1. PWGR3

    Is this the ignition switch issue?

    So when i first got my 07 classic in 16, everything worked. Eventually the odo stopped working and found it was a common issue; didn't think much else of it. Eventually the sweep stopped with key on, but would sweep when i tapped the start button. I removed the pc3 and put a tune on it with...
  2. Nat67


    looking for a Speedo for an 06 classic , can anyone help ? @Ishrub . This one will test ya ! ;)
  3. ozrider

    Want to Buy All Sorted..... Roadster speedo/tacho parts

    Bit of a long shot but I am looking for the back covers including parts #9&10 as well as the plastic mount #3 for Roadster 2010 and up for a project. Thanks
  4. mickm7

    touring speedo

    can anyone tell me if the touring Speedo is linked to the ecu .if it's not going to try fit to my classic.
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