1. Bob spruce

    I have a 05. It just started kicking out 4th gear.

    It goes into gear. But kicks out under load. All the other gears work great. It kicks out and there is some clatter, I can shift into 5th and its fine. Is there any adjustments that would make it not kick out? I want to add a 6th gear if I open it up. But riding season is starting and I don't...
  2. Bob R

    The annual migration (like lemmings) has started

    Coming home today I noticed a ton of traffic that was comprised of motorcycles, toy haulers and pickups pulling trailers. Then I realized it is almost time for the Annual Black Hills Motorcycle Rally (or for those who don't know that, Sturgis). So all weekend they will be headed east and then...
  3. AdvenJack

    How It All Started...

    Me giving my cousin Donna a ride on my mini-bike, in front of her home in central New Jersey, at about age 10 or 11 in 1970-71, she being just 3 weeks older than me.
  4. Frosty Rider

    Just started missing

    Good Day, I went out the garage yesterday to make sure bike was good to go this weekend, since they are calling for a balmy +5C, it started up no problem, but you could hear a slight miss, figured it was cold and just needed to warm up, but once warmed up, you could still hear it, and you would...
  5. Stillserving

    Cam cover gasket started leaking- Dealer recommends in MD/VA

    @ Boog or @ Joesmoe have you or anyone else had to deal with Motorcycles of Dulles Service Dept? I just noticed the telltale sign (SLIGHT oil leak) of the cam cover gasket and upon further inspection saw the gasket starting to pucker. The bike is just under a yr old and has about 8K miles so...
  6. Rocket Scientist

    Well, the night started out great

    Went for a ride down the shore of Lake Michigan to take in the sunset and get something to eat. Headed home after dark which is something we rarely do. We discussed deer and decided she would look left and I would look right. Had the brights on and was going well under the 50 mph speed limit...
  7. Anomaly

    Switched running power

    I was thinking last night, is there a switched power source that is only on once the bike is running? For instance, the tail light comes on with the bike in the ON position, but the radiator fan only comes on once the bike is running. I could tap the fan and use it to trigger a relay, but was...
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