rocket 3 touring

  1. WRB

    Want to Buy Rocket 3 Touring Handlebar risers

    I have been shearching the internet for a set of the Revco handlebar risers or other suitible substitutes. I'm 5' 10" and have noticed the long reach. Any suggestions appriciated.
  2. WRB

    Hello R3owners

    I'm Bill Burnette. I recently purchased a used 2015 Rocket 3 Touring with 1500 miles on it . I am very impressed with this bike, also very supprised at the going prices for these machines. A lot of value for little price. I was disappointed this particular model was discontinued. I...
  3. brsmits

    Back from a rough winter, bits finally repaired thanks to you all (PIC HEAVY)

    Buckle up Kiddos: it's Story F$%#in' Time! Back in August I was having issues with my speedometer and fuel gauge. Electrical gremlins suck to chase down. So the bike sat for a bit whilst I tried my best to find time, energy, and a weather window to work on Trinity. The wife and I took a little...
  4. Araz

    Rocket III parts availability

    Greetings all, I have purchased RIIIT couple years ago and i love this bike! Can't complain on anything apart from couple minor hiccups.. However, recently i noticed that I start to think more and more about this bike sustainability in the future. Ideally, i wanted to drive at least 50k km on...
  5. Looking at Rocket 3 Touring to Buy

    Been riding for a LONG time.....currently ride a 2020 Indian Challenger Dark Horse, which I love (and have a whole shed full of HD's wearing out the kickstands!) but always seem to be looking for MORE power/torque. There are no real proven aftermarket performance mods for the 108 Powerplus...
  6. 1Steve

    What is the best way to cleanly install a USB power cord on a 2015 Rocket 3 Touring?

    I have seen comments on another thread that indicates the Touring might already have plug, I don't know where that is at? I'm guessing near the fuse box but unsure. Also, how do I get it cleanly routed to the handlebars without duct taping it to the side of the tank? It looks like one of the...
  7. pietpetoors

    Rocket 3 Touring South Africa

    I have a 2009 Rocket 3 Touring. Is an awesome bike. Thank you for a great forum.
  8. Ian

    New Member

    Hi Everyone . My name is Ian and I live in Geelong Australia and have just joined the R3 Club. I have had a RS Tourer for about 11 Years and love the look and riding it. Regards ian
  9. G-Force Junkie

    Modified 2013 Rocket 3 Touring going up for sale

    I just traded in my 2013 Rocket III Touring for a 2021 R3 GT. On the touring, the factory restricts the secondary throttle plates to approx 40% for smooth acceleration and fuel economy. Richmond Motorsports installed a custom MAP that brought it from 88HP to 120HP. I added D&D slip-ons and...
  10. FittedBuckle

    New Exhaust

    Hey guys. Loving my Rocket 3 Touring so far and with it garaged up for the winter, I was starting to look at a new exhaust. My last bike, a 2004 Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 had a deal where the stock pipes were hollowed out with a new collection kit to give it a more throaty sound but not straight pipe...
  11. Ava8harrierusmc1

    2014 Rocket 3 Touring Floorboard problem to start with.

    I got it for $6000 with only 8,120 miles on it. Great bike but it is a heavy beast of a bike. But I do have a problem. I'm 6'2 long legs but when I put my feet down mainly on the left side my foot hits the floor board sometimes and I'm worried that I will drop this beast of a motorcycle. I just...
  12. Jack

    Want to Buy Rocket 3 Touring single headlight.

    A single headlight from a R3 Touring. I will swap my pair of headlights for a single Touring headlight if anyone is interested.
  13. ps915

    2014 Rocket 3 Touring seat removal

    Good Evening friends , Hope you are safe and well . I am new to this forum and having purchased a rocket 3 touring (14) a few months ago , I find myself with a dead battery . I have been unable to ride because of the winter . I am trying to remove the seat to be able to trickle charge it . I...
  14. RickyT

    Finally....picked up a 2009 Rocket 3 Touring

    Hey friends, I've been on here the last couple weeks taking a look around and asking a couple of questions. But I'm finally happy to report I have become a Rocket 3 very excited for spring. I started off with a 1984 Honda Sabre many moons ago and graduated to the Kawasaki Voyager...
  15. Jay

    For Sale SOLD Triumph Rocket 3 Touring Rear Chrome Rack Kit New A9758068

    sold Another rear rack available for the Touring, to mount on the quick release passenger backrest. Looks like steep shipping if you are not in the UK, but it is new and hard to find if you are looking for one: Triumph Rocket 3 Touring Rear Chrome Rack Kit New A9758068 RRP £113.00!! | eBay
  16. 2015 triumph rocket 3 touring in NYC

    Hi I recently purchased a tr3 touring model only 4700 miles on it. What upgrades should I look at doing to make the bike ride better. I’m buying a light kit already and I’m looking into a new horn. I herd to get the k-n filter as well as a “ecu flash” I think that’s what it’s called. Any other...
  17. TerryBlakeslee

    For Sale 2009 Triumph Rocket 3 Touring

    2009 Triumph Rocket 3 Touring Two tone Eclipse & Azure Blue Original owner. Adult ridden. Never dropped. Clear title. Low 13600 miles. $7000.00 Brand new Avon Cobra Chrome Tires less than 50 miles on them.(Cost me $500) All original components come with the bike. Components I have added are the...
  18. GDoggy

    triumph rocket 3 touring rear fender rail kit A9758114

    I have been looking for a rear fender rail for some time. Does anyone have a new or old one they will part with cheers Garth
  19. Roger

    For Sale 2008 Rocket 3 Touring

    Going to sale my Triumph Rocket 3 touring. Has right at 22,000 miles. Tires replaced 1500 miles ago. Has Ram air intake. Has the TORS pipes. Has had the catalytic converter removed. Kuryakyn grips. Has service receipts, factory tool kit, owners manual, Triumph bike cover, tall windshield, short...