OK. So one of my customers has bailed on me. So I have our latest kit available, in a box ready to ship, no lead time. We also have forged pistons, FI cams and ARP head stud kit available. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks Richard

    Second run of TTS supercharger kits

    I'm trying to gauge how many kits to make. Bear in mind the price has gone up substantially. please email me if interested. Many thanks
  3. I dont understand - TTS supercharger Rocket 3R vs Hayabusa TTS supercharger

    Hi, Rocket 3R is 2500 CC, WITH TTS supercharger is pulling out 316hp & 268ft/lb. vs Hayabusa Gen3 1340cc WITH TTS supercharger is pulling out 400HP & 190lb/ft torque. Why Rocket 3R cant get more power after TTS supercharger? Supercharger for rocket is pretty expensive as compare to TTS...
  4. CrzystghndKC

    TTS supercharger for 2020 R3

    Just got a post from TTS that they are working hard on a supercharger kit for the new R3. Sounds like power junkie heaven!
  5. micromike1


    Hi Guys Can anyone recommend a alternative bov for the tts supercharger setup ? Had the supercharger chirping for a while and finally got around to checking the original bov and found that it was sticking ,cleaned it and polished and lubed it but still not happy with the way it was working...
  6. Tutch

    Supercharger map

    Hi I have a 2006 supercharged rocket i bought it with a couple problems it wont idle unless you hold the revs at around 1500 it has tuneboy but i have never used this so was going change to a tune ecu map if anyone has 1 they could send me cheers for reading guys and hope to get this bike...
  7. Oz Knight

    Just Fitted TTS Supercharger (Stage 1)

    Just fitted a TTS Supercharger (Stage 1) to my 2010 R3R. No other mods apart from upgraded fuel line.
  8. R-III-R Turbo

    TTS Rotrex Supercharger slo-mo video

    I tried to get a better slo-mo, but the impeller is turning about 9500rpm when the engine is idling :eek: So this is what the C30-94 impeller looks like at 9500rpm and then engine shutdown, recorded at 240fps and slowed down to 10%
  9. R-III-R Turbo

    How To: Fit TTS Supercharger Kit (photo heavy)

    When installing this kit a few years ago on my bike, it occurred to me that the TTS instructions that come with the kit are a bit out-dated, and completely missing the stage 2 bits (intercooler and smaller radiator), hydraulic clutch and supercharger oil circuit installation instructions. Also...
  10. Justin Lakes

    New guy here with TTS Supercharger questions

    Hey, I'm installing a TTS kit and I'm not getting much help... the instructions are quite quite vague. It mentions nothing about the Clutch perch or the clutch itself, only to Change springs. The one they supplied is nice ,but it's not compatible with the OEM light switches. Maybe I have to...
  11. late2ride

    TTS-Performance stage 1 Supercharger post install suggestions

    My mechanic (Ron Lambert Goldwings Plus) has my 2017 up and running (pretty nicely I might add). We used TUNEECU and a map supplied by TTS-Performance that Ron tweaked mildly. My headers manufactured by Paul (VikingExhaust) is very hot (the coating is flaking off) and I'm concerned about...
  12. late2ride

    ECU issues after TuneECU map file load for 2017 after TTS-Performance stage 1 supercharger install

    Has anyone had problems like this after a similar effort? My mechanic installed the TTS-Performance stage 1 supercharger kit in my 2017 Rocket III roadster. We used TuneECU to load a map file supplied by TTS-Performance into the bike. The bike initially would not start. The engine would...
  13. late2ride

    TTS-Performance Supercharger hydraulic clutch slave cylinder gasket

    I'm having problems installing this part of the upgrade kit. Anyone had similar problems? The gasket seems to be missing.
  14. late2ride

    Oil reservoir for TTS-Performance Rotrex C30 supercharger

    Anyone put the Stage1 supercharger on their Rocket? Looking at the instructions from TTS-performance I should locate it in the air chamber under the tank between riders knees. However looking at the Rotrex instructions it should NOT be located at a higher level than the supercharger itself. I...
  15. AndyH

    TTS supercharger

    Hi I have fitted a TTS supercharger and having trouble downloading and uploading the tuneboy map from TTS.
  16. Ishrub


    Been around a while but Pretty interesting from 2min 30secs
  17. ant

    TTS Supercharger Kits

    Been away awhile but back now.. Thinking about fitting a TTS Supercharger kit to my 2007 rocket3...Stage 1 or Stage 2 Are there any R3 owners using these kits are they as good as they say. Any thoughts please..
  18. ratsidecar

    tts supercharger, JE pistons and compression ratio

    Hi, while my rocket engine is stripped down to have the TDSU bearings replaed and second gear and the detent mechanism replaced with updated parts from later rockets I guess this would also be a good opportunity to replace the pistons. I see that JE supply pistons for the rocket with either...
  19. LakeDrunk

    TTS Stage 2 Supercharger Intercooler Kit

    I've been lurking around for a very short time and have just started learning about these bikes. I put my CVO Ultra Classic up for sale and started shopping for a Triumph Rocket 3. My plan was to buy a Roadster, but I've ran across this Touring model with a supercharger and I can't help but to...
  20. Victor K

    Rocket 3 2005

    Hi All, Need help with R3 2005, have fitted TTS supercharger, now need map which will work with the supercharger and with a 2 bar map sensor, I'm using the TuneECU software so anyone that maybe able to help please give me a shout. I know TuneBoy have a map but I'm not sure if it can be uploaded...