1. Freddie

    2012 R3 Roadster Cam cover gasket change.

    I've had a leaking gasket with 20.000 miles, and replaced it, finding most of the bolts fairly loose. Just in case someone wants to do it by himself here I leave some pics, it took two hours to replace it. Remove instruments screw and tilt them forward. Remove intake manifold cover (2 screws one...
  2. pomeroy

    Sump gasket 2010 Touring.

    Hi ya all, thought my filter was leaking over the past 2 changes, but on closer inspection (and a clean up) it looks like I need to change my sump gasket on a 2010 Touring. Any of you guys got a tightening sequence diagram I can grab off you. Thanx Bill
  3. Dave Platt Roadster Outlaw System - Gasket Fitment Issue

    I am about to fit a Dave Platt Outlaw system in place of the TOR's the bike was fitted with. The DP system is secondhand but like new, no damage. Has anyone made the same/similar changeout? Only issue I am having is fitting the silencer/exhaust gaskets (new), I am using genuine Triumph exhaust...
  4. buddazero

    How to Remove Old Gaskets?

    Hey! I'm getting my headers coated by Jet Hot, got the new gaskets and going to install them when everything's done. I'm having a bit of trouble getting the old gaskets out, since they're pressed in there.. It's my first time and I want to make sure I don't damage anything. Any tips on how to...
  5. sonny

    High dollar Gasket material

    Ordered this stuff two months ago Came in today. Have the dimensions for exhaust outlets on Rocket and plan on doubling up. Do have access to a laser cutter at work that can do the job. Machinist is good at programs and has already programed dimensions. No more silicon. Have viking exhaust...
  6. CvSisinthehouse

    Valve cover gasket leak?

    Hey mates, I noticed this leak yesterday. seems to be a common problem. This gasket seems to have blown out, where the screwdriver is pointing to. Is this the valve cover gasket or head gasket? and can I do it myself?
  7. Mike Rocket

    When splitting engine cases for access to gearbox if there is a gasket between the jointing surfaces or is it only a sealant that is used?

    When splitting engine cases for access to gearbox can somebody tell me if there is a gasket between the jointing surfaces or is it only a sealant that is used? Thanks.
  8. Jallen3.14

    Replacement rubber gasket for fuel gauge.

    I need a rubber gasket for the fuel gauge for a 2005, and I can only find the whole assembly. Anyone have any ideas?
  9. Bigwalleye

    Cam cover gasket tear

    Hay - got a 2015 roadster with 7800 miles and noticed a tear on the cam cover seal. Not sure how it tore. what else should I do while I am replacing that seal. Bike is bone stock. I have basic mechanical skills and on a budget. Thanks
  10. Smitty81

    Cam Cover Gasket (again)

    So last year I had my cam cover gasket replaced under warranty, as it suffered the known issue of bulging out just forward of the front-most cylinder. My second gasket is now bulging in the same spot, but also it looks like it contracted back underneath the cam cover at the front right corner...
  11. Stillserving

    head gasket change...tips/tricks?

    Looks like I'm going to have to change the head gasket on my '17 Roadster for an oil leak. Haven't looked too far into the job, but I know several of you have had the head off. Got any good tips/tricks, things I should be prepared for? Also any special tools I'm going to need? Trying to start...
  12. mstraub72

    Asking for help with Cam Cover Gasket replacement

    Good afternoon all! My '15 R3R has about 16k miles, and the stupid cam cover gasket has started sweating like a bunch of us have experienced I've discovered after using the Search tool. So, likely over my head, but feeling brave, I decided to tackle it. I've got the tank safely off, I've...
  13. Journeyman

    Road trip, new PB crossover, camcover gasket replacement....

    Finally, work has slacked off and I'm getting a much needed but short road trip in. Staying in a favorite campsite on the New River near Galax, VA. Traveling solo- s'ok! Test ride- Changed the valve cover gasket (what a fiddley s$!t that thing is!) and put on my new @Paul Bryant crossover pipe-...
  14. Rock It

    Exhaust gasket

    Hi just about to fit a new muffler. Does anyone know which end of the gasket is nearer to the header pipe? The smooth side or rough side? Also do I need to put anything on the gasket before installation? Like silicon or something?
  15. late2ride

    TTS-Performance Supercharger hydraulic clutch slave cylinder gasket

    I'm having problems installing this part of the upgrade kit. Anyone had similar problems? The gasket seems to be missing.
  16. Smitty81

    Valve cover gasket?

    Hello Gents, I noticed that a bit of gasket has bulged out near the top of the engine on my R3R, just slightly forward of the front-most cylinder on the right-hand side. A few of questions about this. Is it the valve cover gasket I'm looking at? Is this kind of thing typically covered for...
  17. Stillserving

    Cam cover gasket started leaking- Dealer recommends in MD/VA

    @ Boog or @ Joesmoe have you or anyone else had to deal with Motorcycles of Dulles Service Dept? I just noticed the telltale sign (SLIGHT oil leak) of the cam cover gasket and upon further inspection saw the gasket starting to pucker. The bike is just under a yr old and has about 8K miles so...
  18. Jvheli

    Cam cover gasket

    So, ive read whats on this site regarding this heap of engineering horsesh#t. And my local dealer stocks them, that says a bunch! Anyone have a foolproof way to get some life out this? The design just looks like, I cant wait to jump out of place!
  19. Ishrub

    Full Engine vs Head gasket kit options and listings.

    Came across these list of contents. Any comments on benefits of Full vs just the Head gasket kits and any difference between the 2 versions of each? I notice Triumph no longer provides the Full kits just the Head kits. AJ's Motorcycles - ROCKET III, CLASSIC & ROADSTER 0 - Cylinder Head &...
  20. Lickety Split

    Vavle Cover Gasket

    What's the latest scoop on keeping the valve cover gasket in place with minimal leakage.Had this thing replaced not long ago at a dealership.Seems to me to be some silly bullcrap here going on. It's just a valve cover gasket. Going to replace this weekend. Some things you have to do yourself. So...