ACCESSORIES FIXED HIGHWAY PEG MOUNTS. Fixed Highway Peg Mounts product # A9750463 $30.00
  12. Ishrub

    For Sale Roadster and R3 Chrome accessories

    BRAND NEW set of 6 pinned chrome embellishers and NEW pinned Pannier embellishment badges too (1 each side). Holes need to be made in leather for pins to secure. PANNIER EMBELLISHER TOP A9738008 Geezuz they are going on US eBay for US $180.00 (Au$253) :eek: Link Removed Mine are just Au$170...
  13. Ishrub

    For Sale Leather R3T Tank bibs , Sissy Bar & Screen bags & Rear Fender Bib

    LEATHER FUEL TANK PANEL - STUDDED A9520018 Au$40- + postage Link Removed LEATHER FUEL TANK PANEL - PLAIN A9520017 Au$40- + postage Link Removed
  14. Ishrub

    For Sale Chrome Touring and Roadster R3 accessories

    REAR FENDER EMBELLISHER, BLADE - CHROME A9738113 Au$35 + postage These have 3M adhesive and a curve that fits and can be used on Roadster guards as well in single or multiples. Link Removed OIL TANK EMBELLISHER - CHROME A9738001 This fits all Rockets including Roadsters Au$50 + postage Link...
  15. For Sale Rocket Accessories HUGE SALE!!

    Hello all, I traded in my 2014 Triumph Rocket Roadster for a 2018 Indian Roadmaster. As a consequence I am selling all my Triumph stuff. ALL SOLD EXCEPT the fuel filter and free stuff.... One MAHLE fuel filter. $10. Free shipping USA AND FREE STUFF. Just pay for shipping. #1. All...
  16. TimR3

    For Sale Rocket 3 Accessories for Sale

    © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap 3306 Tytus Ave (google map) I will sell separately, however, it will be cheaper for someone to purchase all together. Custom Corbin Seat - Paid over $900 - sell for $400 Viking Hardcase Locking Saddle Bags Paid around $400 - sell for $200 comes with all...
  17. R3 Guy

    For Sale Accessories for sale

    My 09 rocket is no longer with me... and I have a few accessories to sell. Please dm me if interested. Rear passenger pilot- never used Shark 1400 watt 4 speaker Bluetooth radio-never installed Lower wind deflectors. Excellent condition Front end fix it kit. Kurayakin highway peg. 1 fell off...
  18. tails

    roadster accessories for sale uk

    check out my old advert for parts, luggage racks screens shoxs loads of parts. of my old 15 plate roadster.
  19. cw021382

    For Sale Lots of Roadster Accessories

    Hi everyone. Sorry it took so long to post these. Both bikes have new homes with fellow forum members now. Here is what I have left for sale. All payments to be made thru PayPal. Local pickup and payment is ok as well. Reasonable offers welcome. Seat is sold. Backrest is sold...