1. gadget_ho

    2nd Owner's Review video posted

    If you’re interested, I put up another ownership video of my first ride back since breaking my arm. Triumph Rocket 3R Short Term Owners Update
  2. FL R3BEL

    2nd Time Newbie

    Hey Captains, Well this is my second time joining the site. Was here about 12 years ago (the site has got a new look since then), but just kinda drifted off. Now that I have inherited my Dad's Rocket (SebringChuck for those that may know him from here or rode with him), I'm back for...
  3. phar2slo

    Front brake caliper 2nd hand set.

    Due to me doing a dumb thing and splitting my front calipers and losing one of the seals between the halfs I ended up buying a set of 2nd hand calipers. Now the question is that the pistons don't seem to be working correctly. These are the pads that came of the sets it looks like one side is...
  4. Karam

    2nd gear issue

    I have 2011 roadster. All gears are working fine and Shifting up and down very smooth except when I hit the full throttle at 2nd gear only it's cuting off and on on!!
  5. Jwjhoover

    slipping out of 2nd and 3rd into neutral

    New to Triumph 2 years ago. Pretty mechanical, but have never worked on a triumph. I am having a problem with my 2008 R3C (40000Km) slipping out of 2nd and 3rd gears into what seems like neutral. In some instances I get the neutral light, other times not. I am hoping that this can be...
  6. Littleleelong

    Gear issues......

    Hi everyone..... would really appreciate any advice .... Have a R3t 2010 .... was out the other day and she jumped out of 2nd gear .... since this has happened I’m now finding sometimes it will go into second and other times it will not go into gear at all .......... kind regards to everyone
  7. R3Tex

    P0638 - 2nd Throttle Circuit Malfuntion

    Ok boys...I have a rocket in my shop that's throwing the code above. It recently had the TPS changed (5,000 miles ago or so) and TuneECU shows it functioning normally as best I can tell. Thougts?
  8. dunmer

    2nd throttle butterflies

    Just a quick question. I am going to download this fuel map:- Rocket III Roadster Jardine Full Exhaust 3xK&N RU-2780 air filters under exhaust Fuel up to E25 Minimum 98 RON (91 US PON) fuel Do I need the secondary butterflies in or out with this tune?? Thanks for your help Dunmer
  9. Anomaly

    Airbox removal (not just snorkel/air duct)

    Has anyone removed the airbox/air filter housing? I installed the Ramair filter, yet would like to eliminate the airbox so I can install a second battery in it's place.