1. Mongler07

    CAT exhaust failure?

    So this started with a rattle at just cold idle, once warm its gone, then it developed into a rattle that is all the time until warm then you can hear it at idle some times, NOW its also a slight lack of power, the exhaust gets hotter than usual under load next to my leg and NOW today i can...
  2. DrChris

    2008 RIII Tacho failure, obsolete, do later versions fit?

    Hi all. I reckon you guys can help me quickly here, my tacho has failed, all other functions work. Under warranty dealer has tried to order replacement but it's obsolete and triumph UK cancelled their backorder. They resorted to a gauge repairer who reckon the circuit board is fried (yet to...
  3. brsmits

    Speedo/Fuel Needle Failure 2013 Touring

    Recently installed a Lithium Battery after taking a 9 month hiatus and did a few laps of the Valley. ~20 miles. Everything was going good until both the speedo and fuel gauge just died mid ride. Bike rode the same all the way home. I did take note that after the speedo died, the odometer and...
  4. Prof Busa

    The Infamous Speedo, Odo, Fuel Gage, Horn Failure - Remedies...?

    Dear Members: I have been riding for over 30 years, and currently live in Singapore where prices of everything are insane. I bought a 2012 Rocket 3 Roadster from an ~80 year old "uncle" who could only speak Chinese. The bike looked great and ran perfect, though the rear tire was shot. Really...
  5. fastfun

    OBD II cableconnection failure

    Hello everyone, I get an issue connecting to TuneEcu with the blue OBD cable. On my laptop I open TuneEcu file but the flickering small bar at the bottom of the TuneEcu screen does not turn to green but after red flickering it stays on orange for a few moments and then checking out completely...
  6. mcather

    Intermittent Dash Failure at Start Up

    Hi Gang, I've had Intermittent Dash Failure at Start Up on my 2013 R3T lately where I turn the key on and get nothing. Turn key off and back on and most times it comes right back on. Everything works 9 out of 10 times. I'm afraid to ride it and get stranded. A few times I've thumped the chrome...
  7. albertaduke

    R3 gt 2021 failure!!

    I am rather baffled and mildly p.....ed off for the second time in 30 days since new my bike would not start .. first time had to trailer it to the dealer 70 miles away somehow main fuse blew now on saturday having lunch at a restaurant on a very hot day I cannot get the bike to start...
  8. G-Force Junkie

    Disco (Failure) lights:)

    Picked up my 2021 GT and put on the first 1000km. It's in for service and the install of all the bits they did not have when I picked it up. (It came lacking the mid controls, quick shift and panniers:) A block from the dealer, an indicator failure lit up (rear left). I took it right back but...
  9. Ishrub

    An unusual gear box failure?

    A story from facebook of a beautifully restored early 2005 with gear damage I have not seen posted here before. @warp9.9 may be able to provide a cause/analysis. Makes me feel glad I only had the shattered teeth of one 4th gear in my sump and no grindings!
  10. brazeagle

    New for the ROCKET

    Hello there, I am a lover of big engine bikes, and I am here to learn from you all out there about the new 2020 Rocket 3. I am ready to pull the trigger, got approved but did not yet sign the deal until sometime next week because of many large issues published about the bike, being: Engine...