1. Jeremy


    I leave on Friday for the black hills. I have the Ramair installed and the un-modified bearclaw cover. It looks like rain all the way up there Friday, not sure how much yet, may be sprinkles and may be a downpour, but nonetheless, we are going. I have seen somewhere that people have...
  2. buddazero

    RAMAIR Kit & 640 Wilbers

    Hey everyone, First off, I hope everyone is well and safe. I plan on getting rid of the standard air intake below the seat and replacing it with the Ram Air Kit. I was wondering if anyone else has any experience with this Kit. Also, in the description it says the bearclaw can be fitted over...
  3. CrzystghndKC


    It took awhile and I came upon a couple surprises that I was glad I found (used bike). I did have one "oh sh*t" thing happen. I lost the clip to one side of the AIT extension. Does anybody know how I can score one? Its silver and it flew into the stratosphere.
  4. CrzystghndKC


    Asking the group for tune recommendation. Actually already have 20355 (John Miller) from the group resources. Is this what I need great. But I do need the notes that are with the download file. I guess you don't get them with the tuneecu Android version or can someone supply the updated tps...
  5. steve mitchell

    Tun ECU questions for slip on exhaust + ramair intake

    Hello, It's been some time since I've been on here. But now that I'm tired of my stock exhaust but don't want to spend a ton on a completer system. By the way, I already have installed ramair intake. Has anyone here used this before...
  6. Broadside

    2013 Tours and Ramair

    Hi wizards , I have always looked at the posts and thought I would never go into the tuning of my Roadster but because of you lot I'm wanting a better sound for my bike and now I have got some Tours I may as well order the Ramair as well , would I be right in thinking tune 20776 would be ok ...
  7. Marcr

    Fluid leak after Ramair Installation

    Hi Everyone, I recently installed the Ramair onto my Rocket 3 Roadster (2016), I have now got a fluid leak on the left hand side, that when wiped up has a slight green tinge to it, is it possible that this is some oil from the Ramair filter just trickling down as the engine gets hot? It seems...
  8. Boog

    RAMAIR, so easy a Caveman/Boog can do it

    @rainman said I could do it so I did. I watched the Wayne Newton Video which made it look easy despite him having to pause for beer. So to start, I took off the seat, bear claw and lifted the tank. That looks like a lot of room under there but it isn't at all. The pliers are pointing at...
  9. Penner

    Ramair Filter HP Restriction

    I have done some tests recently with a tuned Rocket. What I found was that the Ramair filter works pretty good up to about 170-180 rwhp and then starts to restrict power severely. (It is much better than the stock airbox and filter.) If you are just doing some light tuning with exhaust and...
  10. tripX

    air sensors Ramair

    Fitted Ramair and cat delete single open muffler. The is a sensor in the Ramair intake I noticed there is one in the old airbox as well . what if anything should be done with this sensor. Cheers
  11. Kevin frazier


    A lot of chatter about ram air lately, so I wanted to share this tidbit. We all know that the ramair is a great product, when you use there products to clean and oil they stay like new, they clean up all that plumbing and open up air box for storage. But what I wanted to pass along there...
  12. Timbo

    Ramair tune

    Hi all, So with all the love I’m giving my rocket at the moment with the clutch, wheels and whatnot I was reading up about the Ramair helping with backfiring on the overrun and bought one. 1. Does it help?? My exhaust is almost straight through and backfires a lot. There is no cat either. 2...
  13. rainman


    Just installed the ramair filters and doing the 12 minutes tune
  14. Kerberos

    Best tune options for Ramair and outlaw shorty exhaust

    Despite my original desire to keep the bike as stock as possible, the mod bug has already bitten. After reading so many threads about stock intake/muffler restrictions, combined with a desire to also improve both performance and sound, I decided to swap intake and exhaust. I’ve seen several...
  15. chrisw

    Ramair > decat = Idle hunt

    Hi just finished adding Ramair and decat. loaded tune (HanSo) Question: I know the 02 sensor is in play at idle and the tune has O2 enabled. is the base narrow band 02 sensor able to relay info back to ECU quick enough to when air flow upgrades applied Reason for question: i have done a...
  16. tripX


    Just got the Ramair air filters did the 12 minute tune what a difference.the thing roars . it feels faster or is it just the roar
  17. Ralsmith

    Temp sensor short code after installing Ramair

    i installed Ramair but forgot to reconnect temp sensor first time I turned ignition on. ECU spat a code, I re connected sensor and still have same short or open code on temp sensor. How do I clear this code. Do I need to do three heat cycles on ride or is there a way to clear using tune ECU. I...
  18. vzrDean1800

    Ramair question

    Hi All, sorry if this is a dumb question. I'm new to the rocket family. I have a 2012 R3R with TOR's. The previous owner tells me it has a tune on it that derestricts 1st to 3rd gears? I assume he has the secondaries opened to 100%? I'll have to get a cable and download the map to see. Anyhow...
  19. ant

    Ramair filter IAT sensor hole size ?

    I have been trying to purchase a rubber washer as shown on the parts list.Ramair are saying that the hole for the IAT sensor on the early filters were a larger hole and that was the reason for the washer. Is there anyone that knows for sure if only the early filters used the washers..I think...
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