1. germ79

    Oil Drain Plug - Non-OEM ok?

    Long story, but I need another drain plug and washer and I really don’t want to wait a week or more to order it. Any reason a standard M14x1.5 oil drain plug won’t work? What about the ones with the manner on the tip? Helpful? Was looking at something like this.
  2. rich dupont

    Spark plug???

    I own a 2005 rocket3.. with 18500 miles.and my big question is.. when do you change the spark plugs? What are the symptoms if you have one bad plug..knowing that you have two per cylinder??
  3. Vector

    Accessory power plug.

    The dash area power socket, is there a adapter with USB?
  4. Ron

    This is NOT a plug for a certain product!!

    I recently installed an air horn on my RIII Touring and it is LOUD! installation was fairly straight-forward using a relay in the circuit. I hate the puny-ass horn that Triumph thinks is adequate for American hiways, but it can't be heard for **** over freeway noise. They will definitely hear...
  5. Hodge1974

    Gopro-keep water and dust out when charging through DIN plug.

    3 BR Power Sports has come up a plug that keeps moisture out of the charge port in Gopro's. This saves putting it into a waterproof case.
  6. ZoneIII

    Anyone know bevel box drain plug thread size, pitch, etc. for R3T

    Does anyone know the size of the bevel box drain plug - bolt size, pitch, etc. I have to repair with a Heli Coil type insert and I need to know what insedrt kit to get. I could use another size, of course, but it would be nice to use the original type magnetized drain plug. Any Triumph Parts...
  7. ZoneIII

    R3T - Stripped bevel box drain plug.

    I was changing the fluids getting ready for the new season when the darn bevel box drain plug stripped. It came out OK but would just spin and never tighten up when reinstalling it. I always torque it to spec at 15nm and it never tightened at all. The funny thing is threads didn't come out...
  8. Starmanut

    12 Volt Outlet Install - USA Type (Cigarette Lighter Plug)

    Bought a USA size 12 Volt socket last December. Got it on EBay for $3.25. The garage was finally warm enough at the same time I felt like installing it so here's what I did: I used a wood block and clamped the cover down. Then I used a 1" Spade bit to drill the hole out enough to almost fit...
  9. Ishrub

    36 piece Electric plug connector tools - cheap

    36PCS Car Terminal Removal Tool Wire Plug Connector Extractor Puller Release Pin | eBay
  10. Eric R.

    Sump drain plug o ring question

    Hi guys, when I pulled the sump drain plug( the one with the o ring), I noticed the o ring was at the base of the threads. My question is shouldn’t it be within the groove just below that? I’m not sure f I did it wrong last time. The picture will show where it presently is. I just want to be...
  11. Journeyman

    I pulled THIS from my tire! Cursed- two flats in 4K miles!

    Exactly one month ago I replaced an Exedra Max with only 2700 miles due to a puncture, then yesterday on a beautiful ride I pulled this shet out of that new tire, with just 1300 miles on it! If not for the fact that I got the two punctures in two different locations I would have thought that...
  12. dawb

    Oil drain plug bit size?

    I've got washer, o ring, filter part numbers...needing to buy bit to fit oil plugs....a little help please?
  13. canecorso

    Tune-boy plug

    does any one have a extra tune -boy plug that they want to sell? When I lived in Seattle and bought tune boy I did not buy the full package with plug because Triumph there said not to bother because they have one , Now I’m thinking of buying Nev’s cams and here in Ontario they never herd of...
  14. Venus2050

    Plug replacement- NGK or E3 plugs

    On the subject of spark plugs. Has anybody replaced the standard NGK DPR7EA-9 plugs with E3.36? If so, did you see any radical change in performance or even mileage? Just looking for some feedback before I grab the plug socket wrench.
  15. barbagris

    Stuck for ideas - Oil tank filler plug

    Help. My brain is stuck in a loop and being very unimaginative. Want to make an alternative oil tank plug so I can slip an electrical OIL TEMP sensor in. I made one once for a Harley but it looked a bit odd - I do know the thermistor I will be using does NOT have to be immersed. Ali and...
  16. JSHRAM

    Coil Over Plug mod (COP) for standard coil removal

    Got some requests to tell how I did it on my 2011 R3. First, let me say that I don't really think it matters what COP you use... they take a charge, then discharge it at the pulse.. nothing magic about it and our R3 uses normal plugs so again, nothing magic... I found another member who did...
  17. RockOn

    What's This Plug For?

    While installing DEcosse's wireless ignition I noticed a plug of some sort wrapped in electrical tape. Any ideas what it is used for? Circled in red in attached picture.
  18. Navigator

    O2 sensor plug

    Does anyone know what the size is for the 02 sensor plug, or "bung"? When Claviger came by to download the tune on my Touring, I showed him a plug that I had in my box of fittings and we both agreed that it "looked like it" but I want to be sure. I don't like pulling the O2 sensor because the...
  19. rocketrookie

    What's this plug for?

    Hi guys. I had my seat off of my '07 Classic today and noticed this. Does anyone know what it's for?
  20. Navigator

    Oil Drain Plug washers

    I hope this isn't the billionth post on this subject. I did a search and a bunch of threads turned up but I couldn't find the information I needed. We lost both of our local Triumph dealers, one in Gorst about 15 minutes from here and the other in Tacoma. I was able to buy an oil filter and...