1. 3LOCO

    2008 Rocket Standard PDM60 which came with the D’Ecosse-2102T Hands-Free Remote Key-Less Ignition kit

    Hi, I have a 2008 rocket standard and recently got a PDM60 which came with the D’Ecosse-2102T Hands-Free Remote Key-Less Ignition kit, I’m having a lot of problems attempting to install it, The ignition plug is different than what came in the kit, in the attached picture you can see the top...
  2. Mogwai

    Keyless problem, not starting

    Hi there Last week i had the problem with my 2 week old bike that the keyless system didn't work anymore as well as the other keys. The bike only made a sound with 8 beeps and kept blinking in the dashboard. It only started working again when i took the battery out of the key and put it in...
  3. Plow Horse

    Keyless ignition.

    Anyone have any experience with a keyless ignition system, other than the DeCosse system? The only other one I have come across is the Digital Dawg system. Of those two from what I have read I would prefer the DeCosse but unfortunately he is not producing these at this time. Me being impatient...
  4. Bull

    Anyone made their seat lock keyless?

    I thought I saw someone do this a while ago but I couldn't find it in the search.
  5. Chewy

    2006, Rocket 3, Classic, M-Lock, Schematics, keyless,

    I recently had the ignition failure everyone is aware of. I purchased some LEDs for my headlights and picked up a M-Lock for pretty cheap on Ebay. I am looking for a schematic for the 2006 r3 classic/m-lock installation.
  6. Martin-Brighton-uk

    Strange issue. Headlight goes out and abs light comes on

    Then if I touch the brakes on to put the brake light on, that makes the headlight come back on. Release brake, headlight goes off. This happens intermittently starting today. Now this is the strange thing is, headlight will stay off till i turn the bike off and start back up, then all sweet...
  7. Big boy


    Like the sound of the DEgosse modification how do I get in touch
  8. JudgeMontrose

    Do I need keyless ignition and a headlight relay kit on a '14 Roadster?

    Hey all, I have a '14 Roadster, which I ride in all weather. Should I get the Eastern Beaver headlight relay kit and a some sort of ignition upgrade, or were those issues solved by my model year?
  9. Joesmoe

    ** SOLD ** Keyless Ignition - plug-n-play by DEcosse

    DEcosse KeyLess Ignition System - Relay Kit Version For Plug n Play Installation Link Removed Kit includes all per original supplied equipment KeyLess Controller RFID Antenna Power Relay Harness Alarm Extender harness TWO RFID Remotes Link to Original Installation guide included. Harness...
  10. Stillserving

    keyless ignition- DIY

    OK, @DEcosse has been very helpful in the past answering some of my questions and I finally got around to giving this a try. My first few attempts yielded mixed results as my schematic was off. While I haven't given this one a try, I think I finally got it right. I'm using the following...
  11. Brian Bracken

    keyless ignition

    any one know where i can get a Decrosse keyless ignition plug and play kit
  12. TriumphR3Newb

    Keyless ignition

    Has anybody installed a keyless ignition on their Rocket? My bike has this nice batwing fairing but it makes access to the ignition a little tricky and tight. I was thinking about a keyless system like Digital Guard Dawg. Anybody installed something like this and have issues or was everything good?
  13. just fitted a Decosse's Keyless Ignition

    A big thanks to Decosse's (Ken) got his Keyless Ignition kit and it was a breeze to fit only takes 15 minutes,Thanks
  14. HansO

    Fitting a Decosse's Keyless Ignition

    I had an Awesome day today went on the first decent ride I have had in a while (been either to busy working or the weather has been up to crap), all my recent rides have only been short ones to neighboring towns to have a coffee or a catch up with mates. Well today I had the pleasure of...
  15. Theburnking

    Keyless ignition

    just fitted my keyless ignition from DEcosse (ken) brilliant bit of kit well impressed no more struggling behind my fly screen for the ignition now , pull the clutch lever hit starter button thats it done, jump off hit the kill switch walk away