air filter

  1. Journeyman

    Oil in "Plenum Cover" near intakes

    I'm doing the first scheduled air filter change and discovered some oil near the intakes. So you remove the air intake tubes (air intake runner) in order to remove the air filter, which is located beneath the tank. The tubes run down to the "Plenum Cover" (has Rocket3 badge on it). With the...
  2. Cockney

    Air filter

    Can anyone please let me know how to remove air filter for rocket GT 2020
  3. mando

    air filter

    has anybody done a measurement on the airfilter yet? I'm pretty sure K&N has a panel filter that fits, just need to know the size so before I take mine apart I raise the question here
  4. Boog

    Soaking wet air filter

    I left work a few days ago during a hard rain. Brahma was not acting right, kind of a stutter on acceleration. A few minutes later I was on the freeway at speed and didn't give it another thought. The next day, I fired him up and rode a about 50 m and the check engine light came on. As I...
  5. HIM57

    Ram Air Filter installed - now engine light on

    Hi, Just installed the Ram Air Filter. Did the 24 minute recomended tune with zero throttle. Now I have a check egine light. Any input appreciated.
  6. Roger

    Air filter size

    Does anyone know off hand what the dimensions of the under seat air filter are? I am getting ready to put a ram air system on and thought of using the air box as a place to put a amp. I would take the seat off and check myself but my bike is stored in by buddies garage at the moment. Thanks
  7. PaddyO

    Want to get rid of air filter under seat to make more room

    I have searched different threads, but have not found the answer to my question. At this point I want to get rid of the air filter under the seat to make room for a power distribution fuse block. If I get filters to go under the bear claw, K&N, Uni, Ram Air or other (still to be decided) will I...
  8. hogweed

    Single K&N air filter

    I'm looking into making a custom air box and need someone that actually knows what their talking about( so that rules me out) if they could advise me on what is the smallest K&N filter with a 3" flange size I could use would something like K&N RX-2820 be any good for example.Thanks
  9. Geoff Smale

    Tuning for Air filter and exhaust change's

    I have read many on many forums over the years people asking questions re the need for re-jetting of carbs on their bikes after fitting less restrictive exhausts and air filter and I totally under stand why as the less restrictive air filter will have an effect on the metering of a carburetor (...
  10. RacerX74

    For Sale K&N AIR FILTER

  11. RaiderJim

    Air Filter

    Hey, What is the best air filter option to go with the R3 It must fit under standard side cover as i have that custom painted? The Carpenter team does not use em but I live in Florida with alota sand and salt! Thanks for any input RaiderJim
  12. For Sale K&N air filter

    K&N air filter for the OEM setup air box...used but perfect condition. £15 plus post..UK only please guys;)
  13. hoopla

    run without air filter

    Upon inspection of the bike, I noticed that the air filter retainer is missing. The air filter is in place, but it seems to me that a well cared for bike would have the retainer in place. I'm thinking that for a bike with only 4k miles that it would be strange even for the filter to have been...
  14. Anomaly

    Airbox removal (not just snorkel/air duct)

    Has anyone removed the airbox/air filter housing? I installed the Ramair filter, yet would like to eliminate the airbox so I can install a second battery in it's place.