1. Ava8harrierusmc1

    2014 Rocket 3 Touring Floorboard problem to start with.

    I got it for $6000 with only 8,120 miles on it. Great bike but it is a heavy beast of a bike. But I do have a problem. I'm 6'2 long legs but when I put my feet down mainly on the left side my foot hits the floor board sometimes and I'm worried that I will drop this beast of a motorcycle. I just...
  2. nolton

    Starting problem

    Hey friends. I know its been a long time. This issue has been going on for years and I'm fed up. Sometimes when I try to start my bike the starter just clicks. It will do it after a ride or before. I have to use a jumper cell to get it to start. I have tried 3 new batteries, starter relay and...
  3. SpazOnaR3

    Hola! New (to me) R3 owner with a Land Speed problem...

    'Ello folks... figured I would start here.... been lurking for a few minutes and decided, "Why not?". I'm off and on a few other forums for other bikes I have, so hopefully I'm not to green here. :) Have a super clean, 20K mile '04 that landed in my lap... but I'm doing some things that I...
  4. Mike Rocket

    Non return valve and oil drain down problem

    Here is something I don,t understand. I have the bottom sump off of my 2014 rocket with the non return valve removed and I have put oil in the tank, but the oil is not running out of the drilling that the non return valve fits into. I thought it would run straight out immediately. The oil tank...
  5. ArekDeBoss

    Clutch sensor problem

    So lets start from the beginning some of you might even remember I am fully capable of fixing your dog or cat but I have no idea how to fix motorbikes. So i apologise in advance if some of my questions or actions look stupid to you. I had a problem with clutch sensor from the moment I changed...
  6. Mark Olson

    2.5L R3 pannier problem

    Hey fellow Rocket riders, got a new problem I need some help with. One of my new panniers won't unlock now that I put in my own code to open it. Put the same code into both bags, followed the instructions and both seemed fine. Now my right bag won't open and won't let me reset it to enter a new...
  7. heil_7134

    electrical problem

    so i was working with my bike, 06 classic few days ago and suddenly tune ecu wont detect the ecm, i tried turning the key off and on and kill switch to run and theres the usual gauge sweep but i noticed the fuel pump didnt prime, the stepper motor and secondary didnt move, when i pressed starter...
  8. CrazyLostBoy

    My first experience with the high idle problem and TuneECU...

    I have a mostly stock 2006 R3. The only significant change is the CAT box removed with tune flashed at dealer. The bike has been very under-used since 2013, mostly just for 2-Up with my wife. The last time riding was last fall and it began to show the dreaded high idle symptoms. The bike starts...
  9. albertaduke

    rear light problem ??

    what could cause the rear position light to stay off when the ignition is turned on I checked the fuse, I checked the rear led bulb ( brake light works|) it used to work without problem before .could it be a glitch when I changed the headlights and reconnected new headlights ?? both old...
  10. Nutcase76

    New member from Michigan with the dreaded "click problem"

    Have been an R3 owner for over a year but have had most of my questions answered without having to ask any of my own. But now I'm absolutely stumped with this dang clicking on start u . There is absolutely no rhyme or reason when I will get the click. Sometimes when it's cold. Sometimes when...
  11. daytonageo

    Ignition switch problem?

    Just got an 05 Rocket and it starts and runs great. The problem is the lights will go off suddenly. Headlights and tail light both out. If I get under the tank and wiggle around the wires near the ignition switch which was relocated to the left panel, I can get them back on. Can the switch shut...
  12. cootertwo

    Suggestions? 05 running problem

    My 05 that is stock, and only 3,200 miles, has developed, to me, a strange problem. Center cylinder isn't running right. After a few minutes run time, front and rear exhaust manifold temps are 285/290 center is 230. I have checked for loose coil wires. Bike has external fuel pump, set to 40...
  13. Pippo

    Engine hot start problem

    Hello everybody my name is Pippo, I type from Italy and this is my first post. I can't start engine when my rocket III is hot. I can start it only when cold. Who can help me? Thanks in advance
  14. Stuey

    06 gearbox problem

    Its jumping out of gear then back in just in second gear. How much to fix? Whats it worth to sell as is 06 12000 ks 160hp 170nm at wheel new rear tyre
  15. sonny

    New problem.

    Fuel pump blew a code. Something about a ground. Headlights work but fuel pump will not bike will not start. Open to suggestions. relay problem?
  16. D

    Ignition problem

    Every time I turn my bike to the right the power would shut off completely leaving me dead until I turned to the left again. So I had no dealers opened (Sunday) and towed my bike home waited patiently and called the dealer on Tuesday who told me I needed a new ignition and the part cost approx...
  17. sonny

    Headlight problem is back.

    I am going to explain this in great detail and hopefully somebody will have a solution. turning the key to the on position the headlights will flash and then go out completely. This is prior to hitting the start button. Bike will start fine but have no headlights. Today i replaced the rely...
  18. Tripps

    Weird Touring miss problem

    I've had a problem with low rpm roll on since last summer, got worse in rain or damp. I just had my bike in the shop, he looked everywhere for any loose connections or mouse chewed wires, found nothing except maybe one plug wire nor on tight, and he said one of the ecu plugs seemed not clicked...
  19. hogweed

    Healtech QuickShifter problem

    Has anyone fitted a Healtech QuickShifter as I can’t work out what I need to do with the two shorter green connectors I will ring the supplier later but if anyone can help in the meantime,Tia
  20. DodahMan

    Flabbergasting no start problem

    It about drove me nuts today. Every stop . . . fiddling with the clutch switch and actuating the key in the ignition many cycles to get it started. I can't figure out if it is the clutch switch or the ignition. I am about ready to take it to a "stealership" hauling it in and leaving it until...
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