1. Ishrub

    Stainless micromesh reusable oil Filter

    @albertaduke will be proud of me! ;):roll: I think his and this is the original version before the cheaper knockoffs. I picked up one of these FLO PCS1 versions on Gumtree for Au$85 (US$60) delivered from Qld with 2 new O-rings, used for two oil changes so if they don't wear out that is hardly...
  2. jmd60

    Filtre haute performance

    j'ai fait fabriquer le premier filtre haute performance pour notre rocket 3 2.5L par la société Green Filter en France qui se trouve à coté de chez moi et concurrente de K&N filter USA gagner sur la consommation meilleure performance surtout en couple
  3. TORS and RAM AIR filter tune?

    First of all sorry if this is a repeat but I’m not very knowledgeable on tunes at all and suck at the internet in general. I have a 2013 R3R that I purchased used with TORS already on it and it only had 954 miles when I bought it so I’m thinking it already had the right tune for the TORS, but...
  4. mexican

    K&N filter fitment

    Pardon my ifnorance but,,, after a lot of research from forum members i went ahead and ordered the k&n rx-4040 filters, what they forgot to tell me is that the bear claw was not going to work anymore😖 What is people doing in this case? I dont mind running the bike without it but, is the rain...
  5. Rocketeer4life

    RAMAIR filter w/t aftermarket exhaust Tune?

    Hello' I am a new member. Have a R3 touring. Purchased a ramair filter upgrade kit. Will be purchasing aftermarket exhaust silencers, to remove stock mufflers while keeping stock manifold. Currently have installed a O2 sensor removal kit. Question being what tunes are available or best for this...
  6. maurice

    Air Filter Change

    Anyone change theres yet? Easy? Any tips?
  7. Erik

    For Sale Ramair filter SOLD

    Ramair filter kit for Rocket III Air filter, breather filter, extensions cable and clips. Good condition. 100 Eur + shipping.
  8. Engine oil and filter

    Would like everyone's recommendations on engine oil viscosity and brand to use. Have an 05 rocket III with approx. 350 miles on complete build. Have always used Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10w-40 and usually a Wix filter. I have read several articles about using heaver viscosity oils and different...
  9. buddazero

    Bike feels different-Ram Air Filter Kit

    Hey Everyone, I've been riding for 3 years and I still have a lot to learn, so I apologize in advance if what I'm about to say sounds stupid. I went to the dealership and had them install the Ram Air Filter Kit, I didn't wanna install it myself because I would have messed it up ( still...
  10. mando

    air filter

    has anybody done a measurement on the airfilter yet? I'm pretty sure K&N has a panel filter that fits, just need to know the size so before I take mine apart I raise the question here
  11. maurice

    Oil change filter problem

    This is probably obvious to most, but on my 600 mile oil change I did not change oil filter. Manual said remove 2 front screws, tilt cowl forward to get to filter. I took out screws, removed plastic around the screen or air filter. Then removed the screen that snaps in place. It was not obvious...
  12. maurice

    Oil Filter Size Question

    Does the purolator PBL14610 (2.75 inch) fit these new bikes? Thanks!
  13. Radz94

    TuneECU v2.5.5

    TuneECU v2.5.5 . I have a 2006 rocket iii and just installed K&N Filter and stock exhaust. Can run diagnostics and some tests. Can't seem to see or load maps. Thinking TuneECU v2.5.5 will work. I am running v2.5.8. just getting started as a horsepower junkie
  14. chris haentjens

    2.5 oil filter part #

    I for the life of me cannot find the triumph part# for our bikes. Does anyone have it available? Thanks a ton!
  15. Penner

    Ramair Filter HP Restriction

    I have done some tests recently with a tuned Rocket. What I found was that the Ramair filter works pretty good up to about 170-180 rwhp and then starts to restrict power severely. (It is much better than the stock airbox and filter.) If you are just doing some light tuning with exhaust and...
  16. Tal

    2020 Rocket oil filter

    Those of you who have your bikes may be able to enlighten me...what is the brand and number of the oil filter on these new bikes?
  17. Boog

    Soaking wet air filter

    I left work a few days ago during a hard rain. Brahma was not acting right, kind of a stutter on acceleration. A few minutes later I was on the freeway at speed and didn't give it another thought. The next day, I fired him up and rode a about 50 m and the check engine light came on. As I...
  18. ant

    Ramair filter IAT sensor hole size ?

    I have been trying to purchase a rubber washer as shown on the parts list.Ramair are saying that the hole for the IAT sensor on the early filters were a larger hole and that was the reason for the washer. Is there anyone that knows for sure if only the early filters used the washers..I think...
  19. mickm7

    filter mods

    the start of my mods...just finished triple k&n filters removed all original duct, added dobeck unit removed secondary butterflies supertrapp 3 into 1,manufactured by me..waiting on cams ,should finish engine mods.. what a difference.:D...fixed my cold start hi lo idle... still have not fixed...
  20. Kevin frazier

    **SOLD** K&N filter

    underseat filter used a few hundred miles, very clean 20.00 if somebody needs if that’s too much just tell me no problem, I was just gonna buy some more bourbon that’s all