1. Canister

    Clutch slippage/4th gear issues

    I bought this bike back in May and have put almost 5000 miles on it and when I changed the oil I put high milage car oil in it about 2k miles ago I've changed the oil with mobile 1 racing 4t multiple times since then and my oil is still turning grey. When the barnett clutch was put in there were...
  2. leatal

    Clutch spring bolts

    Has anyone found a source for 50mm long clutch spring bolts?
  3. Aftermarket Clutch brake lever

    hi, I am thinking to change to aftermarket clutch brake lever, quick search resulted this product, not sure if this good or not? seems costly too Which size should I get ? standard or short? do you know any other brand which is better or you are using other than this ASV below ASV...
  4. Terryfyd

    Clutch upgrade

    Hello all! I have a 2005 Rocket, I upgraded the lifter piece, the bearing and of course the pressure plate to accommodate the thicker ball bearing. I see that the thrust washer (#19) is no longer needed with this assembly "Eng no 249177 - fitted with T3800082, needle bearing. NOT required with...
  5. Journeyman

    What Your Clutch Fluid looks like at 20K - Also, Issues Restoring Pressure and Fixes

    Here's what your clutch fluid looks like at 20,000 miles.... There was sludge at the bottom. Replacing the fluid is part of the 20,000 mile service. Other information on that can be found here...
  6. Flipper_Al

    Clutch Recommendations

    Hi All, Hope your all good I have a 2007 Rocket 3 Classic that's been trike'd, and the clutch is starting to slip. As Im now hauling more iron, i think i will need a slightly uprated clutch, so looking for recommendations Thanks :)
  7. Terryfyd

    Clutch Lifter Shaft

    I purchased a 2005 Rocket III several years ago. One of the first modifications I did was put in a Barnett Heavy Duty Clutch. Over the years I've had to continually adjust the clutch cable tighter. Several times I even had to re-index the clutch lifter arm on the clutch lifter shaft as I ran out...
  8. hoopla

    clutch is dragging on 2016 rocket3 roadster

    what I mean by dragging is when the clutch is fully pulled in, I can't get the bike into neutral, only when I turn the bike off, then I can get the bike into neutral. When sitting at a light in first gear, I can not roll the bike back at all., my guessing is that the clutch is dragging...
  9. Rocket 3R - Clutch fluid Bleed

    My Rocket 3R Clutch Fluid was very bad and I had to change it ( next is front brake and then rear. ) Since I got quote for rear and front brake fluid 130usdper hour from official triumph dealer so I gave up and decided to do Clutch bleed first by myself to become familiar with bleed...
  10. Joshua

    Older R3 clutch grabbing

    So on a trip this fall my wife (2012 T-bird) and I (2005 R3) rode up to Wisc for a weekend getaway. As we traveled around and through Beloit my I killed my rocket 3 times which I had not done once in a very long time. After the last one I was a little more aggressive with my launch and at the...
  11. Question about Noise from releasing clutch

    hi, When bike is completely stopped and then after releasing clutch slowly in gear 1 I hear some noise from engine somewhere near clutch plates area. Or when I try to move bike in parking lot or out of driveway out of garage and we need that little gear 1 slow clutch to move it little bit. It...
  12. wjb

    Another clutch question

    My clutch has been giving me fits lately. It all started when both the clutch lifter shaft and lifter piece broke. Those parts have been replaced but then the clutch would not completely dis-engage and would drag some even with the clutch lever pulled in all the way, and there was also no way...
  13. Hi...I'm new here. Noisy clutch question.

    My 2018 Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster, when shifting from 2nd gear to first gear, makes a weird whirring sound followed by a clacking/clunking sound and some slight jerkiness as it slows to a stop. I took it to the dealer shop for it's 10k maintenance and I asked them to test ride it so they can see...
  14. buddazero

    Clutch Freeplay, Riding the Clutch, Maintaining & Adjusting the Clutch

    Hello everyone 🖐 Below is my personal experience about motorcycle riding for the past 5 years, and my learning journey with the rocket. My questions are highlighted in bold, and if anyone can answer them, please do so, as I am still learning. I've been riding my Rocket 3 Roadster 2018 for 4...
  15. Jack

    Clutch shuddering

    I'm riding a 2004 R3. Done only 34,000 Kms I've noticed the clutch has developed a shudder when I take off. Has anyone experienced this and what advice can you offer
  16. Korte

    clutch reinstall thrust washer locations on 2013 r3 phantom red roaster,,i had this bikes clutch in a box ,basket case when i bought it,,,HELP

    were does idem part number 23 go and its place on the reassembly per the factory triumph manual I HAVE,,its called a spacer clutch assembly part number T1172727,,i got everything thing else and identified there placements per the manual on the tranmission output shalf,,but this spacer needs to...
  17. Hi I'm new on here and have a little problem with my clutch.

    I have a 2006 rocket 3 and the clutch pull arm broke and put a mark/groove in the pressure plate so after reading a few comments on here I ordered from fowlers the pull arm, thrust bearing, washers,pressure plate, and a new arm to go to the cable. I ordered the newer pull arm and got sent the...
  18. evo

    Ways to disable need for Clutch to start bike?

    I hate having to pull the clutch in when starting the bike...anyone have any knowledge on how to disable this? Is it possible, or is this something you can do with TuneECU maybe? This is for the new 2.5l Rocket 3 btw... ta...
  19. captainsparkle.com

    Fibre clutch plates

    Hi all, been a while since! I have recently "burnt out" my clutch (2007 Classic). the friction plates are well below thickness, so I ordered a new set of EBC, eventually! At the moment they're like rocking horse excrement, so I was pleased to find some, & a set of EBC stronger springs. I would...
  20. Kens

    Clutch Oil spray nozzel

    Has anyone ever had the nozzle out, if so, is it just one piece and which direction does it go back in, as it's got a cross drill hole in.