1. pomeroy

    Sump gasket 2010 Touring.

    Hi ya all, thought my filter was leaking over the past 2 changes, but on closer inspection (and a clean up) it looks like I need to change my sump gasket on a 2010 Touring. Any of you guys got a tightening sequence diagram I can grab off you. Thanx Bill
  2. Eric R.

    Sump drain plug o ring question

    Hi guys, when I pulled the sump drain plug( the one with the o ring), I noticed the o ring was at the base of the threads. My question is shouldn’t it be within the groove just below that? I’m not sure f I did it wrong last time. The picture will show where it presently is. I just want to be...
  3. Jay

    magnetic Oil Sump Plugs?

    I am wondering if anyone has bought and installed magnetic drain plugs for your oil sump? I have used them on my bikes in the past, but they typically have a hex head that protrudes from the drain hole. On this Rocket, I see it is a recessed hex bolt, M14, 1.5 thread. Just seeing if anyone...
  4. xlozinguez

    Oily sump - [now sticky: excellent explanations of case separation and input shaft removal]

    Hey friends, Just noticed some oily drops under my 2013 R3 and took a look under and realized the sump was covered in oil. I realized that one of the hose leading to the sum is sectioned... not sure if that's the origin of the issue or if I just need to replace the sump plugs washers. I'm...
  5. ThisGuy

    Why does the manual call for new oil pickup bolts?

    I get that pretty much no one actually does this, and a little threadlock does the trick. But why does the service manual call for replacing these every time the oil pickups are disassembled? They're just screws… “CAPSCREW, M6 X 12”… What can change in the single use of a screw that warrants...
  6. Ishrub

    Sump plate types and suitability?

    I picked this up as a spare for Au$90 (US$70) today. The sump plugs alone must be worth that! ;):D I presumed being a late model and black it should be fine for my '10 model Roadster. Interestingly it was cast in 2008 a couple of years earlier than the product label which would suggest an early...
  7. crashpete

    Sump pan

    I finally removed, cleaned, and installed the new sump gasket, I was applying torque to bolt #3 when instead of click... it went snap! Broke the friggin bolt inside of the crankcase. It's either time for a new torque wrench, or definitely time for some new bolts. Crap
  8. AussieMick

    What is the grub bolt near the sump plugs

    Did the oil change for the first time tonight and undid a grub bolt instead of the rear sump plug. Oil came out but then realised what I did and put it back in. Anyone know what it is for and if it will create an issue
  9. ThisGuy

    For Sale SOLD Silver Sump for engines AFTER 217502

    Pay shipping and it's yours. If you really want to throw me some extra feel free. It's just taking up space and I want it gone. This is a brand new R3 sump, silver color, for engine numbers 217502 AND ABOVE. No extra parts with it, no screens, bolts, etc… just the sump itself. Just occurred to...