fuel pump

  1. Mike Rocket

    Cleaning out Injectors and Fuel pump

    Just a small technical question. Can anybody tell me how i can remove all the fuel from the injectors and the fuel pump to prep for storage to prevent the gum up problems you get with E10 fuel? I do not want to strip the bike down. Any advice would be welcome please. Sorry, i seem to have posted...
  2. Mike Rocket

    Fuel pump and injectors

    If i want to store a bike for a year or more, if i drain the fuel tank completely and then spin the engine over on the starter for a couple of turns will all of the fuel in the pump and injectors be expelled and then they won't gum up? Sorry if this is a stupid question but i am not sure if the...
  3. Seeking a replacement fuel pump resource

    I left my old one in stale gas back in the Bush administration, and it drowned, and I don't have the patience (or the 177 dollars) to get a new one from the nearest Triumph dealer. I'm thinking of replacing it with a Quantum, about seventy bucks delivered. Does anyone have sage advice to offer...
  4. Need Info on Fuel Pump Electrical Connector + question on discoloration

    Q. Does anyone know what an aftermarket connector would be for the fuel pump plug on the wiring harness side??? I disassembled the tank/throttle bodies to put new O-rings in the Oil tank and one of the wires broke right at the connector. I have soldered it and got the bike running (well, aside...
  5. Jimbeamrye

    Fuel Pump assembly?

    I need to replace my 2007 R3 fuel pump assembly, which includes the fuel gauge sending unit, basically I'd like the whole thing. Thought someone might know someone with a wrecked bike that has parts for sale here in the States?