1. Antek

    How to make a '20+ Rocket 3 fit a 6'5" (1.95m) tall rider

    Anyone here as tall or taller as me? Need your input and help figuring out what and if can be done to make a GT(or R) fit my height. I currently have two bikes a 2014 VROD Muscle and a 2021 Road Glide Limited so I am used to heavy bikes which made the GT really fun to ride because of all that...
  2. JudgeMontrose

    Want to Buy Tall R3R sissy bar, classic backrest, & luggage rack -- USA

    I've bought Mittzy's very sweet quick release system, but have run into an issue getting a tall sissy bar and large classic backrest -- the parts seem to be backordered or out of stock. If anyone has these used, or knows of somewhere in the US that I can get them, please let me know. If I can't...
  3. dandiego

    Long ride: Tall Touring or Regular Wimdscreen?

    Yeah, I know....first world problem. I’m leaving on Tuesday for a 2-week, 5,500-mile ride from FL to CA and back—with stops in AL, MO, NM and AZ along the way. I haven’t used my tall touring windscreen for quite a while and was just gonna sell it. But the weather forecast calls for...
  4. ArekDeBoss

    tall sissy bar

    I'm looking for tall sissy bar. Not a standard one - taller one. My missus suffers a bit during longer trips. Has anybody seen any? Preferably in Europe but not necessarily Thanks
  5. CrzystghndKC

    Tall in the saddle!

    I just bought my second R3 a 2011 and found its saddle is probably a couple inches taller than my 05 R3. So I am looking for some feedback on lowering my beautiful new to me bike.
  6. Landstar

    ** SOLD ** Triumph Roadster Sissy Bar tall

    Triumph Roadster Sissy Bar tall, never installed brand new. just the bar no pad. $50.00 plus shipping.
  7. El Toro Rosso

    SOLD R3T tall windshield, Russell seat, locking gas cap

    Just a heads up. If you’re interested, I’ve listed the above referenced items on eBay. I’m asking very modest prices and am subsidizing the real shipping costs. I’ve also got a 2015 and earlier official service manual that I haven’t listed yet. 2015 would cover all years since there were...
  8. Old N' Grumpy

    Who Has Used Tall K and N Filters Without Bearclaw?

    I think the no bearclaw with triple K and N's looks really cool. Before I do it I would like some feedback on if it interferes with your leg and filter part #'s if you have them. Any other potential problems that I may have missed too. Thanks...Grumpy.
  9. Rodneyjd6

    For Sale R3r sissy bar tall one

    I have a tall r3r sissy bar and chrome covers for sale 6 months old $400 plus postage
  10. fredword18

    Want to Buy Tall Windshield or Fairing

    I'm looking for a tall windshield or a fairing, preferably a Corbin, that will fit and 07 Classic
  11. Big_Yoda

    Just got a 2007 Rocket 3

    Hey guys new here found the page looking for advice to make the ride better I'm 6'5 400 lbs trying too figure out about moving controls or whish seat is best too move me back and higher