1. RockOn

    Coolant Temp Gauge?

    Riding back to my inland home from the beach two days ago the temp was 105 + at my house. Within a few miles of my home after traveling approximately 50 miles from the beach, where I am guesing temps were near 90, my engine was so hot I had to spread my legs (very un-lady-like) at a 90 degree...
  2. RazMan

    Aftermarket fuel gauge?

    I am still on my quest to get my aftermarket fuel gauge working. I fitted a Koso RXF 'all in one' unit to replace the faulty speedo (odometer display dead) and generally update the looks a little. Anyway, everything works brilliantly except for the fuel gauge. The problem appears to be the way...
  3. RazMan

    Fuel gauge wiring

    As part of my new Koso RXF install, I am trying to figure out the fuel gauge part and which wire is the right one to get the level reading from. As far as I can tell, the wires go as follows: RU = +12V GR = ? B = Earth BG = ? So which one is it - BG or GR ? Any help appreciated as always.
  4. Reginarocket3

    Gas gauge not working

    After a long Canadian prairie winter my 2011 R3 gas gauge indicator is not working. Fuse issue ?? Help
  5. Chip

    Oil pressure gauge.

    I have a new (to me) 2015 R3T. This bike has just over 2000 miles on the odometer. When I start the engine the low oil light stays on for a few seconds, flickers then goes out. I would like to put a oil pressure gauge on the engine. Question: where can I tap in at?
  6. Jallen3.14

    Replacement rubber gasket for fuel gauge.

    I need a rubber gasket for the fuel gauge for a 2005, and I can only find the whole assembly. Anyone have any ideas?
  7. jake shaw

    No Fuel Gauge or Sweep

    Posting for a freind with a 15 Touring. Bike in a cold garage all winter. Dead battery when he went to start it. Charged battery (12.68) Bike started but no sweep of gauges, no fuel gauge or trip settings. We let bike go through numerous hot cycles (fan on) but no gauges. He is taking bike to...
  8. Bigwalleye

    Gauge relocation

    Who has relocated their gauges? I like the idea of moving down by the bear claw. Are all the custom relocation brackets custom made?
  9. James Wildman

    2018 Rocket 3 fuel gauge not showing fuel

    Hi all, So I went and bought a ram-air intake system for my rocket. Fuel gauge worked fine before installation. Installed the new intake and EVERYTHING is reconnected. Turned it on and did the idle tune as the instructions said. The bike at the time had half a tank left so it looked and sounded...
  10. Tripps

    Another weird Touring issue: fuel gauge

    So I had my bike around 4 years, fuel gauge worked fine, or at least same as everyone else's. Got the Carpenter package, picked it up, filled it several times on the way home, when full it only read 5/8 of a tank. I called Bob and got a party line/ BS answer "we didn't do anything that could...
  11. HxNutMike

    Voltage gauge readings question

    I replaced the stock headlights with LEDs. I then snipped off the plug for the one of the original parking lights and wired in a cheap gauge off of Ebay that reads volts. My question is, is it normal for voltage to jump from 13.5 to 14.4 to 13.8 to 14.2 and so on, changing every couple of...
  12. Hubguru

    Coolant or Oil Temp Gauge Recommendation

    Hi All, I have a 1017 R3R, looking for an oil or coolant temperature gauge. I found a couple online: Triumph Rocket III Oil Temperature Guage. Motorcycle, Gauge, CHROME, CARBON - A9610020 | Cross Country Cycle, Metuchen NJ Koso North America Super Slim Temperature Gauge - BA024B11 Dirt Bike...
  13. TXtriple

    Want to Buy Roadster Gauge Bracket -- US

    Hey y'all...I'm looking for the bracket that the gauges mount to on a later R3R. Tried one from a Classic and it was too short and stainless. I think the later models use aluminum. Thinking someone might have one laying around after switching bars or adding risers maybe. Thanks!
  14. K&N

    Dead gas gauge post tuning..

    Apologies if this is a repeat, however, after an ECU update, the averaging circuit for the gas gauge can be discharged and take some time to ramp up. Don't worry, the gauge will start working again after driving a while. Cheers.
  15. Ham42

    Want to Buy Fuel gauge

    I know they are rare but need a fuel gauge to balance out my look. Don't really care if it works!!
  16. JOCK

    Fuel Gauge

    Hi All, I have a rocket iii classic 2006 and trying to get a fuel gauge. the part number A9938050 shows for the 2013 model Roadster, Do this part fit the 2006 model ? and if so does it just plug and play? Thanks
  17. Jared

    Fuel gauge

    Just took delivery of my 2012 R3 Roadster. As I was riding it around and turning into the alley, it stalled, which was also unusual, but maybe I need to get used to this bike's clutch/engine dynamics? Anyway, after that stall I noticed the fuel level gauge was completely void of any bars. Upon...
  18. leatal

    52mm gauge choice?

    Thinking about installing a 52mm gauge between the speedo and tach. Smiths flight series gauges (Www.digital-speedos.co.uk) look very close to OEM but give way too many gauge options for me to choose. So I need to gather a little knowledge from some of the sharpest Rocket Captains on the planet.
  19. Benevolent Bob


    Looking for a triumph fuel gauge for a 2007 rocket 3
  20. sonny

    Fuel gauge.

    Replaced the sender unit about a month ago. No problems. Just added new hand grips and levers. In the process raised tank to adjust throttle cables. Filled the gas tank yesterday and bars on fuel gauge never moved. Now nothing is showing on the bar but low gas light is not on. (about half a...