1. Hi I'm new on here and have a little problem with my clutch.

    I have a 2006 rocket 3 and the clutch pull arm broke and put a mark/groove in the pressure plate so after reading a few comments on here I ordered from fowlers the pull arm, thrust bearing, washers,pressure plate, and a new arm to go to the cable. I ordered the newer pull arm and got sent the...
  2. evo

    Ways to disable need for Clutch to start bike?

    I hate having to pull the clutch in when starting the bike...anyone have any knowledge on how to disable this? Is it possible, or is this something you can do with TuneECU maybe? This is for the new 2.5l Rocket 3 btw... ta...
  3. captainsparkle.com

    Fibre clutch plates

    Hi all, been a while since! I have recently "burnt out" my clutch (2007 Classic). the friction plates are well below thickness, so I ordered a new set of EBC, eventually! At the moment they're like rocking horse excrement, so I was pleased to find some, & a set of EBC stronger springs. I would...
  4. Kens

    Clutch Oil spray nozzel

    Has anyone ever had the nozzle out, if so, is it just one piece and which direction does it go back in, as it's got a cross drill hole in.
  5. Ishrub

    Are Suzuki Hyabusa clutch springs special?

    I think I remember posts a few years ago referencing Suzuki Hyabusa clutch springs being very strong upgrades for Rockets and of a par or better than Barnetts HD ones. The stock Triumph ones were not very impressive apparently and the common aftermarket clutch kit providers were not much if...
  6. Motortard


    Good Day Everyone, after around 300 miles I've noticed that my 2021 Rocket 3 is hard to launch from a stop. Almost as if the clutch engages too soon and engine stalls... When 1st test driving it 1st time I didn’t have this problem and while its warming up it drives well… Once its been running...
  7. Jonathan Nikolaisen

    Clutch adlustment

    I need help on the engagement at the bottom of the clutch cable. I had fixed it an now I have nothing again. I am adjusted almost all the way to the bottom of the screw set so now what... Do I move the cable end lower or higher in order for it to engage oroperly?

    Clutch not engaging

    I changed bars out and now my bike will not engage in gears... I need to know how to adjust clutch to allow bike to engage.

    Clutch issues

    Anyone switch bars and have issues with clutch not engaging? How did you fix it short of changing out the whole cable assembley?
  10. Stefan67

    Clutch slip

    Guys I need to pick your brains, ive got a r3r, 2588 ks on the clock..my issue is im getting the clutch slipping badly...but....only when the bike warms up, cold it's no issue but at the moment I'm on the side of the rd waiting for it and me to cool down. I've installed penners unrestricted...
  11. REBLX136

    Clutch Bark

    I’ve noticed a slight bark in the clutch on take off just as it picks up the bite in first, it’s not constant and doesn’t matter if she’s hot or cold, I can feel the bark through the lever and it repeatable but not consistently, shifting isn’t effected. Anyone else experience similar, she has...
  12. Engine dies when clutch pulled in and chnage down

    Hello all I have a 2021 Rocket due for its first service, however I have noticed more than a few times the engine dies when changing down coming up to traffic lights etc, starts no worries, but is a bit of a worry. The bike idles quite well normally. Thanks
  13. Micksan


    I have a 2014 R3T. I just converted it to a trike. The wife rides also. Problem is that the lever setup for the T is set to far out for her hands. She has to take her hand off the handle bars to get at the levers. I have tried every source. No adjustable levers for the "T"s. Lots for the...
  14. Micksan

    HELP>>> Need to find adjustable ,or fixed Brake & Clutch Levers

    The stock levers are to far out from the handlebar. My wife says she can not ride until we can get them in closer. I am 6ft 3 with big hands and find it is a reach for me also. Found out the hard way that the Roadster and touring models have much different levers. Can find for Roadster but...
  15. Thedoctorr

    Clutch Switch Removal

    Hi All This is my 1st rocket in my 23 bikes owned over many many years. I have searched tirelessly through the service manual on how to take out the clutch switch but nothing on how this is done. Can anyone tell me how to do this please. regards Neil
  16. Rocketeer4life

    CLUTCH cable adjustment SEEMINGLY WORST part of engine SWAP!!!??

    hello all. So I've got my pride n joy on the Virge of taking out for a test run after a lengthy and enjoyable engine swap. BUT this step is baffling me after combing over many many threads of this similar/ exact same issue. With following the captains n gurus step by step words of wisdom....haha...
  17. john allenden

    Clutch issue

    Morning guys, My clutch started sticking before I start her up ,if I pull the clutch in in gear and rock it it won't free up. If I start it in gear it pulls a little but frees up. Once riding its smooth but everytime I engage gear from a stop its a hard clunk any ideas ???? And if I start in...
  18. EskimoPie

    Clutch rattle in neutral

    I know this is somewhat of a common phenomenon on bikes, but I haven't seen it mentioned in the 2020+ forums so thought I'd ask. My bike didn't do this new, but now with ~4k miles on the clock, if I come to a stop in neutral with the clutch level released, I get some minor rattle noises from...
  19. Clutch switch problem

    Bike, 2020gt with 10grand, threw an engine code. Was running rough, and would quit coming to a light. Dealer diagnosis said it was clutch switch, which apparently causes the brain to need lobotomization. The clutch switch is located under the clutch lever and is vulnerable to damage from...
  20. oaklandish

    Squeal, knock and grinding noise coming from clutch area

    I started noticing an occasional squeal noise when riding coming from the front end which seemed to start soon after a front tire change. At first I thought it was coming from the tire and took the wheel off to feel the bearings and had my brother ride it in front of the house so I could try to...