1. 2016 Roadster with Platt 3 into 1 and Ramair tune

    Hello everyone, I'm a new owner, the previous owner had installed the RamAir and a Carpenter Racing Sidewinder Exhaust. After destroying two pairs of pants on the first significant rides I had enough and pulled the pipes and installed a Dave Platt 3 into 1 long setup. I am trying to sort out the...
  2. JonesyVRUK

    Jonesy, Volunteer Riders UK, am looking for a map for 2010 R111 Roadster with TORS and Ramair. Its running like a bag of nails.

    Had the collector box removed. Been running rough since then. It's had a service and was checked over. I since again changed plugs, changed ramair filter, changed air induction sensor, cleaned lambada sensor, even tried redex. I have a pcv to use if it is likely to make a difference. When I...
  3. Cor

    2011 Roadster Viking 3-1 Ramair Popping

    Hello, new here. Just got i believe a previous members bike here after searching lol. Anyways it is a 2011 r3 roadster with 3to1 viking and ramiair. On start up it really doesn't like cold starts and almost stalls out a few times until warm. While riding the headers seem extremely hot, I know...
  4. 2016 Roadster with TORS, mid pipe, and Ramair

    Just picked up a 2016 Rocket III Roadster and put the Ramair kit on, David Platt mid pipe, and TORS slipons on the bike. Looking for a map for it now. I've read as many posts as I can but can't seem to find one for the later model roadsters outside of the 20773 which seems like it's still fairly...
  5. jake shaw

    Oil for Ramair Filter

    Has anyone used K & N filter oil on a Ramair filter? Is it ok to use?
  6. tootall92

    dyno tuning in or around Arkansas

    hello everyone I'm kind of at my wits end in regards to trying to get my 12 roadster tuned correctly it has a fairly common set carpenter exhaust, ram air filter, deleted secondaries and I have tried the carpenter tune he sent with the exhaust, a tune from power commanders website supposedly for...
  7. Kaban50

    Rocket III Touring exhaust and Ramair

    Hello! A little bit about the improvements of my Triumph Rocket III Touring. There was a desire to add a little power without rebuild the engine. So I installed a full Jardine exhaust system, Ramair intake and goes to the dino. I also made the link pipe from Jardine exhaust manifold to TOR...
  8. RJ Kegley

    Need PCV map for DP custom, crossover and Ramair

    Howdy fellas. Looking for a map to burn the storage gas out and get me to the tuner after I install the DP double customs (full length), crossover pipe and Ramair. Mr. Dougal is a 2017 R3R. From what I'm reading on here, a Ramair/TORS map should get it close. Once I get it custom tuned, I'll...
  9. jjerdonjr


    I installed the RanAir system on me 2012 R3T, did the 12 tune and now my MPG are cut in half. Doing a Bun Burner it 2 week and definitely want the better economy. For the most part she is still stock. Is there a tune that will address this issue without putting the limitations to hold it back?
  10. RockOn

    RamAir and Expansion Tank

    I've removed the stock air plenum on my '06 classic and preparing to install a RamAir unit. Now, of course, it occurs to me that the expansion tank might block airflow to the filter. Do I need to move the tank or can it stay in place? I've done a forum search and see people have relocated the...
  11. CrzystghndKC

    Ramair out of stock everywhere? NOT

    Just curious if anybody heard anything about Ramair going out of business or similar situation. Was going to install on my 05 and they are unavailable out of stock on FleaBay and you can't order from Ramair direct. What's up? Anybody heard?
  12. KalSaint

    2011 R3R Ramair & Viking Exhaust Dyno Results

    Evening Everybody, Just picked up the bike from G P Bikes in Melbourne, FL after getting new tires put on and dyno tuned. 2011 Roadster with Ramair and full 3:1 Viking Exhaust. 20355 KN TORS.hex map used as base. Initial pull: 143.16 HP & 145.47 ft-lbs Final Result: 147.21 HP & 152.66 ft-lbs...
  13. Apollo 18

    RAMAIR and claw cut

    Waiting for the sidewinders as I write this...... tick tok tick tok lol it's torture. Anyway just got the Ramair mounted while I wait. And so it begins 😈
  14. Apollo 18

    Map for carpenter sidewinder and ramair

    Hey guys it's warming up around here was able to get my first cruise in, been a long winter... anyway I want to get a set of carpenter sidewinders with a ramair set up and wanted to know if the Roadster_Jardine3K&N_a.hex tune would be a good start I have never tuned with my tune ecu so a bit...
  15. Rocketeer4life

    RAMAIR filter w/t aftermarket exhaust Tune?

    Hello' I am a new member. Have a R3 touring. Purchased a ramair filter upgrade kit. Will be purchasing aftermarket exhaust silencers, to remove stock mufflers while keeping stock manifold. Currently have installed a O2 sensor removal kit. Question being what tunes are available or best for this...
  16. Erik

    For Sale Ramair filter SOLD

    Ramair filter kit for Rocket III Air filter, breather filter, extensions cable and clips. Good condition. 100 Eur + shipping.
  17. tattoo001

    Ces pipes and ramair tune

    Gday guys, so I've got a set of the ces 'race' system with a ramair kit to put on my 2014 roadster.... After screwing up with the pipes (I was looking at viking exhausts), I went with ces as I thought they were the largest diameter pipes available at 2 1/4. I since found out that its only at...
  18. RamAir Problem ?

    Hello All, Any help will be greatly appreciated. I changed the valve cover gasket which took longer than I wanted mainly because I didn't have a torque wrench handy. I think I was able to finally properly torque all the bolts correctly. While I was waiting for my torque wrench to show up I...
  19. Monsterlandy


    Hi guys. I’m new on here and recently bought a 2005 model. I’ve added Tor’s,a cat bypass and a Ramair system. I’m booked in for a re-map by a triumph dealer for the tor’s and bypass tomorrow,but will I need a re-map for the Ramair? Also I’ve been advised to trim the bear claw to allow a cooler...
  20. Joesmoe

    Resource Download 2004-2009 RAMAir, stock headers [do NOT use on later bikes]

    This map was shared by @warp9.9 to @vindex1963 for his bike. The bike was subsequently dyno'd. 2006 Classic, Ram Air, cat bypass, homebuilt mufflers, 20222_2SA base tune Custom dyno tune Power Commander-V 140hp 154tq CANNOT be used on ROADSTERS or Touring