1. F

    after accident, now i most make my rocket, i have new ignition lock with new key, is there e chip in the key? my rocket is from 2010 greetz

    after accident, now i most make my rocket, i have new ignition lock with new key, is there e chip in the key? my rocket is from 2010 greetz
  2. r3badboy

    Roadster ignition switch

    Howdy guys, after an ignition switch (with wires & plug) for a 2010 american import roadster....well thats what comes up on the ecu vin that I bought. Seems to be different part numbers for different models so dont know how compatible they could be? New one a tad expensive, but thought I'd put...
  3. PWGR3

    Is this the ignition switch issue?

    So when i first got my 07 classic in 16, everything worked. Eventually the odo stopped working and found it was a common issue; didn't think much else of it. Eventually the sweep stopped with key on, but would sweep when i tapped the start button. I removed the pc3 and put a tune on it with...
  4. C

    3d printed 12v ignition socket

    Well, with my ignition switch relocated I really wanted to do something with the hole in the front of my bike. I decided to put in a 12v lighter socket. I was going to do a permanent USB plug, but they draw voltage even when not in use even if it is just a very small amount. I was going to...
  5. C

    3d printed ignition switch bracket

    Made an extension harness and went to relocate my ignition switch. Still making a few different models but I'm getting better!
  6. ody2002

    Master Ignition Switch

    Hi all, new rocket owner here and I'm very pleased with the bike. It's definitely a revelation. I had a few questions regarding the master ignition switch (US specced bike). The dealer told me to leave the master ignition switch ON all the time, as it would drain the battery otherwise (this...
  7. cskals

    ? How to quick test if ignition switch is faulty?

    Hi guys. I'm having a problem with my bike, and I think it's the ign. switch, but not sure. How do I test real quick if that's the issue? I'm working on a Motogadget M-Lock solution, but do to this Corona ****, it's hard to get a hold of one. Until then, I'd like to be able to ride. So if I...
  8. Mark Zimmerman

    Master Ignition Switch - 2.5L

    Is there any particular reason to turn the Master Ignition Switch to "off" when not operating? I assume it might save the battery from discharging but I've installed a pigtail directly to the battery allowing me to have a trickle charger working if there will be extended periods of non-use.
  9. legsroses

    ignition switch

    Hi, I got some hitch so often it's boring, thus I thought it would be proper check inside.. so I could rule out if it's oxidized somewhere or worse everywhere.. of course it's present something whose sole purpose is hold these one down side with other on it.. I could weld wires if I should...
  10. daytonageo

    Ignition switch problem?

    Just got an 05 Rocket and it starts and runs great. The problem is the lights will go off suddenly. Headlights and tail light both out. If I get under the tank and wiggle around the wires near the ignition switch which was relocated to the left panel, I can get them back on. Can the switch shut...
  11. Rocketrottie

    Ignition switch is starting to fail.

    Bike bandit has the switch set up for $425. I think it was. Im zeroing on that Digital guard dawn key-less ignition set up. Have one on E bay for $279. Anyone have this?
  12. D

    Ignition problem

    Every time I turn my bike to the right the power would shut off completely leaving me dead until I turned to the left again. So I had no dealers opened (Sunday) and towed my bike home waited patiently and called the dealer on Tuesday who told me I needed a new ignition and the part cost approx...
  13. 9Ball

    For Sale 2007 and earlier ignition set with keys and Rivco relo kit

    SOLD I was going through my parts tubs and came across these new ignition parts...I had the update kit done and the ignition plugs were changed to newer model. My bike is a 2007 Standard Rocket III. New Rivco ignition relo kit for 2007 and earlier bikes...part #TR3080. See following...
  14. HIM57

    Electronic ignition switch

    Has anyone installed a electronic ignition switch? I was looking at was the guard dog ignition system - kinda pricey $250. My question is it worth it? I have a 08 classic and I am on my third ignition switch - 1st 2 where covered under warranty - 3rd set me back $500 and 2 weeks in the...
  15. hogweed

    Ignition coil positive terminal

    Can someone tell me the colours of the positive ignition coil wires before I lift the tank,thanks.
  16. K

    How to remove ignition switch

    Hi folks I was wondering if someone might be able to tell me how to remove the ignition switch from my 2007 R3 Classic. It looks like a lot more work than I anticipated. I took off the headlights and saw that the switch is retained by a bracket, I'm not sure how to remove the bracket. Any advice...
  17. Hemi_Guy

    Of course... Ignition Switch Maybe?

    Hey all, 2011 R3 Touring I changed my spark plugs last night and put everything back together, it was late so I didn't bother starting the bike until this morning. Turned the key and everything lit up as normal, hit the starter and I heard a short click as though the starter wanted to engage...
  18. Big boy

    ignition confusion - starting BUT

    OK here is the problem The Rocket is not starting normally. Run through the usual sequence and I get no joy when I push the starter button, all else seems to initialise as per usual. Like all experienced Rocket riders I have a new ignition set on hand and have plugged this in and it makes no...
  19. Big boy


    Like the sound of the DEgosse modification how do I get in touch
  20. goncallf

    Differences IGNITION SWITCH & LOCK SET - 343680 Vs 3436801

    I would like to know if there are differences between these two set. Both mention that works on Classic and Roadster.
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