Another weird Touring issue: fuel gauge

Discussion in 'General Tech Talk' started by Tripps, Jul 22, 2019.

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    So I had my bike around 4 years, fuel gauge worked fine, or at least same as everyone else's. Got the Carpenter package, picked it up, filled it several times on the way home, when full it only read 5/8 of a tank. I called Bob and got a party line/ BS answer "we didn't do anything that could have possibly caused that". Um, you went into the tank and changed the fuel pump, didn't you?
    I figured they bent the arm and it was one of those things that I figured I'd get to eventually, but never did. At Maggie Valley this year, after four years of 100% never reading full, it started reading full, and now works 100% of the time. I'm baffled, is there anything in there that could move around and obstruct the arm? Based on how I understand that it works, guessing a potentiometer, only thing I can think of is that riding the Dragon the bike was leaned more than it ever had been, something moved? But I had tank up before I left, that didn't make an immediate difference.
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