1. Rumbleboomer

    My broken cam...

    Some of you guys may remember last year I had issues with my '07 classic which resulted in a broken exhaust cam. I hate to admit the cause of the problem but it may help someone so I will. This bike was basically new to me with 50k on it when this happened. I removed the oil tank and a small...
  2. Ishrub

    R3 Cam chain 170 link T1143200

    DELETED as I do not want to mislead anyone. This is the correct R3 cam chain. I think the other model Triumphs may use a smaller chain in link number. I would disregard all sources that suggest they are interchangeable...
  3. wjb

    Cam specifics question

    So I've seen in print some impressive results in horsepower from cam swaps, stock to aftermarket (Carpenter, Lush, etc) but I don't think I've ever seen any details of the specifics of those cams. Does anyone have lift and duration numbers from any of those cams? Especially duration @ .050 and...
  4. bebsy

    Triumph cam jig offset

    Tooth alignment offset...???
  5. bebsy

    Cam chain only has 4 links vs 5

    Just purchased a new cam kit upon comparison the chain only has 4 links the one I have taken out has 5? Just been back to triumph and they say its the only chain listed for this model and aren't sure what going on, the sprockets are 38 tooth but visibly narrower. Has anybody come across this...
  6. bebsy

    Cam chain guides

    Well I ordered some parts a set of camchain guides was reasured they were the ones as via my vin number upon checking the parts numbers for both sides are the same? were as in the pic they are different?? . Can anybody put me out my misery pls
  7. daytonageo

    Cam chain replacement

    I was going into do the 20k valve checks and before I started, I checked the cct depth, and it came out 24mm. I think that means a can chain replacement. Looking to do this once and right. Any helpful tips on this? Going to do the valve clearance along with this. Send in tips if ya got em!
  8. Bigwalleye

    Cam cover gasket tear

    Hay - got a 2015 roadster with 7800 miles and noticed a tear on the cam cover seal. Not sure how it tore. what else should I do while I am replacing that seal. Bike is bone stock. I have basic mechanical skills and on a budget. Thanks
  9. Smitty81

    Cam Cover Gasket (again)

    So last year I had my cam cover gasket replaced under warranty, as it suffered the known issue of bulging out just forward of the front-most cylinder. My second gasket is now bulging in the same spot, but also it looks like it contracted back underneath the cam cover at the front right corner...
  10. R3Tex

    Innovv K-2 Dash Cam

    Soooo...never really been one for recording much video during a ride. I have a GoPro that I've played around with, but never really got the hang of it and the videos I took weren't even that interesting to me so I lost interest. However, I am in the early planning stages of a ride from Prudhoe...
  11. A

    Cam chain, guides and 22mm drop in tensioner

    Hello all I have a 2005 rocket and I checked the drop in the plunger with a caliper it read 22mm I installed the spacer now I want to know how long I have left before I need to tear it down and replace the chain guides chain etc I plan on changing the lower sprocket cam sprockets the chain...
  12. mstraub72

    Asking for help with Cam Cover Gasket replacement

    Good afternoon all! My '15 R3R has about 16k miles, and the stupid cam cover gasket has started sweating like a bunch of us have experienced I've discovered after using the Search tool. So, likely over my head, but feeling brave, I decided to tackle it. I've got the tank safely off, I've...
  13. lunatic

    Manual Cam Chain Tensioner

    Ok, I have a question. How do you adjust this with out putting too much tension on the guide and causing premature wear on the chain guides? With the clutch cover off you can visually see it moving and feel the tension. Whats too much and whats not enough? If the cover was on I don't see how...
  14. Jfcroni

    For Sale APE Manual Cam Chain Tensioner ST750

    Make an offer for this Cam Chain Tensioner.
  15. Scholle

    Engine Overhauling - Cam replacement

    My 05 Rocket did not run clean after 240,000 km. The engine no longer cleanly picked up gas in the upper engine speed range, cylinders 2 and 3 had a lower compression than the 1st cylinder. So I had the engine removed and disassembled. Although the fault was with the defective cylinder head...
  16. Dawg68

    Motorcycle Dash Cam

    Getting ready to install a Dashcam specifically designed for use on bikes. HaloCam M1. Unit comes with two cameras (front and rear), 1080 @ 30 FPS. a DVR and a remote. The main unit will reside in the air filter box as I’m running a RamAir filter. Everything is waterproof except for the DVR. It...
  17. sonny

    Project Cam replacement

    Just about ready. Cams on the way. Parts are in from Hermy's. After dealing with Neville lush all i can say about the man is that he invited Customer Service. If your even thinking about doing any upgrades i would use him vice anyone else. The same can be said for Hermy's. The advice and...
  18. ratsidecar

    Few questions regarding cam chain and guide replacement

    Hi I have been replacing the cam chain, cam guides and cam chain tensioner spring on my 2006 rocket and I have a few questions. The cam guide that sits next to the tensioner came out very easily from the bottom and I have attached a pic showing where the tensioner was eating into the back of...
  19. kwimmer

    **SOLD** Cam jig and clutch removal tools

    Sold my Rocket , 2008 Classic. No longer have need for Cam Jig Tool or Clutch Removal Tool. Cam jig T3880202 with 20mm modified open end wrenches $50.00 US plus shipping from WA State EBC Clutch removal tool Just shipping charges
  20. Stillserving

    Cam cover gasket started leaking- Dealer recommends in MD/VA

    @ Boog or @ Joesmoe have you or anyone else had to deal with Motorcycles of Dulles Service Dept? I just noticed the telltale sign (SLIGHT oil leak) of the cam cover gasket and upon further inspection saw the gasket starting to pucker. The bike is just under a yr old and has about 8K miles so...
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