fuel pump

  1. JKrull66

    fuel pump

    i see fowlers is out of stock. ebay has several questionable offers. Whats the go too? I first figured injectors so had those cleaned and calibrated. got the cheapy pressure test kit off ebay. 8 lbs prob a bit short of 43. Thanks John Texas
  2. IMBatmon68

    2011 R3 Touring Fuel Pump

    As mentioned in another post I am restoring a 2011 R3T that had been sitting about a year. The inside of the gas tank was horrible and have to rebuild the whole fuel assembly. Has anyone had to replace their fuel pump and filter and if so where did you buy it? Am also looking for that brillo...
  3. Earthquake

    Fuel pump question 09” classic

    I took my fuel pump out to get my tank powder coated along with the rest of the bike it was a son of a gun to get it out I’m thinking I bent what I can only assume is fuel light sensor is this supposed to look like this or is this supposed to bend forward and clip into the circle point anyone...
  4. Fuel pump etc.

    Hi Everyone...New to the site, but have had my 05 R3 since new. As a matter fact, it was 1 of the 1st 200 to hit the US. Now 18 yrs and 20k miles later.... she just refuses to start after being stored for a couple of yrs ( my health reasons) . 1st it was the pump not cycling...fix that by...
  5. Mike Rocket

    Draining fuel pump

    Just a question. If you want to park up the bike for maybe a year, (2014 Roadster) is it possible to remove all of the fuel from the fuel pump without removing it, or is there another way to clean out the pump apart from fuel stabiliser to ensure the fuel wont degenerate and block the system...
  6. Wdugan9080

    Fuel pump relay R3T 08

    Had problem's lately, hard starting, shutting down while riding and starting right back up, finally stranded at girlfriends house, slept on the couch was going to pickup with trailer next day. Ran out in morning, got jumping cable's, either and WD-40, Had a test tight. Sprayed either in air box...
  7. TURBO200R4

    fuel pump

    i need info fuel pump pressure on early rocket fuel pump part numbers aftermarket ? i remember reading threads but i could not find them links? thanks for helping
  8. Ridefree

    Fly lead fuel pump wire

    Hi all, I was replacing my fuel pump and discovered I had a broken pin on the end of the fly lead that plugs into the plate. The other end that plugs into the pump looks fine. So I am looking for a new Fly lead. I thought of trying to find new pins and soldering one onto the end what’s the...
  9. Mike Rocket

    Cleaning out Injectors and Fuel pump

    Just a small technical question. Can anybody tell me how i can remove all the fuel from the injectors and the fuel pump to prep for storage to prevent the gum up problems you get with E10 fuel? I do not want to strip the bike down. Any advice would be welcome please. Sorry, i seem to have posted...
  10. Mike Rocket

    Fuel pump and injectors

    If i want to store a bike for a year or more, if i drain the fuel tank completely and then spin the engine over on the starter for a couple of turns will all of the fuel in the pump and injectors be expelled and then they won't gum up? Sorry if this is a stupid question but i am not sure if the...
  11. Seeking a replacement fuel pump resource

    I left my old one in stale gas back in the Bush administration, and it drowned, and I don't have the patience (or the 177 dollars) to get a new one from the nearest Triumph dealer. I'm thinking of replacing it with a Quantum, about seventy bucks delivered. Does anyone have sage advice to offer...
  12. Need Info on Fuel Pump Electrical Connector + question on discoloration

    Q. Does anyone know what an aftermarket connector would be for the fuel pump plug on the wiring harness side??? I disassembled the tank/throttle bodies to put new O-rings in the Oil tank and one of the wires broke right at the connector. I have soldered it and got the bike running (well, aside...
  13. Jimbeamrye

    Fuel Pump assembly?

    I need to replace my 2007 R3 fuel pump assembly, which includes the fuel gauge sending unit, basically I'd like the whole thing. Thought someone might know someone with a wrecked bike that has parts for sale here in the States?