1. 22infidel

    Heavy Clutch?

    Does anyone else find the clutch heavy? My new Rocket's clutch feels about twice as heavy to pull as my 2018 T120. I know the T120 has a cable system, but the Rocket can get tiring in traffic. I'm just wondering if this is normal.
  2. REBLX136

    Clutch reservoir slow leak

    Over the last few months I’ve noticed a small but steady leak coming from the clutch reservoir/master cylinder but can’t identify from exactly where! It would seem to be from the vent hole at the bottom but can’t be sure, it doesn’t drip in the tank but it’s defo weeping! Any had any experience...
  3. Justme

    2014 3k miles Rocket 3 Clutch kick on first gear

    Hey guys, Im new around here and muscle bikes, I just got a Rocket 3 and on first gear everything goes perfectly until I pull the clutch it kicks, doesnt feel to be slipping, it just kick once, and in all the other gears everything is okay, just normal. Btw the bike just got full service on...
  4. Rock Ape

    TC, Clutch and how it all works......according to Triumph

    I thought I would add this here as a separate thread for those interested that aren't following the clutch issues thread. I spoke with Triumph and here's how they explain things with the R 3; "Traction Control works with the computers that are looking at wheel speed, one the wheel speed is...
  5. Pedro

    Barnett Clutch springs

    If any one has a part number for the heavy duty Barnett clutch spring set only, can you please let me know .I would like to purchase a set but would rather not have to buy the fibers and steels as well. Cheers
  6. Rock Ape

    Clutch gone after 2 months......

    Love this video by Triumph but have they got a problem or am I just unlucky? Do these bikes in the video survive? Riding Rocket 3 R Problem: Took the beast for a few laps of a race track where she performed nicely. But then, a quick launch - wanted to do a straight line run, try to spin up...
  7. Pablouk

    Clutch basket

    Guys, does anyone in the US have a knackered clutch basket that they could let me have the back plate? I sent a basket over to MTC to get a new one built, they found that the back plate is knackered. That is one of a few parts they actually need to build my new set up. see pics
  8. Frosty Rider

    For the Clutch People

    quick question, i replaced the fibres and steels in the clutch with the Hyabusa clutch kit, it also came with new springs for the pressure place, if anyone has used this setup, did you use the stock triumph springs, or the Busa ones, the differences between the two are, Busa spring is 2mm...
  9. Kevin frazier

    Clutch replacement

    I recently had to change out clutch pack. Oem fibers and other makers are about 20 bucks for fibers and 15 for steels, i bought a hyabusa kit and installed and it is butter smooth and works flawlessly, so im putting this up as the busa kit is 159, the math is obvious, the anti judder washer and...
  10. Terryfyd

    further clutch adjustment?

    Hello all!!! I recently picked up a used 2005 Rocket, I love it. One of the first things I did was install a heavy duty Barnett clutch without issue. Put on about 500 miles no problems at all, noticed that the clutch adjustment at the handle needed to be tweaked to give me the recommended 2mm of...
  11. TexasCoyote

    Clutch Switch Cleanup

    I was having issues with my 2012 Rocket 3 intermittently starting. That is a sinking feeling when you are miles from home, no cell signal and the nearest service station is farther than you want to walk. I don't really care to leave her by herself either. I finally figured out I was able to...
  12. Tim Forrest

    Clutch rebuild and upgrades

    Hi,,My rocket roadster clutch is on its way out,,slides on full power,,engine has been dynoed at 200 horse,and desrestricetd fully,so I,m guessing if I,m going to rebuild clutch,,it may be wise to upgrade springs friction plates etc,etc,,has any one done this,,any tips would be appreciated,i...
  13. PWGR3

    Did I ruin my clutch?

    Hello! Just put the tune on today, one of power_tripps. 3 filter 100% power and jardines... So the speedo doesn't work anymore (cleaned the magnet, didn't fix it) so i don't know how fast i was going. From a roll about 20 Id hit it, it'd hang around 5k but still be speeding up. Eventually it...
  14. Karl Tyrson

    clutch fibers

    greetings everyone I was hoping someone here can help me out with information on the fibers and plates for the clutch. there is no way to have them sent by anyone around the world in less than 45 days. So, someone here (thanks) told me the Hayabusa fibers can fit. So the dude at the store...
  15. Karl Tyrson

    Clutch fibers and plates compatibility

    As time went by, I started to feel a little slip on the clutch on 1st gear, recently moreover. I Reckon the previous owner did not have this bike a clutch service, left aside changing the plates and so on. So I think it´s time to do so. BUT, for all the pandemic issues and the fact that there...
  16. Hiperformance

    Clutch suddenly out of adjustment

    New to the group-really appreciate the experienced tech input of the rider group. Long time rider and repair my own type of owner-Just picked up a major crash 2012 R3T with abs with 450 miles. (Prev owner pulled a wheelie at 100 and decided he wanted to spend a few weeks in the hospital)...
  17. MrPix

    Bleeding Clutch

    hello fellow Rocketeers.... anybody know the procedure to bleed the clutch (and where the bleed nipple is)?
  18. tdragger

    Advise on Clutch Update

    Got a 2006 Standard with 77k miles and the clutch is slipping in 5th gear roll-ons. Also slipped during a dyno run. I've decided to go with a complete Barnett kit for $246 for fibers, steels and springs. Triumph Rocket III (2005-2010) - Barnett Tool & Engineering My question is in regards...
  19. Jabo75

    New clutch slipping at higher RPMs and hard throttle

    So I brought my R3 to a dealer o have a clutch replaced in November. I just got it back a week ago. Yep, they blamed everything they could including covid. Anyhow, my new clutch is still slipping when hard on the throttle at 5-6,000 RPM. Not in first, usually in second, and sometimes in 3rd . I...
  20. Kevin frazier

    Clutch switch movement

    Does your clutch switch on your touring have about 2.5mm of free play where it can be pushed in and out. Pictures below out is normal position but i can push mine in to stop which is 2.5mm. I’m wondering if my clutch switch is starting to go bad and this free play is a sign of a switch thats...
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