fuel gauge

  1. MtlSteve

    Bummed out days before inspection for registration of my R3T

    Good day group. Took my R3T for it's last pre-inspection ride to ensure everything works. Everything was perfect. So tonight after dinner I went to load her in the trailer (because they are calling for snow inspection day here) and as I started her up I noticed the fuel gauge no longer works...
  2. brsmits

    Speedo/Fuel Needle Failure 2013 Touring

    Recently installed a Lithium Battery after taking a 9 month hiatus and did a few laps of the Valley. ~20 miles. Everything was going good until both the speedo and fuel gauge just died mid ride. Bike rode the same all the way home. I did take note that after the speedo died, the odometer and...
  3. RazMan

    Fuel gauge wiring

    As part of my new Koso RXF install, I am trying to figure out the fuel gauge part and which wire is the right one to get the level reading from. As far as I can tell, the wires go as follows: RU = +12V GR = ? B = Earth BG = ? So which one is it - BG or GR ? Any help appreciated as always.
  4. Jimbeamrye

    Fuel Pump assembly?

    I need to replace my 2007 R3 fuel pump assembly, which includes the fuel gauge sending unit, basically I'd like the whole thing. Thought someone might know someone with a wrecked bike that has parts for sale here in the States?
  5. Jallen3.14

    Replacement rubber gasket for fuel gauge.

    I need a rubber gasket for the fuel gauge for a 2005, and I can only find the whole assembly. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. jake shaw

    No Fuel Gauge or Sweep

    Posting for a freind with a 15 Touring. Bike in a cold garage all winter. Dead battery when he went to start it. Charged battery (12.68) Bike started but no sweep of gauges, no fuel gauge or trip settings. We let bike go through numerous hot cycles (fan on) but no gauges. He is taking bike to...
  7. James Wildman

    2018 Rocket 3 fuel gauge not showing fuel

    Hi all, So I went and bought a ram-air intake system for my rocket. Fuel gauge worked fine before installation. Installed the new intake and EVERYTHING is reconnected. Turned it on and did the idle tune as the instructions said. The bike at the time had half a tank left so it looked and sounded...
  8. Tripps

    Another weird Touring issue: fuel gauge

    So I had my bike around 4 years, fuel gauge worked fine, or at least same as everyone else's. Got the Carpenter package, picked it up, filled it several times on the way home, when full it only read 5/8 of a tank. I called Bob and got a party line/ BS answer "we didn't do anything that could...
  9. Ham42

    Want to Buy Fuel gauge

    I know they are rare but need a fuel gauge to balance out my look. Don't really care if it works!!
  10. JOCK

    Fuel Gauge

    Hi All, I have a rocket iii classic 2006 and trying to get a fuel gauge. the part number A9938050 shows for the 2013 model Roadster, Do this part fit the 2006 model ? and if so does it just plug and play? Thanks
  11. Jared

    Fuel gauge

    Just took delivery of my 2012 R3 Roadster. As I was riding it around and turning into the alley, it stalled, which was also unusual, but maybe I need to get used to this bike's clutch/engine dynamics? Anyway, after that stall I noticed the fuel level gauge was completely void of any bars. Upon...
  12. Benevolent Bob


    Looking for a triumph fuel gauge for a 2007 rocket 3
  13. sonny

    Fuel gauge.

    Replaced the sender unit about a month ago. No problems. Just added new hand grips and levers. In the process raised tank to adjust throttle cables. Filled the gas tank yesterday and bars on fuel gauge never moved. Now nothing is showing on the bar but low gas light is not on. (about half a...
  14. English Tim

    Fuel gauge stopped working R3T

    Battery went flat, so recharged all ok. Fuel gauge was working fine until I fired up after recharging and now just reads zero. Tank at 75% full btw. Any ideas folks? Cheers Tim
  15. Navigator

    Whaked Out Fuel Gauge

    Having previously owned a Rocket Classic I'm no neophyte to the oddities of the Rocket fuel gauges but I just discovered a goofy characteristic on my 2009 Touring. Just because of the miserable cold and rainy weather here in the Pacific Northwest, I've not been able to get out on the freeway...
  16. Boony

    Speedo, Odometer, indicators and Fuel Gauge stopped working

    I had a look through the Forums but could not find an answer to this problem. I installed new T-bars but needed to move the Speedo and Tacho forward slightly. I removed the instruments and drilled the mounting hole a bit further up to allow the handlebars to lean over further. I carefully...
  17. John Ward

    Inacurate Fuel Gauge?

    Hi I have the fuel gauge on my rocket and filled it to the top... the gauge read full.... 95 miles of steady riding the gauge was in the red... I thought bloody hell this thing drinks more than I do, so headed off to the gas station. I brimmed the tank again but it only took 12.71 litres...
  18. Pablouk

    Want to Buy Clock, fuel gauge wanted.

    I am looking for fuel gauge and time clock, dealers Don't seem to be able to get them at the moment. Anyone selling?
  19. motolink

    Fuel gauge will not read full

    Since playing around with trying to get the auto tune working I disconnected the battery then after filling the fuel twice the fuel gauge will not show full.it even calculates the the km to empty on the three quarters of a tank. It does not really bother me as I work on the km traveled to fill...
  20. StuUK

    Connecting a none triumph fuel gauge??

    Hi All I'm a new owner of a 2004 standard R3 Well it was standard, has ramair, no cat and shortie exhausts. Im trying to figure out how to connect an aftermarket fuel gauge but struggling to get anything usable from the r3's level sensor. I can see from the schematic that the level sensor...