1. johnreeder

    R3T clock, trip 1&2 looses memory.

    R3T clock, trip 1&2 looses memory everytime the ignition is turned off.
  2. Ignition Question

    Hello Everybody, I have a 2015 Roadster, I went on a weekend ride and the following happened as we were heading back: - I warmed up the bike in the morning (it was left outdoors in the hotel parking lot) - We headed to a gas station to fill up the tank - After filling the tank, I opened the...
  3. VoltaicVoltaire

    No Spark

    2008 Classic. I have been through all the no spark threads an no help to me. I have bypassed the ignition completely now, thinking it was the switch, and hot wired the blue/white to all the other ignition wires except orange using the keyless ignition instructions. lights up, power to the coils...
  4. shazaam

    Keyless ignition?

    Anyone tried this or can suggest something similar? EBay keyless ignition for rocket 3
  5. mtj1

    Ignition switch relocation

    Is there a kit available to relocate ignition to left side just behind motor ? 2012 R3R
  6. Russ Penner

    2012 RR3 Randomly blowing ignition fuse #2

    Sure could use some advice trouble shooting fuse #2. I have blown this 15 amp fuse on back-to-back rides last week; both times after about 20 minutes of mixed street/hwy riding and both times while waiting at a signal light. After replacing the fuse, I continued the ride home for another...
  7. Magoo69

    Ignition issues, Ignition switch won't energize display

    So I was riding along today and for no reason whatsoever my 2020 R3 GT shut off as I was coasting along. I had pulled the clutch in to coast to a red light. I was able to restart the bike as I was coasting by pushing the starter button. Thought that was very strange but kept on my way for few...
  8. evo

    Ways to disable need for Clutch to start bike?

    I hate having to pull the clutch in when starting the bike...anyone have any knowledge on how to disable this? Is it possible, or is this something you can do with TuneECU maybe? This is for the new 2.5l Rocket 3 btw... ta...
  9. Tripps

    Bad female plug from harness to ignition

    I see what looks like a little rectangular opening for releasing individual wires/ female connectors from plug, are those individually replaceable? Looks similar to releases for quick wire electrical outlets It the upper right in first picture, white corner wire on back.
  10. Journeyman28778

    How to remove ignition switch from Roadster?

    My switch is going bad and I need to quit putting off the repair. I suspect that one or more wires have come loose or are loose and just barely making enough contact (most of the time). My question is what's involved in getting the switch out? I know that I'll be running into some bolts with...
  11. Keyless Ignition and Key switch elimination

    Hey All, Does anyone know if the key switch can be eliminated if a keyless ignition is installed? Thanks, jojo
  12. Thedoctorr

    Ignition system update

    Having recently had the dreaded ignition failure barrel burnout and rendering my rocket inoperable for 6 weeks until I finally got a new ignition fitted last week, since then a family member who used to work as a mechanic with one of the teams at the TT in the early 90s helped diagnose the...
  13. DafyddIeaun

    Ignition cable damage

    Hi, Thanks for the add to the group I’ve got an issue with my ignition, cable detached, tried to resolder but won’t take, it fell to bits when removed Any info or part numbers for replacement? I don’t want a keyless ignition Thanks Daf
  14. RockOn

    Ignition Fail

    Stopped for gas at a station near my house before heading out to meet with fellow retirees for our weekly ride. Finished pumping gas, switched the key on and my '08 Touring's ignition was deader than Julius Caesar. Pressed the horn button and my air horn blasted loudly via it's separate...
  15. Plow Horse

    Keyless ignition.

    Anyone have any experience with a keyless ignition system, other than the DeCosse system? The only other one I have come across is the Digital Dawg system. Of those two from what I have read I would prefer the DeCosse but unfortunately he is not producing these at this time. Me being impatient...
  16. Morph1976

    Keyless ignition

    Hi guys, a daft question for you (given I've asked so many before I figured 1 more wont matter) if I was to buy the following https://www.bikermart.co.uk/MotoGadget-m~Lock-Contactless-Radio-Frequency-Keyless-Ignition-Lock Would I still need the keyed ignition for the headlights and dash etc or...
  17. Micksan

    Relay ignition switch kit.

    I decided to get the 2014Tourer. I had problems with a 05 ignition switch. Had to install a relay kit from Japan. The name was Beaver something. Need some help tracking him down. Also if anyone can lead me to a new/ used workshop manual I would appreciate that. Not a big fan of the download...
  18. after accident, now i most make my rocket, i have new ignition lock with new key, is there e chip in the key? my rocket is from 2010 greetz

    after accident, now i most make my rocket, i have new ignition lock with new key, is there e chip in the key? my rocket is from 2010 greetz
  19. r3badboy

    Roadster ignition switch

    Howdy guys, after an ignition switch (with wires & plug) for a 2010 american import roadster....well thats what comes up on the ecu vin that I bought. Seems to be different part numbers for different models so dont know how compatible they could be? New one a tad expensive, but thought I'd put...
  20. PWGR3

    Is this the ignition switch issue?

    So when i first got my 07 classic in 16, everything worked. Eventually the odo stopped working and found it was a common issue; didn't think much else of it. Eventually the sweep stopped with key on, but would sweep when i tapped the start button. I removed the pc3 and put a tune on it with...