1. Triple Red

    New Zard Exhaust

    Well took the plunge and purchased the Zard exhaust race version no cat and took the so called baffles out (see pics) no idea if they make any difference? Fitting was fairly straightforward following their you tube video but there are a couple of issues, firstly the qualities of the carbon fibre...
  2. 512EB243-38DF-4206-9255-139ECC620D4F.jpeg


    Original full black with Zard exhaust and mine
  3. JJA Guns

    Anybody running a zard sport exhaust

    The bike I just picked up has the Zard sport exhaust and I guess what would be considered the factory tune for an aftermarket exhaust. Not sure if anything is done intake side. But planning on running the Ramair set up. Gonna take it to Nels over at 2 wheel dyno works and get it dyno tuned once...
  4. Samo1029

    Zard and a ramair? Help?

    Could anybody point me in the right direction of a zard and ramair tune or something that would work with it? I would appreciate any help no matter how small! Thanks from a newbie!