1. bebsy

    Coil resistance gone bad???

    Greetings all Anyone know if the screens in the injecter can be removed to clean? I didn't want to prise it out and break it as there not a listed part as you probably know
  2. Steve Barnes

    Coil Issue

    I found I accidentally knocked off a Coil connector on Number one (big thanks to R3 Owners forum and TUNE ECU helping me through that), Bike was running fine till I tried to take her out for a test run. As soon as I tried to take off, same thing, no power, ran rough and engine light on. Hooked...
  3. hogweed

    Ignition coil positive terminal

    Can someone tell me the colours of the positive ignition coil wires before I lift the tank,thanks.
  4. Boony

    PD353 - Ignition Coil 3 circuit malfunction

    The bike has been running rough so I changed the fuel filter and spark plugs. It seems to be running better, however I ran it and the engine warning light stayed on. I checked it with TuneECU and got the PD353 - Ignition Coil 3 circuit malfunction error. Has anyone come across this before and...

    Coil Over Plug mod (COP) for standard coil removal

    Got some requests to tell how I did it on my 2011 R3. First, let me say that I don't really think it matters what COP you use... they take a charge, then discharge it at the pulse.. nothing magic about it and our R3 uses normal plugs so again, nothing magic... I found another member who did...
  6. fastfun

    ignition coil specs ??

    Is anyone familiar with the specs of the r3 coils, such as the primary resistance,sec. resistance,inductance, max. voltage, turns ratio. The workshopmanual is not so specific about these.Why I want to know ?Because I intend to put in more sparkpower under full chargerboost with coils of for...
  7. Mittzy

    Coil lead crimp connector fix.

    Just did this little modification - a little fiddly to get the number one coil but i had the radiator out anyway. What i did was simply solder short fly leads onto the coils and replace the crappy spade terminal with a good quality insulated one, now no need to squash the crimp terminal and...

    Coil over plugs (COP) has anyone made the conversion?

    Duplicate thread.. computer glitch made me think it wasn't posted, now I can't figure out how to delete this one. JH

    Coil over plugs (COP) has anyone made the conversion?

    With all the problems with the low voltage leads crimp problems to the coils, high-voltage plug wires getting old and stuff... why did Triumph put traditional coils on this beast? The 1050 has Coil Over Plugs (COP).. why not this? Anyone done the conversion? With the stock intake system...
  10. R3inCC

    #1 cylinder not firing

    I'm suffering from a terrible miss on #1 cylinder, I decided to go ahead and change plugs and when I pulled out #1 plugs they were wet with gas so I'm pretty sure its not firing at all, assumed it was the ever so common poorly crimped leads on the coil, opened her up and checked them but they...
  11. 2011 Touring Coil Wire Colors

    I want to be sure that a mechanic has not crossed the coil lead wires on my Touring. If you have a Touring please tell me the color of the OUTSIDE lead wire for (1) the rear coil; (2) the middle coil. I can't access the front coil now. Thanks.
  12. Micksan

    Loose Coil Connections

    About 3 or 4 days ago I found a error code on my Tune ECU ,which said #3 coil. This morning I went out to remove the coil and get it ready for the new/used replacement due in. Found the ground wire was loose. checked #2 coil and found the hot lead loose. I replaced both connectors with good...
  13. glenn-iocb

    loose coil connections

    recently my rocket (2010R3R) started caughing on accelleration, and running real rough and after a few days i checked the connections on the coils. those connections were LOOSE, i mean normaly it takes some "force" to slide the connector off off the coil, but not this time. :mad: so i...
  14. Micksan

    #3 coil Cirtcuit. Malfunction.

    I got the new cable in. Downloaded the Tune ECU 2.5. Started it up and error message at bottom says there is a malfunction in my #3 ignition coil circuit. ( Error PO-353 ) This would go along with the problem I have at speeds over 80 mph. After 65 or so it really takes a long time for the...
  15. Haggisboy

    Ignition Coils

    Heya fellas, I'm in the process of installing a Translogic Quick Shifter kit on my 2010 Roadster. I'm having problems locating the connectors for the ignition coils. Can someone describe where they are?:confused: Cheers!
  16. Grumpy_Rocket

    Stupid question regarding ignition coils

    Are the coils considered coil on plug (2011 roadster) I know it has 3 coils and 6 plugs. My shop manual doesn't specify or give me a good enough picture to figure it out. Thanks. :D
  17. 2008 Coil Failure

    anyone had a problem with the coils going bad? I have a 2008 standard, Jardine, 3 K&Ns, claw cut out, tuneboy, last summer at about 3000 miles the front coil went bad! now Im guessing its one of the other two! my dealer is very busy, and its scheduled for next tuesday! it breaks up bad around...
  18. Pedro

    Pick up coil

    Hi can any tell me if the pick up coil is part of the starter relay ,or what and where do i find it Thanks
  19. You might think coil failure!

    As i reported the other day, back months ago the dealer replaced the center coil which had supposedly died causing the center cylinder to cut out. Well, the other day i was out riding when the center cylinder started cutting out again. I thought hell no...no way i could be losing another coil on...