1. Mike Rocket

    Fuel pump and injectors

    If i want to store a bike for a year or more, if i drain the fuel tank completely and then spin the engine over on the starter for a couple of turns will all of the fuel in the pump and injectors be expelled and then they won't gum up? Sorry if this is a stupid question but i am not sure if the...
  2. Gcarleton

    Injectors, clean or replace

    Hello all. I am the proud owner of an 05 r3 with only 10k on it, I just bought it from the 2nd owner who let it sit for over a year without riding it.Needless to say the fuel was junk and she wouldn't start. The road so far: 1 drain the tank fill with sacrificial fuel drain, replace the spark...
  3. wjb

    Fuel injectors

    This is my first fuel injected bike and I have some questions about it. My supercharged Mustang has injectors sized for the blower it came with. If I were to upgrade to a larger supercharger and add an additional 5+ pounds of boost I would have to upgrade my injectors from 47 lb/hr to 57...
  4. rangerbob56

    Needed valve adjustment, fuel injectors, exhaust leak………

    How can I identify that “ticka-ticka-ticka” sound coming from my engine? I have a 2012 Roadster, and it seems like the noise has been there all along. I get different opinions from everyone; valves that need adjusting or it’s just the fuel injectors and it’s normal (both from a dealer, whom I...
  5. Seanii Plunkett

    RIII Roadster fuel injectors

    Hello All, The bike was running like a pig on a return run to Guyra from Byron Bay the other day and much trouble shooting has narrowed the problem down to a malfunctioning fuel injector. Triumph Australia want $330AUD for one injector. Question is, are the ones on the Rocket ( 2010 Roadster)...
  6. Skanska161

    For sale

    Triumph Rocket 3 Stock Air Box | eBay Triumph Rocket 3 Wiring Harness | eBay Triumph Rocket 3 Fuel Rail W/ Injectors | eBay Triumph Rocket 3 Stock Mid Pipe (CAT) | eBay Triumph Rocket 3 Genuine Windscreen | eBay Triumph Rocket 3 Touring Stock Pipes | eBay triumph rocket3...
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