1. Speedometer Accuracy 2022 Rocket R3

    I"ve got a 2022 Rocket R3 with just over 600 miles. I use Waze on my phone to alert me of traffic issues to and from work. I recently noticed that the Rocket's speedometer was reading between 4 to 6 mph faster than what Waze was indicating my speed at. For instance, traveling down the highway...
  2. brsmits

    Speedo/Fuel Needle Failure 2013 Touring

    Recently installed a Lithium Battery after taking a 9 month hiatus and did a few laps of the Valley. ~20 miles. Everything was going good until both the speedo and fuel gauge just died mid ride. Bike rode the same all the way home. I did take note that after the speedo died, the odometer and...
  3. Wdugan9080

    Trip and clock resetting everytime you turn bike off and on???

    Hi everyone, just got the 2008 R3T and was checking what plugs were in it and if they were worn, disconnected the speedometer/instruments on tank to get tank up and forgot to disconnect battery first, then when I connected the instruments back up, the speedometer, fuel gauge, signal cancelling...
  4. Rockt3

    Speedometer not working

    Hoping someone can help me out . Finishing up a rebuild project . It's a 2015 Touring that had been hit broadside on the forks . Twisted the frame pretty bad. Long story short I replaced the frame and forks . Got every thing back together everything works except the Speedometer. I figured...
  5. Crazy Canuck

    Speedometer Calibration

    I have confirmed that the speedometer on my bike (R3 GT) is approximately 10% higher than the actual speed/distance and as such my Odometer will be 10% high. Does anyone know of a way to calibrate the speedometer on these bikes yet? Thanks
  6. technoguppy

    My Rocket 3 GT Speedometer is out!

    My Rocket 3 GT Speedometer is out! When doing 120kph (via GPS and phone) my R3GT speedometer reads 128kph. An 8kph delta, that's 5mph. I called the dealer and the service person said "Yeah they do it like that on purpose!" To which I asked "Can I get it fixed?" to which he replied "Nope...
  7. leatal

    Speedometer top speed?

    OK, kind of funny but fun story. Went riding with a couple of very young (21-22 year old) kids yesterday. You know the type, very little talking, just texting and bragging how fast their bikes were. Both riding tiny sport bikes, Ninja 300 and a Honda CBR 600. We all know what happened, off they...
  8. cktire

    Speedo trouble on Touring Model

    I have a 2008 R3 Touring model that I have had problems with the speedo. I have combed this site and seen others have had the same problem that I'm experiencing but I can't seem to find a solution. I had my bike parked outside during a heavy rain storm. My speedo gauge filled up with water. I...
  9. Speedometer sensor for Rocket3

    I have a 2008 Rocket with only 10,000 miles. Speedometer suddenly just stopped working. All other lights and gauges are working fine. Speedometer and odometer are not moving at all. Is there a sensor somewhere I should be looking at or a wiring harness connection?
  10. Boog

    Speedometer quit, now repaired (with help from friends)

    About 45.6 miles to be exact into a rainy ride, the speedometer quit. 8 to 10 minutes later I noticed the check engine light on. When I stopped, I checked all fused are goid and no signs of water intrusion under the seat. I was hitting 2 to 3 inch deep water at speed. Waves of splash came over...
  11. Davefitz

    Speedometer not working, all lights on in that clock

    hello all. Looking for some help here. I have a 2005 rocket and the left clock, the speedometer side, is not working. The warning lights stay on all the time. I have seen this issue posted before but can’t find it. Has anyone had this issue and resolved it? Any help would be appreciated
  12. Chris Sutherland

    Speedometer clock

    Hi everyone, I have an issue with the left clock on my 2008 rocket classic. It's the 1 with the Speedo. When I start the bike the clock lights up engine management light stays on oil light stays on and the LCD display shows 888888. Anyone seen this before or know how to fix it. I plugged my...
  13. britman

    Speedometer has died

    The speedo on my 2005 Rocket died today on the way to work. The mileage indicator window is becoming very dim and the needle does not move at all. I have also lost the sweep feature when the key is turned on, but the tach will sweep after the engine starts. I have researched the prior threads...
  14. Weird speedometer issue

    OK guys. Sorry if this has been discussed before but I've searched everywhere and getting nowhere. So yesterday I switched the bike on and the tach did the normal sweep but the speedo swept all the way round and comes to a rest in random spots. Most of the time at 220kph, I know I'm not going...
  15. ZoneIII

    Speedometer reading 3 mph over. Any way to calibrate?

    I seem to remember reading here or somewhere else that it's common for R3 speedometers readings to be off. I've suspected that mine was reading about 3 mph over since I bought the bike and I was able to confirm that it is doing that recently. It's no big problem and I can live with it but if...
  16. Bee Aitch Pee

    A specific speedometer issue...911

    Ok, so my 2005 Rocket 3 has about 16,000 miles on it. This summer, out of the blue the speedometer quit working. On start up the needle sweeps, lights work but underway...no needle. No movement of the Odometer either...in fact, it now reads 911! So I figured, it’s throwing a code. Tons of...
  17. Brian Bracken


    Looking for a replacement working speedo for a 2006 R3
  18. Manic_Mechanic

    For Sale Roadster Tach and Speedometer combo

    I purchased a Roadster tach/speedo set thinking it was interchangeable with an 05 wire scheme. Need to sell or trade them so I can get the correct set.
  19. Kim Turner

    For Sale 2005 speedometer and parts for trade or whatever

    Bought a set of used clocks as I needed a tach for my 2007 Classic (Yes, know the face is different). Still have the speedo, mount, wiring loom, which I don't need. Everything works on it including the warning lights (I tried it out) BUT NOT THE ODOMETER readout. Would trade for another speedo...
  20. Dariusz1977

    Want to Buy Speedometer

    Mph speedometer needed new or used with low millage up to 10k.