oil filter

  1. Mahle oil filter?

    Does anyone know if the chrome cover fits on the Mahle oil filter? Other threads indicate that Wix is the go to, but I can't find one available.
  2. Antek

    FLO re-useable oil filters

    Anyone run one of these Flo Oil Filter on their R3? I've used them on all my Harleys and they are capable of reducing oil temperature by a few degrees.
  3. chris haentjens

    2.5 oil filter part #

    I for the life of me cannot find the triumph part# for our bikes. Does anyone have it available? Thanks a ton!
  4. Tal

    2020 Rocket oil filter

    Those of you who have your bikes may be able to enlighten me...what is the brand and number of the oil filter on these new bikes?
  5. CrzystghndKC

    Oil change rebate

    sorry could download the actual form but you get the idea.