1. tribal

    Help: Need Correct oil level min/max marks on aftermarket oil temperature dipstick

    Hello. Does anyone use this temperature dipstick below (from Newbonneville.com)?? Normally I change my oil at home and use my OEM dipstick to check oil levels. I meant to scratch some marks on the temperature dipstick but never did - the marks on it are not correct for an R3. I changed my...
  2. Choche

    Coolant Temperature Issue

    Finally got some time off work and decided to change the coolant on my Rocket Roadster. Never changed it before; anyway, plugged in DealerTool and turned on the bike to get a pattern of what the bike coolant temp readings are. By the way, the radiator is full along with the overflow bottle...
  3. Hubguru

    Coolant or Oil Temp Gauge Recommendation

    Hi All, I have a 1017 R3R, looking for an oil or coolant temperature gauge. I found a couple online: Triumph Rocket III Oil Temperature Guage. Motorcycle, Gauge, CHROME, CARBON - A9610020 | Cross Country Cycle, Metuchen NJ Koso North America Super Slim Temperature Gauge - BA024B11 Dirt Bike...
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